Top 10 Must-Have Players for 2023 (Fantasy Football) (2023)


We’re only about a month away from the start of training camp and NFL fever is now beginning to heat up! As the fantasy football draft season begins, hardcore fantasy managers have already begun their research to recognize which athletes could push them to a title in 2023. Once your draft starts, you’d do well to be on the lookout for all of these names.


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What's up everybody, it's me Joey P, Joe pizzopia, and you know in reality, if we got everything that we wanted, chances are I'd, be a little bit taller and probably have a little bit more hair on my beautiful shiny, bald head.

But that's reality where dreams don't always come true in fantasy, though fantasy we have an opportunity to get everything that we wanted.

Maybe I can't get all these guys on the same team.

That's probably never going to happen, but can I make investments in these 10 players for 2023 and will these 10 players take me to Fantasy Glory I? Think the answer is yes.

So before we get to the names on this list, don't forget to like this video share and subscribe to fantasypros YouTube, the home of the greatest fantasy football content on the planet.

We're gonna help you get to all those championships so without further Ado.

Let's get to my top 10 must-haves for 2023.

Let's kick things off here with number 10 Lamar Jackson quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens.

It was not that long ago that Lamar Jackson was at the top of the fantasy Pile.

In fact, when he was MVP in the 2019 season, he threw for 3 000 yards and rushed for 1200., oh yeah, and the next year.

All he did was rush for another thousand.

He was qb-1 in 2019 qb9 in 2020, but for the last few years, Health has been a real problem for Lamar Jackson and his Supporting Cast, not to mention the play, calling hasn't been great, enter Todd munchkin, new offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and a new cast of wide receivers that includes Odell, Beckham, Jr and rookie Zay flowers and all of a sudden with a healthy, JK Dobbins.

This offense could be much more potent Than People realize Lamar got his big payday.

He got his big contract extension now, it's time for him to get back to putting up big numbers and considering he's the fifth quarterback going off the board and has a chance still to finish as the number one Fantasy Point getter at the position and you're getting a bargain, which means you can wait see when those first few QBs go off the board, then go pounce on Lamar Jackson, whether it be in single quarterback leagues or in superflex.

Lamar Jackson is a target of mine.

This year in 2023, and one of my must-have players, number nine ramandre Stevenson running back for the New England Patriots.

Now last year, in half PPR ramondre Stevenson finished as the rb10, and that was with an absolutely Dreadful horrible, no good play calling system with a bunch of jabronis who had no idea what the hell was going on in the offense.

Now you got Bill O'brien a proven offensive coordinator, who understands the belichickian systems and ramandre Stevenson is pretty much the Lone Wolf star of this backfield, which means he is going to get goal line carries he is going to get volume.

He is going to go well over 200 attempts this year and last year he caught 69 passes, there's a good chance.

He matches that or even exceeds it in 2023, because there really aren't a lot of guys to compete in terms of Target share.

Yes, he only had six touchdowns last year.

That is a problem, but this offense is going to be better, never great but better year over year, which means where Madre Stevenson is a value going as the 10th running back off the board.

And if you, if you're like me- and you like to draft wide receiver early and often in your drafts, then romander Stevenson is the perfect guy to take as your rb1 because he's being undervalued, the opportunity is going to be there.

The volume is going to be there.

The quality is going to be there, and that's all the reasons.

Why he's a must-have for me in 2023.

number eight on this list.

I know this is going to be controversial, but please hear me out: Kyle Pitts tight end of the Atlanta Falcons I'm betting, on Talent here and year over year.

The price is significantly different.

I understand last year was an absolute unmitigated disaster, but hey he did double his touchdown total right from one to two year over year, Rejoice fantasy football players, but really when it comes down to Kyle Pitts, it comes down to targets and talent and I.

Think he's still got the talent and I think the targets are still going to find.

Him is Desmond Ritter the best quarterback on the planet.

I think we can all unequivocally say no, but I do believe, there's room for Kyle Pitts to improve and when you're looking at the tight end position once all the top tier guys are gone, there's only one guy that stands in the middle of this pack.

That has the opportunity to challenge for a top three spot and his name is Kyle Pitts.

So, no matter what happened with the sophomore season, I think you have to Shake it Off Taylor, Swift style, and look back for Kyle Pitts in 20 23 to rebound, don't forget as a rookie.

He had over a thousand yards receiving and if he had just had six touchdowns, he would have gone from tight end five in 2021 to tight end two like I, said.

The upside is too big to ignore at a position where you need to swing for the fences.

So that's why Kyle Pitts is one of my must-haves for 2023.


Seven Jerry Judy wide receiver of the Denver Broncos last year was a historically Bad season for the Denver Broncos offense enter Sean Payton, one of the great offensive minds of Our Generation and there's every reason to believe that Jerry Judy can improve upon his wide receiver.

26Th finish last year he had a hundred targets.

That's the second time in his three-year career, he's gone over that hundred Target Mark and there's every reason to believe that it can't get any worse right in Denver, which means that right now he's being drafted as the wide receiver 23.

This is a really good value for a guy who's going to be most likely.

The number one on his team looking for targets when you consider Jerry Judy's ADP, he's going in a range of other wide receivers that have a ton of questions, whether it be new quarterbacks, their own health or subsequent performance issues, Jerry Judy, all he has to do is basically be better in an offense.

That's getting an enormous upgrade in terms of offensive mind from Nathaniel Hackett, who was completely unprepared to Sean pay.

So Jerry Judy to me is a safe, strong play that has more upside Than People realize sitting around the 50th player.

Overall, that's.

Why he's one of my must-haves? Not every single pick here is going to be the quote-unquote sexy pick, but sometimes you need guys who are going to go out there and give you strong performances every week and I.

Think Jerry Judy can do that this season.

Let's kick things up a notch in ADP to talk about number six on my list of must-have players: AJ Brown, wide receiver of the Philadelphia Eagles am I the only person here that remembers that he had 1496 yards receiving last season and 11 touchdowns that he was the wide receiver, five in fantasy and Half Point PPR, because for some reason AJ Brown is going at the turn at number.

12 and I.

Just don't understand this.

This is an eagles offense that is set up to dominate the NFC this year again and, let's not forget that Jalen hurts missed a few games because of an injury, so AJ Brown has potential, dare I say for even more yes, he does so much after the catch.

That's why we love AJ brown, but really you're.

Looking at a player in his prime, he had the eighth most fantasy points per game at the position with 15 a 29 Target share and the NFL's six highest air yard share 39.

This guy is absolute fantasy gold and when you're talking about some of the questions surrounding guys, like Tyreek, Hill and Stefan Diggs about some off the field, stuff, AJ, Brown, who's being drafted after them to me, is a value by comparison and I would gladly take AJ Brown over those guys right now, because I got no questions about Brown on the field or off the field.

I just want him on my roster for 2023.

Let's take a quick break in the action to remind you all to drop a comment below in this video And subscribe to fantasypros YouTube channel, because when you do somebody one of you is going to win a one-year free premium, upgrade to fantasy pros.

That's right.

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So drop the comment below like this video and don't forget to subscribe to fantasy pros, because when you click that little bell for notifications and subscribe, you might just win a one year, free premium upgrade and if you don't want to wait for that chance to win well, just go premium today at premium to unlock all the tools to take you to the top of the fantasy mountain and now back to the names on my must-have list.

Number five Garrett Wilson wide receiver of the New York Jets.

It was a special rookie season for Garrett Wilson and really something of an incredible feat that he somehow managed 1100 receiving yards and 83 catches with Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson, throwing him in the football oh yeah and Mike White too gross Garrett Wilson now has Aaron Rodgers, throwing the football and I don't want to get crazy here about how great Aaron Rodgers might be.

But the one thing we know is: if Garrett Wilson's capable of this Baseline with four touchdowns last season.

If we bump up that touchdown total to double digits, it's going to be a special season for Garrett Wilson.

If you go ahead and draft early running backs.

This is your opportunity at the 17th player off the board, wide receiver 10 to get a full-fledged real-life wide receiver, one on your roster and the only reason he's going where he's going is because he hasn't done it yet.

I'm gonna emphasize the word yet here when it comes to Garrett Wilson, because he is in his spot right now to to learn from a Hall of Fame quarterback in a play calling system that is going to be very familiar to Aaron Rodgers, where he basically has rule of the roost.

I, don't know what that means, but it sounds pretty good.

So Garrett Wilson is a prime candidate to experience positive touchdown regression.

That's a good thing: Garrett Wilson to the Moon in 2023 and hopefully to a lot of my rosters and yours.


Four on our list is an oldie but a goodie.

It's Nick Chubb running back of the Cleveland Browns and anybody who watches this show knows that I am the President of the chub Club, but Nick Chubbs value in 2023 might be better than it's been in quite some time.

Last year, Nick Chubb finished his rb6 in 2022 and half PPR, but let me just kind of run down some stats for you in 2019 1494 yards in 2021, 12, 159 yards and last year, 1525 yards the touches are there.

The quality of those carries is about to get a whole lot better, because the upside of DeSean Watson at quarterback is greater than anything that Nick Chubb has ever played with in his career, whether it be Baker, Mayfield or Jacoby Brissette or anybody else.

Nick Chubb does not have to fight anybody else.

In this backfield Kareem Hunt is gone.

The depth chart is light, I'm, not saying he's going to go out there and catch 50 balls, but he might catch 40 and if he even improves on last year's career-high, 13 touchdown sounds because the Cleveland offense is just flat out better than it's been in his career.

Nick Chubb could be in line for a huge season.

If you look at the ADP currently, he is going as the 16th overall running back a perfect spot, a perfect, safe, strong upside running back to build your fantasy roster around.


Why I want Nick Chubb in 2023.

now it's time to talk premium assets and, let's start with number three on my must-have list and it's Jalen hurts quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles last year, Jalen hurts had a near MVP season.

In fact, before his injury, he actually went past Patrick Mahomes for the favorite of that award.

You saw him last season, rushed for 760 yards, throw for 3 700 yards and score a combined 19 touchdowns total.

He missed some time with an injury, but if you're looking for faults with Jalen hurts it's pretty hard to find.

You know the rushing floor.

Is going to be there? The continuity of this offense year over year with Personnel is going to be there really the sky's.

The limit for Jalen hurts and he's not the first or second quarterback going off the board, which means, if you want to go ahead and jump into the early quarterback business and single QB leagues.

Hertz is probably the best return on investment that you can make for number two on my must-have list.

It's time for a Leap of Faith with Bijon Robinson running back of the Atlanta Falcons I know: Bijon Robinson is a rookie and I don't care.

Ezekiel Elliott was a rookie and he finished his rb2 overall in half PPR his first season and if you're saying well, Joe Ezekiel Elliott had a much better team and offensive line.


How about Sequon Barkley's rookie season on a five-win, awful Giants team with Eli Manning as a statue? Bijan Robinson can be the number one overall running back in fantasy.

It is not an impossibility when you look at the durability questions that Christian McCaffrey's had over the years.

The way he was budgeted as the season goes on.

You see Austin Eckler, coming off back-to-back years of big heavy workloads.

Bijon Robinson is new.

He is fresh, he is Young, he can catch the football he can run routes.

He is not afraid of contact.

He is going to be the guy in this backfield Arthur Smith is going to run the football Bijon.

Robinson is going to be the focal point of his offense they're, going to run a lot of play.

Action off of Bijon Robinson, but part of that means establishing the run early and often and I'm telling you right now.

Don't discount bijan's opportunity to be the number one RB in fantasy.

He is going as the eighth overall player the rb3, but to me in so many ways because of that youth he is a far better option than Christian McCaffrey at his price or Austin Eckler at his again.

This is my opinion, but it's based in fact the older the running backs, get with the more workload on them.

The less inspiring their fantasy returns are I'm, not knocking Christian, McCaffrey or Eckler, or anybody else like saquon Barkley.

All I'm saying is I.

Think the new guy is the way to go and I.

Think Bijan.

Robinson is off to a very exciting start in 2023 to what could be one of the great fantasy careers that we've ever seen.

Dijon Robinson is that dude Bijan Robinson is going to be that good in 2023 and my number one must-have player for 2023 it's two years in a row.

It's the same guy, it's Jamar Chase.

Let me tell you why we are sitting on a potential breakout, unbelievable all World season from Jamar Chase Justin Jefferson was my 1-1 overall pick last year because it was a safer play.

However, Jamar Chase was still my biggest must-have because he has a quarterback in Joe burrow that could put together a very special season.

Last year was a tease of what could have been over 12 games.

He had a thousand 46 yards and nine touchdowns the year before 1455 yards with 13 touchdowns.

He finishes wide receiver four that year, but I think there's a combination here where you could possibly see 15 16 touchdowns from Jamar Chase with maybe 16 to 1700 yards, and that would make Jamar chase the most valuable asset in fantasy football.

I'm telling you right now we are on the precipice of an all-time great season from Jamar Chase Joe and the Cincinnati Bengals offense.

If everybody stays healthy and can play together for a full 17 games.

Yes, Justin Jefferson is the consensus number one wide receiver I got no problem with that.

Yes, Christian McCaffrey might be the consensus number one overall pick, but for me, Jamar Chase is the guy that could surpass all of them.

When all is said and done, and that makes him my number one must-have fantasy player for 2023.

there you have it everybody.

Those are my top 10 must-haves for 2023 I want to hear from you.

You tell me in the comments Below on YouTube, who your must-have players are the ones that you are building around for Fantasy championships and we can have a fun conversation, because that's what the pros like to do and don't forget to click that little bell to.

Let goes ding for notifications, so you know every time a piece of content drops here on the channel.


Do it for me: Joey P, we'll see you next time.

Kids! Thank you.


Who should I keep for 2023 fantasy football? ›

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Which Team Has the Most Picks in the 2023 NFL Draft? The Houston Texans and Las Vegas Raiders have 12 picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, leading the NFL. Houston has each of its own picks in Rounds 1 through 4, plus the Cleveland Browns' first- and third-round picks from the Deshaun Watson trade last year.

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5.N. ChubbRB - CLE
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Standard games have the same scoring format available during league creation: Head-to-Head: Points. This is the most commonly used scoring format in fantasy football. In a Head-to-Head points league, your team plays against another team each week, per the league's schedule.

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When should you pick defense in fantasy? ›

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The first round is the most important in a fantasy draft: it is typically your only chance to get a top-tier player. The strategy in the first round varies based on your pick number. If you are one of the first five or six managers to pick, you should almost always choose a running back.

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Instead, you should prioritize running backs, wide receivers, and even a tight end before grabbing a quarterback. Also, you don't need to draft a backup quarterback, and probably shouldn't.

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2020: QB Joe Burrow, LSU, Bengals. 2019: QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma, Cardinals. 2018: QB Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma, Browns. 2017: DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M, Browns.

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2023 NFL Draft is deep with edge rushers: With 13 edge defenders in PFF's top 50, this year's EDGE class could be one of the best in recent memory. Wide receiver has less blue-chip talent: After a couple years of record-breaking wide receiver classes, this year's group isn't as stacked with Round 1 talent.

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  • Bijan Robinson RB-ATL.
  • Jonathan Taylor RB-IND.
  • Austin Ekeler RB-LAC.
  • Nick Chubb RB-CLE.
  • Saquon Barkley RB-NYG.
  • Derrick Henry RB-TEN.
  • Josh Jacobs RB-LV.

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  • Jonathan Taylor. IND. RB. ...
  • Austin Ekeler. LAC. RB. ...
  • Saquon Barkley. NYG. RB. ...
  • Kenneth Walker III. SEA. RB. ...
  • Josh Jacobs. LV. RB. ...
  • Nick Chubb. CLE. RB. ...
  • Derrick Henry. TEN. RB.

Who will be the best Fantasy running back this year? ›

Christian McCaffrey is the clear top running back: McCaffrey has 24.3 PPR fantasy points per game which is the best for all players since 2018. Bijan Robinson is worth the risk: The eighth-overall pick in the 2023 draft landed in the ideal situation for fantasy success.

How early should I draft a QB? ›

Generally, if you want to have one of the upper echelon QBs on your roster, you'll need to draft one in the third or fourth round. For those participating in 2QB or superflex formats, you should consider selecting a passer as early as the first round.

How early should I take a QB? ›

Two-quarterback leagues

A good rule of thumb is taking your first quarterback target in the two rounds and then coming back for a second in the next four rounds.

Should you draft QB or RB first? ›

This is a question you should ask yourself every year before your drafts. Currently, the correct answer is RB or WR. In most drafts this year, Antonio Brown (WR - Pittsburgh) was the first pick overall. However, it wasn't that long ago, maybe 2009–10 that QB's were rarer and were usually picked first.

Should my first Fantasy pick be a QB? ›

Yes, it's bad. It's what most beginners do. Depending on what your rules are (ppr (points per reception) or non-ppr, how many points does aQB get for a passing TD - can be 4, or 6) you adjust your draft to those rules. As a rule of thumb, take either a RB or WR in the first four rounds.

Who should be the 2nd pick in fantasy football? ›

The second pick in Fantasy drafts should be a running back. In a 12-team league, your wide receiver options in rounds two and three will be much more appealing than those at running back, so go ahead and grab your anchor RB with the second overall pick.

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8 annoying things that you should absolutely never do in fantasy...
  • Don't tell anybody about your team. ...
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  • Don't take a lot of time with each of your picks during the draft. ...
  • Don't give up on your team.
Aug 21, 2019

Who should you take first round fantasy? ›

ROUND 1 (1-12): DRAFT A RUNNING BACK OR AN ELITE WIDE RECEIVER. The plan for the first round is simply to take the top player on the board and build around him. Jonathan Taylor is the consensus top player regardless of league format and should be taken if he's available.

Should I take McCaffrey first? ›

McCaffrey should be considered as the top pick off the board in 2023, and there is a good chance that as draft season approaches he ends up on the top of many manager's boards.

How many of each player should I pick for fantasy football? ›

As your base approach, you should start knowing you will draft at least two quarterbacks, four running backs, five wide receivers, and two tight ends. Those are the minimums you should have at each position. You still need another five players to complete your roster, though.

How do you predict RB1 in fantasy football? ›

In order to be the RB1, the running back must have an elite trait (90th-percentile or better according to He must post a 75th-percentile or better College Dominator Rating or have at least one season where they post a top 10 dominator rating while playing running back in the NFL.

Is fantasy football more luck or skill? ›

Like any other sport, luck is a significant factor in fantasy football, players may have good luck and have a wonderful week, or they may experience terrible luck and have a horrible week. Success in fantasy football, however, cannot be assured by pure chance. For players to succeed, skill is also essential.

Do qbs matter in fantasy? ›

Fantasy quarterbacks get 0.04 points per passing yard, or 1 point for every 25 yards. However, they get 0.1 points per rushing yard, in addition to a bonus per rushing touchdown (+1 or +2 depending on how many points a passing TD is worth in your league).

Has anyone scored 60 points in fantasy football? ›

For anyone playing fantasy football back then with full-PPR scoring, Rice would have added a record-setting 65.5 points. Rice is one of three players in history to put together a 60-plus-point fantasy performance in full-PPR, and he did it twice.

Has a QB scored 50 fantasy points? ›

Michael Vick has the most fantasy points by a quarterback in a game, with 49.3 points against the Washington Redskins on November 15, 2010.

What is the highest fantasy score ever? ›

Jamaal Charles has earned the most PPR fantasy points in a game, with 59.5 points versus the Oakland Raiders on December 15, 2013.

What is the ideal number for a fantasy football league? ›

Ten teams is the traditional size of most leagues. The player pool is deep enough that each team has stars, but managers will still have the challenge of picking up free agents and players who are getting hot. For a greater challenge, try using 12 or 14 teams.

What is a good weekly fantasy football score? ›

There are many forms of fantasy football, but for the most common, a 10-team standard scoring league, an above-average team score is around 110 points. At 110 points, statistically, you have around an 80% chance of winning.

How much are interceptions worth in fantasy football? ›

-2 points for every interception thrown or fumble lost. 1 point for each extra point made. 2 points for rushing or receiving 2-point conversion.

What is the football team to look out for in 2023? ›

What NFL team is the best 2023? The Kansas City Chiefs are the best NFL team in 2023. As the reigning Super Bowl champions, the Chiefs belong at No. 1 in the NFL power rankings.

How do you decide who to keep in fantasy football? ›

One common system of keepers is to keep a player at last years draft round. An easy example is when you are keeping a player you drafted last year in the 8th Round who has an ADP in the 4th Round this year. The lower a players ADP rank is, the greater his keeper value must be, as rounds of value are not created equal.

How do you decide which player to keep fantasy football? ›

The deeper you get into the player ranking, the more “value” must be present to select them as a keeper. A player with only 1-2 rounds of value, who has a 1stRound ADP is likely a much better keeper selection when compared to a player with 6 rounds of value, whose ADP is in the 9th Round. We do the work.

What is the best position to keep in fantasy football? ›

Running back: This is arguably the most important position in fantasy football. A great running back will far outscore a mid-tier running back. Running backs are often taken early in drafts and are hard to come by after the first few rounds.

Who is the NFL Favourite 2023? ›

The defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs are the No. 1 team in ESPN's Football Power Index rankings for the 2023 NFL season.

Who will win the 2023 Ballon d Or? ›

Why Messi Will Beat Haaland to Ballon d'Or 2023 Award Despite City Star Winning Treble. Download the Sports Brief App Now to Stay Updated on Fresh Sports News! The 2023 Ballon d'Or debate has gotten into full swing following the conclusion of the European season, after the UEFA Champions League final on June 10.

When should you pick up a QB in fantasy football? ›

Save yourself the headache and let your league draft their starting quarterback while you load up on much-less-replaceable running backs and wide receivers. Once you feel comfortable with your depth at the skill positions, then start looking ahead at quarterback bargains you like for your next pick(s).

Who should I pick first in fantasy? ›

Instead, you should prioritize running backs, wide receivers, and even a tight end before grabbing a quarterback.

Should my first fantasy pick be a QB? ›

Yes, it's bad. It's what most beginners do. Depending on what your rules are (ppr (points per reception) or non-ppr, how many points does aQB get for a passing TD - can be 4, or 6) you adjust your draft to those rules. As a rule of thumb, take either a RB or WR in the first four rounds.

Should I keep a QB on my bench? ›

The bench has no rules regarding what positions you must have on it, but owners will typically carry additional skill-position players such as quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers.

Who is worth keeping in a keeper league? ›

Others who have attractive keeper values include: Deebo Samuel, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jaylen Waddle and Dalton Schultz. Making the call to keep a player is important, but just as critical is knowing when to let one go.

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