Tower of Fantasy vehicles list and how to unlock every vehicle (2023)

Tower of Fantasy vehicles are one of the cool new innovations in this anime-styleopen-world game. Alongside the Tower of Fantasy characters system, the inclusion of vehicles will let you traverse the world of Aida quickly, and in considerable style.

There are ten Tower of Fantasy vehicles in Hotta Studio’s RPG game at the moment – which is available to download now – and you’ll get access to your first very quickly. There’s not much variation in terms of what vehicles are able to do, but there are a broad range of options so you’re bound to see something that fits your style, provided you can unlock it first. Read on to find out more about all the Tower of Fantasy vehicles and how to get them.


Here is a list of all the vehicles in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Falcon
  • Chaser
  • Omnium Beast VII
  • Voyager
  • Monocross
  • Dust Wheeler
  • 2613
  • Mechbird
  • Aidan Knight
  • Crimson Meteor


This two-wheel motorbike is as stylish as it is fast and easy to acquire. As mentioned above, you acquire this one from Cobalt-B when you visit Hykros for the first time and complete the short quest-chain there.


This is essentially a sci-fi looking pogo stick that hovers, perfect for all you inner-city millennials wanting to relive your Segway dreams. To forge it, you need to collect two components:

  • Magnetic Rod –coordinates -830, 472, near the top of the rust corridor.
  • Maglev Stalker – this is a rare drop from defeating theVermin Brothers.

Omnium Beast VII

We’re not sure what happened to the previous six Omnium Beasts, but the seventh iteration looks pretty slick, and as you ride around in this bipedal walking device you can pretend you’re half-Gundam. To forge this vehicle you need to collect three components:

  • Omnium Beast: Cockpit – obtainable from a supply cheast at the top of an oil rig off the coast of Banges, which is part of the region’s wider storyline.
  • Omnium Beast: Left Arm – coordinates90, 965, found in a warehouse at the HT201 Shelter. Barrier password is1647.
  • Omnium Beast: Right Arm– this is a rare drop for deafeatingBehemoth Surtur, Bergelmir, Farbauti, Mimir, or Utgarda.


Not related to the Star Trek ship of the same name, this single-seater hover car looks as cheap as it does cheerful, complete with road racer-style bonnet exhaust. To forge this vehicle you need to collect four components:

  • Voyager Engine – first complete the Banges Hyena base, and then visit the oil rig off the coast. Once you gain entry, you can seek out a Hyena member at the top of the rig to exchangeexchange sizzling meat to open the supply pod next to him.
  • Voyager Thruster– a rare drop for defeating any of the Four Powers: Okka, Hethlu, Smoli, and Sendrys.
  • Voyager Control Room– coordinates 510, 765, there is a warehouse in the Crown Mines area. Password to get in is 3594, and the part is in a supply pod.
  • Voyager Hull–found from some supply crates in the ecological parkin Navia bay.

Acquiring each of these four parts is a voyage in itself, so if you’re looking for a more in-depth walkthrough of how to track them down, check out our complete guide to the Tower of Fantasy Voyager vehicle parts and their locations.


If you’ve been playing Horizon: Forbidden West recently and felt there weren’t enough cybernetic unicorns in the world, you’re in luck. To forge this magnificent metallic steed, you need to collect four components:

  • Unicorn Power Core– a reward for a secret quest chain involve someone named Stoker at a hidden ledge at coordinates449, 280. You will also need to visit287, 280 and set the gears to positions two, one, and three.
  • Unicorn Bionic Frame– coordinates605, -1115, there is a secret base (passcode 7092) that you have to navigate without getting detected. The part is in a special supply pod.
  • Unicorn Cyberlimbs– coordinates929, -409. There is a supply pod here that will unlock when the counter reaches 0.
  • Unicorn Head– a rare drop from defeating Devotee Eber and Devotee Noah.

Dust Wheeler

This single-seater mono-wheel buggy looks like it busted right out of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and right into our hearts. This vehicle is unlocked by competing in the PvP Apex League, as a reward for achieving the rank of Grand Marshal in a season.


I don’t know what to tell you, this is a floating blue rubik’s cube that is allegedly also a vehicle. According to the in-game description it’s able to “move easily, even on bumpy roads” but it’s also “particularly obvious at night”.

The beta version of the game states that to unlock this vehicle, you need to complete the Operation event ‘Franz’s Gift’, although it was also made available as pre-registration incentive for the global launch of the game. You can claim it from the rewards page.


Move over, everything else on this list, the GOAT has arrived. Except it’s a bird – a mechbird, to be precise. To unlock this bipedal walker of wonder, you need to collect four components:

  • Mechbird: Head
  • Mechbird: Torso
  • Mechbird: Legs
  • Mechbird: Core

The components areobtained during week four of the Road Strife global launch event.

Aidan Knight

This retro-futuristic floating moped is an apt mode of transportation while clearing up fetch quests from your mission log, and can be obtainedvia Phase Two of theTower of Fantasy battle pass

Crimson Meteor

The Crimson Meteor debuted as part of the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update, so it should come as no surprise that the first step to acquiring it is to unlock the Artificial Island’s Construction feature. Once you’ve collected the ten dev logs required to unlock Construction, you may purchase the Crimson Meteor via the attached Exchange Store for 140 Teach Store tokens. If you’re still slumming it in Aesperia, check out our guide on how to get to Artificial Island.

How to unlock vehicles

You can unlock the Falcon early in Tower of Fantasy. Simply follow the early-game storyline until you visit Hykros for the first time. At the end of the quest chain there, before you return to the surface of Aida, you’ll be given the Falcon to help you traverse the Tower of Fantasy map quicker.

The majority of Tower of Fantasy vehiclesrequire you to collect the various components that make up that vehicle, which you can then forge together to create the complete ride that you’ll then be able to equip and move around with.Manyvehicle components are found via world exploration, whereas others are tied to special events.

However, in some cases there is no requirement to collect components – instead, vehicles are given as rewards for completing specific activities. It’s also worth noting that vehicles are separate from certain Tower of Fantasy relics, such as the jetpack and the hoverboard, which also aid you in traversing the world.

Once you have access to a vehicle, world exploration becomes an absolute breeze, so check out our guide to every Tower of Fantasy constellation, as well as the location of every electronic lock and the correspondingTower of Fantasy password list required to open them.

Tower of Fantasy vehicles list and how to unlock every vehicle (12)

Vehicle maintenance missions and refit

There are dedicated mechanics for vehicles which unlock when you hit character level 32. Maintenance missions will task you with seeking out specific materials to level up the maintenance level of the vehicle. More missions will generate as you complete missions and the mission list refreshes daily in case you get stuck on one. You’ll stop receiving new maintenance missions when a vehicle’s maintenance level surpasses your character level.

There’s no purpose for the maintenance missions prior to level 32, although once unlocked upgrading a vehicle’s popularity through completing maintenance missions can unlock things like extra paint jobs. Every vehicle also has a refit mechanic, which unlocks at level 32 as well.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy vehicle list. For more tips to get you started, check out our Tower of Fantasy guidefor beginners, as well as our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide to help you charge up the ranks. We’d also recommend having a look at our breakdown of theTower of Fantasy battle passsystem and all the latest Tower of Fantasy codes so you don’t miss out on some handy free stuff to see you through the early game.

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