Tower of Fantasy: SECRET QUEST! Special Voucher Reward (2023)


A secret quest within Innars that rewards you with a Special Voucher in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy is a 3D immersive open-world mobile game developed by Hotta Studio. It combines de-labeled characterization, film and television-grade motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a scrappy sci-fi art style with a variety of scenes, interactive puzzle elements, and fast combat feel, to tell you a post-apocalyptic story of rescue and destruction.
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Welcome back everyone to another Terror Fancy video.

Today we're going to be going through a secret Quest that rewards you with a special voucher Yes.

You heard that right.

There is a special voucher quest in the game and it is pretty cool.

The storyline is actually pretty decent I'm going to be skipping.

Most of the actual story beats, so you can cover that yourself, but it's definitely worth going through.

So how do you actually start? The quest? Well, as you can see, I'm inside the inners, and what you want to do from here is go and follow the path from going down and until you find a girl in red, her name is going to be Andy and she is going to be with her dog the first mate.

Now once you do this, what you want to do is talk to her and she'll.

Tell you about her story.

What you want to do is Select to the lesson option and then she'll go into more detail about the story from here.

What you want to do is go to the Grand sea and teleport to Breeze Isle, where you will pretty much just location.

You go to faisala now, as you can see here, I'm just giving you a rough uh, my starting to show where you are, and what you want to do here is just follow where I am going and you will eventually come across a Droid in the water now speak to the dog, and the dog will basically tell you well indicates you that the machine is broken, is worried about the machine and when you look at the machine, it's pretty banged up from here.

What you're going to want to do is jump into the water, because the first one is under C.

So, as you can see, I'm just kind of looking around to find it.

But what you want to do is dive deep and then follow this building round until not through this crack here, because it's not there, but it's until you get around this one here and you'll find a leg.

Now I encountered a bug during this part here, where I handed the piece in first I recommend you do not do what I'm doing here and hand in the first piece.

If you do, it is highly possible that you will need to teleport away from here and teleport back in order to be able to hand the second piece in it did not let me hand the second piece after I actually collected it so don't hand this first piece in just yet what you want to do is jump on here and you can see the Droid is there, and the second piece is here now.

What you want to do is swim back, go to the Droid and hand it in, as you can see, you're going to give me the prompt there.

So I had to teleport away and come back once you've tried to repair it the first time.

Nothing will happen.

You need to try again again it's a pretty finicky, especially with all the dialogue options, but once you do this, the Droid will stand speak to the Droid, and then he will start to walk away now.

Keep in mind what you're watching here is at 600 percent speed of what it is normally and it is still long but you're gonna have to enjoy watching him go all the way around you'll come across these Critters, which are really annoying so I highly recommend you just quickly take care of them once you do.

You want to click on this device that he's now activated and it will take you to the top with a room with a bunch of computers and a stasis pod.


What you want to do here is just follow the Droid around and you'll get some dialogue underneath with the robot moving around and then you'll come and stop at this machine.

When you click on it, it'll give you Vital Signs hungry deep, but the most important one is the actual Daisy's last change, which is free.

Now you know that you've officially started this part of the quest line.

So once you've spoken to the display, the display will give you some dialogue and you'll speak to David and then David.

The Droid will walk away from here, you're going to want to go back to the actual machine and you'll be able to now speak to the Pod because, as we saw earlier, it has awakened.

So when we click on view now, you can actually speak to the person inside I selected very pretty because well he's stuck inside there and you don't want to worry him you also, then you want to ask for more detail about what happened to him and he basically now goes through his whole story.

So it's worth listening to good stuff, I've skipped it.

So you can actually do the story beats yourself now over here once we speak to it again, change in 20 hours.

So that's how you know that you've now made it to the next part.

You speak to these go search.

These storage you'll find a voice.

Modulator go to the actual Droid, give it to the Droid, and you will now give him a voice.

He tells you that you can't access any of the computers, because they're restricted and only Benjamin can actually use them.

You don't have access, but that is pretty much.

This part here now, if we go back to the actual pod so from here now, we have like a time-gated situation where you'll need to teleport to and from places, maybe three or four times it took me about four or five times for mine to trigger I've known some people to have it instantly accessible.

So I'm not quite sure if it's a bug or if it's something else sounds like a bug, but most people are saying it's time: gated and they're, those that can access it instantly.

It's a bug, but once you come back, you'll get the option to be able to speak to Benjamin.

What you want to do from here is select the second option again, because you don't want to be rude and then once you've selected this option, you will continue the dialogue once you've finished that dialogue.

If you now check the system, it's gone from 20 hours to 12 hours.

Now you know you're on the next part of this Quest and we're almost there from here you're going to want to come back and give Andy the good news and once you've selected the good news.

Andy will disappear from here, and what you want to do is now go back to sellers Island and find Andy.

What you will see here is that I kind of do stuff in reverse order.

I actually went back up to the building and I had now had access to all the information.

Now this is important, as we will find out later, but, as you can see from here, I've got all the tape recordings now, which is basically a bunch of text and I've also got all the communication logs.

Some of them deleted some of them not, but it's definitely worth going through these like seriously.

There is a lot of good law there for you to go through I'll.

Leave that to you from here now.

What we do is go up to the roof of the actual building.

If you've been here before and explored you'll remember that there was one grave now when you come back up here, you will notice that there is two.

This is very important for the actual storyline now from here.

What we want to do is go back onto the actual.

You know the story beat path and that is to find Andy.

So what you want to do from here is just drop down and basically go and get her so I'll.

Let the video play out, so you can see where she is exactly now once you do get to her.

Those Critters are going to be there again, so make quick work of them because they are annoying and when you do, what you want to do is speak to Andy upon speaking to Andy, you will instantly be teleported up to the roof when you're at the roof and it will go and you'll have a bit of dialogue to go through, speak to Andy again to continue the story.

Quest once you've done this.

The next objective is to find a Droid.

Now this is probably going to be the most annoying part.

Now you've seen the area I've circled there on the map.

He can be anywhere around that location.

Now the problem is, it can also be underwater.

So it's a bit of a trick, but there are ways in trying to locate him.

His music is also playing.

So that is one way to know he's close by, but that only plays, if he's above ground.

Otherwise what you're going to want to do is just run around this Shoreline and you'll eventually see him just like I did here, and what you're going to want to do is speak to him and find out that he's looking for a stone, a heart-shaped Stone, and he starts telling you about Benjamin and what he left behind and all this so from here, you'll get your 50 varum if you get out and as this is where I found him.

So what you want to do here is, if you're listening, that's the music that you'll basically be hearing when uh you're looking for him from here.

What you want to do is go back to the actual top zoom up and speak to Andy Andy will thank you and say that she's returning back home now, what you want to do from here is of course, return back to inners and speak to Andy.

Now, while you're talking to Andy- and it will go through a bit more dialogue and thank you and of course you will get your coveted special voucher as a reward for helping her along the way.

Now there is one last thing you can do here and that is actually return to the scene of the graveyards, Atop The Building.

Here, if you go, you will see Captain and the actual Droid looking into the sunset I, don't know exactly what they're doing, maybe just maintaining the graves or just paying respects the Benjamin did actually enjoy looking into the sunset and often asked David to do that.

So maybe this is their way of paying respect.

So we'll do the same, and that is the end of the quest.

Let me know in the comment section below, if you found this useful, informative and I will see you in the next one, as always remain Legend.


What does a special voucher do in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Special Voucher can be used to perform orders on Limited Matrix Special Orders.

What is the reward code for the Tower of Fantasy? ›

Active codes for Tower of Fantasy

LETSGODOMAIN9 – x50 Dark Crystal, Gold Nucleus, x5 Weapon Augmentation Box II (NEW!) Link2Domain9 – Domain 9 Voyager Title, x3 Red Nucleus, Special Voucher, Fortress Combat Equipment Box, Signet III, x80 Weapon Development Material Box I, x60,000 Gold (NEW!)

How do I claim my Tower of Fantasy Rewards? ›

How To Claim The Rewards In Tower Of Fantasy. After executing all the necessary tasks, wanderers must click on the gift-shaped icon on the screen's top right. On PC, to move the mouse, hold the Alt button. After pressing the gift-shaped button, go to the Milestone section in the Special Operation bar.

What is the max level per day in Tower of Fantasy? ›

It's because of a hard-coded limit: the daily max level cap. Simply put, on the player's first day playing, they can only reach Wanderer Level 18. On their second day playing, they can only reach Wanderer Level 24. This continues up until day 88 when they can reach Wanderer Level 70.

How do you get the electric wave mask in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Electric Wave Mask is an accessory that can be obtained from the limited New Year Decoration Gift Box.

How to get 2613 in Tower of Fantasy? ›

To get the 2613 in Tower of Fantasy, you must go to the Reward menu and the Side by Side submenu. Click on the Claimed button at the bottom right of the screen, after which you will receive 2613 and 10 Gold Nucleus.

What is the code for 02 in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The D-02 easy mode Password in Tower of Fantasy is 2887 and can be obtained by finding two Damaged Terminals that contain the required digits, whereas the D-02 normal mode Password is 0713 and can be acquired by locating three Damaged Terminals in Tower of Fantasy.

How do I claim a TOF code? ›

Click the gift box icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click the "Rewards" button at the bottom of the screen. Click "Exchange" on the left of the screen. Type your Tower Of Fantasy code into the "Redeem via code" text box.

How do you get Zeke avatar in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Avatar: Zeke: Awakening is an avatar that can be obtained from the Milestones event as a Pre-registration Milestone Reward.

How do you get the gift Tower of Fantasy? ›

How do I get gifts in Tower of Fantasy? Although sometimes you can occasionally obtain a gift via the means of a quest, the main way to get gifts in Tower of Fantasy is to simply purchase them. Gifts can be purchased from the Points Store in the Commissary by redeeming training points.

What is the strongest SSR relic in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The best Relic in Tower Of Fantasy is the Colossus Arm.

It's a powerful burst of extended DPS whenever you use it, and the ability to shrug off attacks that would otherwise hitstun you makes this SSR Relic an amazing tool in any player's toolkit.

How rare is it to get a SSR in Tower of Fantasy? ›

In the case of Tower of Fantasy SSR rank, you are guaranteed an SSR after every 80 special orders. For every 10 special orders, you get a guaranteed SR. This means that on your journey to a guaranteed SSR you will get 8 SR as well and not to mention that you might get lucky and pull an SSR earlier than the pity.

Is SSR rare in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The base probability of obtaining an SSR weapon is 0.75%, with the overall probability (including guarantee) of 2%. You are guaranteed to obtain an SSR weapon at least once in every 80 Special Orders.

What should I spend my vitality on Tower of Fantasy? ›

It is used to redeem rewards from Adventures, and is generally consumed upon opening chests or once an Adventure has been completed, including using Quick Battle system. As of Version/2.4, Vitality can only be used on Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Exploration.

Is there a pity system in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Character weapon banners in Tower of Fantasy feature their own specific currencies, including pity systems that guarantee rare random units.

What is the best gift for merly in Tower of Fantasy? ›

The Warren Fossil is the absolute pinnacle of all gifts that can be given to Meryl. Moreover, a gift of Purple rarity awards you with 80 awakening points and strengthens your bond with Meryl significantly.

What is the difference between red and gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy? ›

Red Nucleus, Gold Nucleus, Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nuclei are for limited banners that are only in the game temporarily and contain SSR characters – the rarest kind. Gold Nuclei are used at the standard banner that contains SSR characters. Every 80 draws will guarantee you such a character.

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