Wild Key West Fantasy Fest: Body Paint + Costumes + Festival 2021 | Key West, Florida (2023)


Key West Fantasy Fest has to be one of the wildest festivals in Florida! Every day during Fantasy Fest there are theme nights for costumes, walking parades that you don’t want to miss, and a wild time for anyone that hasn’t experienced Fantasy Fest. The body painting in Key West and body art are some of the most unique and creative you will ever see! We spent seven crazy days in Key West to see what the body painting was all about - to learn from the artists, speak to people who got body painted and were getting ready for the annual body painting contest. What we learned is that Key West Fantasy Fest can be a wild party, and is essentially a body paint festival, but the feel on the island is one of creativity, freedom, and a celebration. Enjoy the show and we’d love for you to subscribe so you can catch our future adventures!

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Wild Key West Fantasy Fest: Body Paint + Costumes + Festival 2021 | Key West, Florida
Recorded: October 2021


Welcome to key west, so you guys we are in key west and we are going to take you on an inside look of fantasy fest fantasy fest 2021 last year.

It was actually cancelled.

This year is the first year.

It's back unofficially, but we're here is this still a wild party we're about to find out.

We are at mallory square, which is all the way on one side of duval street, and what we're going to do tonight is walk all the way down from this side to the other side of duval street, to see all the craziness but mallory square right now is where everyone comes to watch the sunset and you can see behind us.

There are already people gathering we're about an hour and a half before sunset, so yeah people definitely take sunsets very seriously out here in key west.

They are very bright, very orange.

You might even want to have a drink with you, because this is relaxation central.

Thank you so much see you, sir.

Thank you.

You bring your daughter out again one time we're on our way to duval street first stop would be pepe's now.

This is where you can do dancing to live music.

That is here every night during fantasy fest, it's a little quiet because the party's down in duval, so let's head on that way, key west definitely has a new orleans feel everywhere.

We look, there's music, you can see people dancing and, of course, there's a lot of drinking got my first deeds of the night and we're getting whistles and some bees guys the garden of eden secret, no, not so secret, but it's kind of a wild bar on top of the bowl clothing optional.

I think we'll pass tonight.

There is so much body paint here.

I can't imagine wearing something like that, like what that would feel like from what we've heard you have to really wash it off.

Otherwise, it'll just stay on you and ruin your sheets.

We're gonna, see a lot of body.

Painting tonight like as the week goes on, for fantasy fest.

More and more people get them.

So we're gonna go talk to some people who do the body painting and see what their experience is like and hey.

This is the place to do it.

I saw you getting painted last night- oh that's so awesome yep and then I'm going to get some more done before the contest tonight.

So if you want to get body painted, you can actually come right off of the sidewalk and get potty painted right behind us.

They'll do a full body painting just the top or maybe a little bit of it.

On your face, pretty interesting stuff.

There's some body painting going on right back there.

I can't wait to see it well, I'm sure we'll see them around and there's plenty of it.

So let's keep going hey bonnie.

What are you doing? I thought you might be here.

You remember bonnie our friend from previous key west episodes, we're excited to visit with her again this week.

She is our superhero in sharing with us all the best key west tips.

We found our friend bonnie at the grand tuna and I can see everybody on the street fantastic and awesome they're stopping in well we're here on a thursday night.

Apparently it is toga night and also 80s, not to mention the key west rooster.

That's right! Lots of people get around here on scooters and bikes.

It is a popular way of getting around because otherwise you're walking all over the place.

I found my family alcohol meats last longer.

If it's water based, then that be small, a little less than two hours, yeah it'll hold up pretty well, if uh, if you don't rub on it a lot I mean it's waterproof I mean you, can you know yeah wow yeah.

I love the hat too, the first togas of the night that we've seen really yeah yeah, it's also toga night, so we should actually see a lot of cogas, but those were the first ones tonight.

Wow there's some amazing paint jobs and I gotta go take a picture that was quite a paint job and I'm blushing a little bit we should get painted.

I can only imagine what we would get together.

What do you? What do you guys think that we should get painted next fantasy time? So when you're in key west and you're attending fantasy fest, you might want to drink, but sometimes the drinks are like 13.

We found the cheapest place with really cheap beer.

It's actually an ice cream shop that has coffee and the beer is only two dollars, but it's only until nine o'clock, two dollar beer.

Are you ready for this? All right got our two dollar beer.

I think we're ready for fantasy fest, since it is the unofficial, fantasy fest this year there aren't the big parades at the end, the parade's in the middle, but there's still plenty going on in other years.

You should actually expect way more than duvall.

It spreads out into mallory square.

It spreads out onto the beaches, one amazing thing: when you're in key west, we had no idea until we actually came and experienced it, but you can drink in the streets.

It's actually illegal, walking around on the sidewalk, with a beer in your hand, right by a cup, pretty amazing feeling this place is so liberating and free.

This bar is always busy and it's got the best view, because at night in front of this bar there is so much partying going on they're, even going to close these streets.

In probably another hour to hour and a half so right now, it's still very calm.

This is before they close down the street and then after there's live music everywhere here in key west everywhere.

I think I'm glowing.

What are you gonna do next, it's starting to get a little crazier, oh boy, but before it gets way too crazy.

We're actually gonna go check out.

Pepe's! That's where we started there just might be live music now, so might as well get a little dancing it's getting dark, which means it's time to turn on my tutu.

Do you know how many times people have been taking pictures and videoing paul? His mohawk is awesome.

Oh man, I'm getting all kinds of inappropriate comments about my hair.

Oh, I think I do hear the music we just might get some dancing in yet we love pepes, so much fun.

That's always a blast such good music.

We just got a text from our friend bonnie she's, coming to join us at pepe's, but we are starting to overheat from all of this dancing.

I thought I saw an ice cream place just around the corner.

This one said something about fruit ice cream.

I literally thought it was right here.

It's called gladiators ice cream.

They make everything actually from scratch.

We ask no corn syrup, none of the artificial stuff and a lot of it is dairy free and I'm thirsty.

I can't wait so we got a lemonade.

They make lemonade four times a day to make sure it's fresh and it's from real limits.

How about that? So I'm excited because bonnie is coming to join us for more dancing, and I am parched it's hot here, it's very hot, which flavors did you get a lemon for me? You picked orange.

Look how good that looks.

Really sweet, really tangy delicious.

What a night of dancing! I think, after that we need a break so we're going to hit the party scene on the it's script.

We have to compare hair so cool, that's some serious lights! Merry christmas! It's like a parade! Look like identical twins! Yeah! We do.

I think she's got more pictures than I do now.

You want some ice, it's hot out here.

Oh that feels good supposed to feel like 92 degrees out here.

On the last day of fantasy fest, we were greeted by two key west friends, iguanas and roosters, and our favorite key west treats with a strong cuban coffee.

To start the day, we were ready to experience the last day of fantasy fest.

It's awesome.

I think it's like an unofficial parade today, the last day of unofficial key west fantasy fest.

Did you oh boy, who knows what else we're gonna see saturday night, I'm gonna be on that boat? Hey! We did that after watching the sunset at mallory square.

On the last night of fantasy fest, we joined in a wild dance party at pepe's.

The locals got the party started and the amazing fun energy kept going into the night.

We have had an amazing time at fantasy fest, if you guys have liked this video give us a like, don't forget to subscribe, and we will see you on the next one on the next fantasy fest, actually we're staying in key west a little bit longer and headed to the best key west beach for some snorkeling, it's so beautiful and dreamy.

You don't want to miss this.

One see you next time.


What do you wear to a Fantasy Fest in Key West? ›

- Fantasy Fest. The thing that I love most about FF is that you can dress however you want. There are themes within the themes. Or you can just wear anything (costumes included)!

Is Fantasy Fest Key West Florida 2021 Cancelled? ›

The parade was canceled for 2021 to help stop the spread of COVID-19. But not to worry - you'll find tantalizing soirees at iconic Duval Street bars, on South Beach, and on the Sunset Pier. Fantasy Fest 2021 has adapted to the times and will be different. But one thing is for sure - Key West knows how to party!

Do you have to dress up for Fantasy Fest? ›

Clothing is optional; costumes are not.

There is a carefree, clothing-optional spirit in Key West. However, for Fantasy Fest you'll wear costumes every day, and people take them very, very, very seriously. Do not slack off, these aren't your I-slapped-something-together-last-night-and-added-a-boa costumes.

What is the theme for 2023 Fantasy Fest Key West? ›

As all Fantasy Fests are dubbed with a particular theme, the 2023 theme has been announced: 'Uniforms & Unicorns: 200 Years Of Sailing Into Fantasy'.

What is fantasy attire? ›

It represents a trend in fashion and design that emphasize fantastical appearance over practicality/functionality and has elements drawn from the fantasy genre of literature and of film, often presented in an extreme style of detail, complexity, and precision.

How do you prepare for a Fantasy Fest? ›

Here's a list of helpful tips that are sometimes overlooked by Fantasy Fest freshmen.
  1. Pick your party in advance to plan your costume. ...
  2. Be prepared for the bathroom situation. ...
  3. Know -and abide by!- ...
  4. Explore Key West outside of Fantasy Fest. ...
  5. Sunday morning traffic.
Sep 10, 2018

How busy is Key West during Fantasy Fest? ›

More than 70,000 visitors flood into Key West for Fantasy Fest. The island usually has a population of about 26,000. The entire island becomes crowded. Every hotel room is typically booked, often well in advance.

How many people go to Key West for Fantasy Fest? ›

Bringing in as many as 75,000 revelers each year, it's an event that invites grown-ups out to play and celebrates our Florida Keys culture. Fantasy Fest is committed to extending the time that visitors stay by encouraging the creation of diverse events throughout the 10-day festival.

Is Key West Fantasy Fest kid friendly? ›

There's no need to censor yourself because there are no kids in sight (the tiny exception being the family-friendly Goombay street party in Bahama Village that is technically a part of the fest, but intentionally not as raucous). Otherwise, Fantasy Fest, generally speaking, is an adults-only celebration.

How do I dress for a festival? ›

Choose lightweight and breathable clothing that allows air to circulate around your body. Some popular festival clothing options include flowy maxi dresses, loose-fitting tops, and shorts. Crop tops are also a great option, but make sure to pair them with high-waisted shorts or pants to avoid showing too much skin.

What to do during Fantasy Fest? ›

Other popular Fantasy Fest events include the Zombie Bike Ride, Pet Masquerade, Anything But Clothes Party, Rum Barrel Pirate Bash, Airbrush Expo, Sloppy Joe's Toga Party, and much more. You can find a full listing of events on the Fantasy Fest Website.

What can I wear to a fest? ›

Shorts, jeans, jackets and shirts, they're all welcome at festivals and make an easy go-to if you're unsure what to wear but still want to look cool. DO: wear some cut off jean shorts. These are cool, practical and definitely fit in with the festival vibe.

Is October a good time to visit Key West? ›

October is a wonderful time to visit Key West. You'll find beautiful weather, crystal clear waters and even Fantasy Fest®, the Southernmost City's most popular event. Planning a trip to the island? Check out some of the top things to do in Key West during October.

What's the theme for Fantasy Fest this year? ›

“2023 marks the 200-year anniversary of establishment of both Monroe County and Key West's first Naval base, so our panel of judges agreed that “Uniforms & Unicorns—200 Years of Sailing into Fantasy” captured the Bicentennial of these historic events and the Keys effervescent spirit perfectly,” said Nadene Grossman Orr ...

What time is Fantasy Fest Key West? ›

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2022 — 7pm

Each year, the Bud Light Fantasy Fest Parade winds through the world-famous Duval Street from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the most fancy dress code? ›

Also known as “full evening dress”, white tie attire is considered the most formal of all dress codes. The white tie dress code indicates that guests are high-caliber, royal, or have high social standing.

What is casual fancy dress? ›

What does dressy casual mean? It's a way to describe an overall aesthetic that is basically not-all-the-way-formal-but-please-don't-wear-jean-shorts. Swann explains that dressy casual is typically requested for daytime weddings—and the earlier the event, the less formal the attire.

What should you pick first in fantasy? ›

What is the most important position to draft first in fantasy football? Running backs are easily the most important position to prioritize in fantasy football. There are not enough running backs to go around, so somebody is going to get hosed at this position.

Is Fantasy Fest only in Key West? ›

An annual 10-day adults-only festival of costumes, parades, and parties that takes place each October in Key West, Florida October 20 – 29, 2023.

How the first round of fantasy should go? ›

ROUND 1 (1-12): DRAFT A RUNNING BACK OR AN ELITE WIDE RECEIVER. The plan for the first round is simply to take the top player on the board and build around him. Jonathan Taylor is the consensus top player regardless of league format and should be taken if he's available.

What is the least crowded month in Key West? ›

The best time to visit Key West is between March and May. The winter crowds will taper off, the hotel rates become reasonable and the weather is remarkably similar to winter's blissful 70s and 80s.

What is the busiest month in Key West? ›

Similar to the rest of Florida, Key West experiences its peak tourist season in the summer months of July and August. With temperatures in the upper 90s and, in some areas, extremely high humidity, this is the hottest season of the year.

Is Key West fun if you don't drink? ›

Lots of people don't drink for different reasons and they do just fine going out. Key West has the whole outdoors to hang out in, lots of arts stuff, a great music scene. Just taking a walk in Old Town can make for a great afternoon. I've learned to create a social life that doesn't begin and end at the bar.

Is Key West just a party town? ›

Key West is well known for its festive nightlife culture. The island boasts a mix of bars, restaurants, live music venues, and poolside party spots.

How many nights do you need in Key West? ›

How Many Days Do You Need in Key West? Key West is worth a day trip, but the more time you have, the better! You could easily spend a week in Key West, but 3-4 days is optimal if you want to do it all and still have time to relax.

Is Key West known for partying? ›

From the days of the rumrunners and speakeasies, Key West has earned a solid reputation as a party town.

Can 18 year olds drink in Key West? ›

Florida law on teens and alcohol

Florida's drinking age is 21. Anyone under that age is legally prohibited from possessing or purchasing alcohol.

How old do you have to be to get into the bars in Key West? ›

You understand that to use the Key West Bar Card website and the Key West Bar Card you must be at least 21 years of age.

Is Fantasy Fest family friendly? ›

KEY WEST (CBSMiami) - The flamboyant and renowned annual masking and costuming celebration, known as Fantasy Fest in Key West, may be toned down to become more family friendly. Fantasy Fest is known for the raunchy behavior of its participants, many of whom are nude.

How do you look after your skin at a festival? ›

Aim to find separate facial and body SPFs (facial ones will be less oily and will help your face to avoid getting more clogged and oily), and wear a factor 50 on the face at all times. This will help your skin to stay fresh and will help you to avoid those ageing rays. A large, floppy hat is another festival essential!

How do you look after yourself at a festival? ›

Follow these five tips and be in with a better chance of seeing them all.
  1. Pace yourself. The best thing about a festival is the fact the music starts early and goes on until late, or in some cases, just doesn't stop. ...
  2. Drink lots of water. ...
  3. Stay charged. ...
  4. Enjoy the food. ...
  5. Give yourself time to recover.

What is celebration dress code? ›

For women, this means wearing a dress or skirt and blouse or nicer top. For men, this means wearing slacks and a sport coat or suit jacket.

When was the first Fantasy Fest in Key West? ›

Started in 1979 by a small group of Key West locals, the party was created to bring visitors to the island in what was a typically quiet, but beautiful season. It worked. Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around!

What is the main street in Key West? ›

Perhaps one of the most popular destinations on the island of Key West, Duval Street is the main drag of downtown, running north and south from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

How big is Key West? ›

What colours do you wear at a festival? ›

The choice of colours is quite neutral, such as black or grey. If you are brave enough, you can also use more colors, for example red. Those who are looking for a more girly festival look can combine a pair of jeans with a blouse and a leather jacket. Alternatively, you could wear a band t-shirt with a skirt.

Is there a dress code at raves? ›

A large part of rave culture is based on fashion. There is normally no strict dress code for raves, but this often depends on the people organizing the event or the venue. Your outfit should be a reflection of you, your personality and your style.

What should I wear for partying? ›

Pantsuits, sleek trousers or palazzo sets are also okay if you can pull them off. Carry a clutch, wear elevated footwear like heeled boots if you can't manage stilettos, wear a statement accessory that stands out and is elegant – and you are well on your way to rocking the party in elegance and style.

Why is Key West so expensive? ›

In addition, restaurant prices have risen, and you can spend lots of money on admissions and tours. But the reason Key West commands high prices is that it is a special one-of-kind city and it's a long way from alternative places to lodge.

Why is Key West so expensive in November? ›

November. November is an important month in Key West because hurricane season is finally over. As fall and the start to winter set in, the island gets cooler. While the weather is perfect, this is the start of the winter “snowbird” season, so expect crowded hotels and higher flight prices.

Can you swim in the ocean in Key West in October? ›

In october, swimming is ideal on the beaches around Key West! With water reaching 87°F at most and 83°F on average, spending time in the water is very pleasant. Note also that in october, the climate is tolerable with an average outside temperature of 82°F, 9.9in of precipitation (over 12 days) and 77.29 % humidity.

What happens at Fantasy Fest Key West? ›

Thousands of fun-loving party people descend on Key West every October for an adults-only extravaganza. Revelers mingle in the lively streets and drinks flow to get everyone in the spirit. A Conch King and Queen lead the spectacular parade, a highlight of the outrageous festivities.

How many people come to fantasy fest? ›

Bringing in as many as 75,000 revelers each year, it's an event that invites grown-ups out to play and celebrates our Florida Keys culture.

What is a common theme in fantasy? ›

Fantasy is a broad and diverse genre, but there are several common narrative themes and features in many of its stories, such as: Good vs. evil. The heroic (or villainous) quest for power or knowledge.

Where can I watch Fantasy Fest parade? ›

Join us and experience "Uniforms & Unicorns" for the best viewing of the Fantasy Fest parade on Duval St. Hard Rock Cafe will be grilling up a Fantasy Fest exclusive menu. Priority seats still remain but we sell out early every year so let us know today!

How long is Fantasy Fest in Key West? ›

2023 Daily Diversions. Come join The World Famous Sushi & The 801 Girls - October 21st -27th, and 30th. Shows are at 9PM and 11PM.

What goes on at Fantasy Fest? ›

Fantasy Fest has grown every year since its inception and is now the wildest extravaganza around! Fun-loving revelers from around the globe bring their creativity and imaginations as they descend upon Key West each year in October for 10 days filled with costuming, parades, libations, and excitement!

Is 2 nights enough in Key West? ›

How many days do you need to visit Key West? 2 to 3 days are enough for Key West. With an extra day in the city you can either visit one of the national or state parks on a day tour. Or pick more water sports.

What night is Fantasy Fest parade? ›

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2022 — 7pm

Each year, the Bud Light Fantasy Fest Parade winds through the world-famous Duval Street from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean.

What kind of dresses do you wear on festivals? ›

Ethnic Gowns:

Ethnic gowns are appropriate for both festivals and casual wear. With intricate motifs and patterns, you bring the traditional aura to the party! You can wear ethnic gowns at festivals if you require a lot of movement as they are extremely flowy and comfortable.

Can I wear a maxi dress to a festival? ›

Some popular festival clothing options include flowy maxi dresses, loose-fitting tops, and shorts. Crop tops are also a great option, but make sure to pair them with high-waisted shorts or pants to avoid showing too much skin.

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