Top 12 Defense /DST Rankings Week 16 Fantasy Football (2023)


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Between 16 of the players in football season, here's the top 12 defenses DST units I'm, ranking this week number one.

The San Francisco 49, is what a good matchup first of Washington the command is coming to town.

So the commanders I know the offense has been better over the last few weeks here with Taylor Heineken there, but I think he's good for a few turnovers I've run a game rule.

He hasn't done much, though in the last few games, especially last week versus the New York Giants, and this 49er defense at home is just pretty much lights out and the last four out of five weeks here, they've had double major fantasy points.

Is the 49ers so right here week, 16 I think they have a good game versus Washington.

Get a few sacks Nick bolster playing great football game to the quarterback and I.

Think double digit once again will happen.

Number two, the Buffalo Bills, so the bills here good match up with the Chicago Bears.

Even though I know, Justin Fields is a dynamic quarterback and he really gets things going and has great playmaking ability, but he's still a quarterback that turns the ball over a decent amount and also he takes a lot of sacks as well holding on to the football a little bit too much this bill's defense I know.

Over the last few weeks the numbers really haven't been there, giving up a decent amount of points orders, but this week at Chicago I think they can limit that offense of whether obviously could be wet and windy over there in the windy city, obviously, and I just think they could hold down Justin fields to a decent amount of games.

He'll just still get his, but I think the bills get a few turnovers and even on special teams, I could see them, throwing some damage as well.

Number three: the Baltimore Ravens to the Ravens, a good match up here back at home after two Road games in a row for this raven team versus the Atlanta Falcons, who have rookie Desmond Ritter starting a quarterback, so where's sweet riddle made his debut and, to be honest, I wasn't impressed with him at all.

He was holding on to the football a lot, a guy looking to run a lot more than stretch the field to make plays and right here, that's not going to be a good thing, I think for Ritter in this one.

So I think the Ravens take advantage Atlanta's offensive line, not all that great and pretty much.

It's been their running game or bus to season for the Falcon team to generate points with two pretty good backs: someone Patterson and Tyler gear, but this week I think Baltimore cramps down the running game and the game plan is for her to try to beat him and they'll.

Take advantage number four: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So the ball box have a good matchup this week at the Arizona Cardinals for the Cardinals.

Here we know they have offensive struggles and Chase McCarthy is going to start in this one.

So the third string, quarterback they're down to another guy with brown and DeAndre Hopkins, two great receivers at the position.

But if you don't have a quarterback to get get in the football, that's going to be trouble, so I think Tampa Bay in this one they're gonna get to him early in all team.

Definitely good for two or three interceptions in this bowl game.

I! Think Chance from corsley is and right here the Bucks.

They got to start winning if they want to seal the deal again.

I know this six and eight, but they are in first place in their division and if they win the next couple games a year, they'll seal the deal and win the divisions, I got them at Four number, five Denver Broncos or the Broncos.

If it's one right spot this season here it's their defense and it's a good match up with the Los Angeles Rams.

They give up the second most fantasy points, the vsts on the season, so the Broncos still could Rush.

The quarterback still could make some plays in the secondary, especially with certain Junior as one of the better Corners already in the league and Baker Mayfield I.

Don't think he's gonna do much in this game.

We saw on Monday Night Football, the Green Bay Packer team, harass him and get some big plays on him, so I think Denver, and this one has a good game and I got him at five number: six, the Tennessee Titans and the Titans a good matchup versus the Houston Texans.

Even though the Texans have gave the Cowboys a run for their money, almost winning that game in week, 14 and then week, 15 taking the Chiefs to overtime and then losing so right here, Tennessee might have to work at it a little bit, but the bright spot for the Titans is obviously they held down.

Metal Los, Angeles Chargers are offense anyway.

Last week it's only 17 points, so obviously this Houston offense, not that good Damien appears half of the Season Brandon Cooks he's hurt.

He hasn't done much anyway.

This season and Davis Mills he's just not that good of a quarterback.

So this week, I think they say at number: six is Tennessee number seven, the Cleveland Browns and the Browns here, good matchup versus the New Orleans Saints I, know they've seen nothing since a couple playing makers: Crystal love each one Johnson Alvin Kamara, but the Browns at home they've been playing pretty good defense and last week they held the ravings to three points.

I know: Lamar Jackson didn't play in that bowl game, but I think this brown defense could get Tandy Dalton a few times get a few turnovers on them and I think we can see miles Garrett in for a big ball game in this one.

So I got him at seven number: eight, the Cincinnati Bengals, so the Bengals defense last week single-handed we erased that Tampa Bay Buck lead pretty quick in that one down, 17, nothing and then causing four turnovers and four drives in a row for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So this week here in the New England offensive, obviously isn't that good, pretty much Matt Jones is a game manager.

They try to have him be, but vermontree Stevenson is definitely a good running back.

That could carry that offense to an extent but I think the mango is going to New England, take care of business and I think the defense will make a few plays, get a couple turnovers and hold the score down, probably into the mid-teens low 20s.

In this one now to number nine, the Los Angeles Chargers or the Chargers one week only use on defense.

I know their defense really hasn't been good.

This season, but this week a good matchup at Nick Foles and the Indianapolis Colts.

So once again, man, Ryan Bench, but this time, obviously for Nick Foles and this team's offensive lines and shambles Jonathan Taylor went out for the season, so they're gonna go with Zach Morrison Dion Jackson at running back here.

Is this Indianapolis whole thing, but I think on Monday Night Football, this charger defense comes out, makes a few plays and the Colts give up the most fantasy points.

The dsts on the season number 10, the Philadelphia Eagles.

So the Eagles go to the Dallas Cowboys in this one.

This Eagle defense, one of the best units in the league and a very deep unit, as well with a lot of depth and a lot of quality players in that front line and a secondary as well.

So right now the Cowboys I know their offense has been high powered this season, but that Prescott was face.

It he's a turnover machine for the most part.

Ever since he came off the thumb.

Injury is that Prescott thrown at least one interception per game so and this one I think he's gonna, throw a crucial one in a big point in this ball game and this Eagle defense there bull hook and defense and they're a team that gets off to win early lead and they dictate the ball game with obviously, teams chasing points, but if obviously hurts out in this one, the gameplay could be a little bit different.

But right now, I still think this defense clamps down a little bit like I, said I, think that's good for one or two turnovers in this game and I got him at 10 number 11, the Los Angeles Rams.

So we don't know if Wilson's gonna start or Brett Rifkin in this one, but this could be a struggle once again for this Denver Bronco offense I know.

Last week they beat the Arizona Cardinals, but for the most part the offense were struggling in that ball game.

So the Rams I know Aaron Donald probably won't play in this one, but he's still got jail.


You still got Bobby Wagner, two guys that take pride and two guys who are top of their position pretty much this season.

Once again, even though it's been a struggle for this Ram team, the defense at least goes out there and gives effort, so right now, I think they could make some plays on Russell, Wilson and I think they'll definitely make plays on Rife, and if Russell Wilson is in Thorn I know.

Latavius Murray has been pretty good at running back this season here, since they got him and Jerry Judy at the Breakout game a few weeks ago, but I think the Rams in this one with the home game and the Denver often struggling, could be a decent unit.

This week and I got him 11 and the 12th and final defense I'm rankings, and that was Cowboy, so the Cowboys defense last week they got picked apart in the second half by Trevor, Lawrence and Zay Jones of that Jacksonville Jaguar offense, and they were picking on Joseph in the second that he was at Jacksonville Jaguar team.

So this cowboy team I would move them up in the rankings, but I don't know for sure.

If Hertz is not going to play, if Hertz doesn't play, I think this Cowboy defense is a top six seven unit, but right now number 12.

The first is gonna play, he's a dynamic quarterback, definitely an MVP candidate and a guy who causes a lot of trouble for defenses.

So if I mean sure starting his Cowboy defense bumps up, obviously, where I think they could have a monster game potential and if it's Hertz playing in this one, this ceiling is pretty low.

So I got him at 12.

So that's the top 12 defenses I'm ranking here for week, 16 of the fantasy football team.


Top 12 Defense /DST Rankings Week 16 Fantasy Football? ›

Tier 1 Defenses - Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 16. The 49ers are the 1st-ranked defense over the last month, averaging 13 points per game, and they've been one of the best defenses in my BOD rankings all year long.

What is the best defense to play Week 16 fantasy football? ›

Tier 1 Defenses - Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 16. The 49ers are the 1st-ranked defense over the last month, averaging 13 points per game, and they've been one of the best defenses in my BOD rankings all year long.

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Week 17 Fantasy Football Defense (D/ST) Rankings
D/ST TierD/ST TierD/ST Tier
11Dallas Cowboys
12San Francisco 49ers
13Kansas City Chiefs
24New York Giants
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Dec 31, 2022

Who to start fantasy football week 16? ›

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start 'Em: Tight ends
  • Travis Kelce, Chiefs (vs. SEA)
  • Mark Andrews, Ravens (vs. ATL)
  • George Kittle, 49ers (vs. WAS)
  • T.J. Hockenson, Vikings (vs. NYG)
  • Taysom Hill, Saints (at CLE)
  • Darren Waller, Raiders (at PIT)
Dec 23, 2022

Who will be the number 1 fantasy defense in 2023? ›

Philadelphia Eagles

Which defense has the most fantasy points this year? ›

Top Defense & Special Teams - Weeks 1 to 18 (2021)
1Dallas Cowboys185
2New England Patriots158
3Miami Dolphins155
4Buffalo Bills151
14 more rows

What team gives up most fantasy points to defenses? ›

Fantasy Football Points Allowed to Team Defenses 2023
  • Chiefs +650.
  • Eagles +800.
  • Bills +900.
  • 49ers +1000.
  • Bengals +1100.
  • Cowboys +1500.
  • Jets +1800.
  • Ravens +2200.

What round should I take defense in fantasy? ›

Here's the third noobiest mistake many fantasy rookies make and that's drafting defensive players early in the draft. Somewhere around the 10th round is probably a good spot, but again, building your team is the most important thing in fantasy football, and that usually means RB's and WR's.

Should you pick 2 defenses in fantasy football? ›

Never Draft More Than One Defense

Therefore, there's no reason to have two defenses clog up your bench. In the past, I've even gone without drafting a defense so that I could draft a player with upside instead. Then I just fill the void before Week 1. Also, no one is going to trade you for your extra "stud" defense.

What's a good round to pick a defense in fantasy football? ›

Usually, it's advised to wait until one of the final two rounds in your draft to pick a defense. If you're dead set on having an elite D/ST, however, you'll likely have to pull the trigger a round or two earlier. Sometimes that decision can pay major dividends.

Should I start fields Week 16? ›

Justin Fields also remains a must-start despite a tough matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Geno Smith had multiple touchdown passes in seven straight games before throwing only one against the San Francisco 49ers last week, but he should bounce back in a high-scoring battle against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who should I start at kicker week 16? ›

Factoring in matchups, the best indoor options are Graham Gano (@ Vikings in Week 16), Chase McLaughlin (vs. Chargers), Ryan Succop (@ Cardinals), Jake Elliott (@ Cowboys), and Brandon McManus (@ Rams).

Who is the captain of Week 16 FPL? ›

Mohamed Salah (£12.7m) has the form and fixture to deliver a huge haul and outperform Erling Haaland (£12.2m) in Gameweek 16 of Fantasy Premier League.

Who has the best defense in the NFL 2023 draft? ›

The San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and Miami Dolphins have the best defenses in the NFL based on our 2023 NFL defense rankings.

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Consensus of 32 Experts (65 available) - Jul 8, 2023
RKPlayer NamePOS
6A.J. Brown(PHI)WR4
7B. Hall(NYJ)RB3
8C. McCaffrey(SF)RB4
9G. Wilson(NYJ)WR5
32 more rows

What is the best defense in fantasy football? ›

2023 defense/special teams rankings
Rank, PlayerClayKarabell
1. 49ers D/ST, SF11
2. Bills D/ST, Buf23
3. Cowboys D/ST, Dal58
4. Eagles D/ST, Phi182
16 more rows
May 1, 2023

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