This is How You Can Make a Middle Part Mullet Stand Out » Men's Guide (2024)

TikTok’s predilection for middle-parting over side-parting has not been subtle. While we won’t go so far as to claim the side part is completely dead (it is, after all, a classic style), we do understand Gen-preference Z’s for the face-framing middle-part fringe. And based on the current hair trends for 2022, we believe they may be onto something.

The mullet is a fashionable men’s hairdo that has made a reappearance in recent years when it comes to popular haircut trends. Mullet haircut was one of the most famous haircuts for boys in the 1980s, frequently described as “business in the front, party in the back.” The mullet looks well on thick, straight, wavy, or curly hair and may take your style to the next level for a sleek and contemporary look.

Mullet hairstyles for guys have had a poor reputation for a long time. Ask someone what they think is the worst hairdo ever, and a mullet is almost always the answer. However, in recent years, there has been a fashionable resurrection of this problematic appearance, particularly among K-pop boy groups. So, if you’re on the fence about changing up your hairstyle this year, here are some of the best middle-part haircuts for guys to try and it can possibly persuade you to try something new.

There are various elegant mullet hairstyles to select from, depending on whether you want a traditional or trendy look. Some men like a mullet fade with short hair for a low-maintenance look, while others prefer a longer mullet with tapered sides for a fashionable look. Whether you like softer mallet haircuts or want something dramatic to fit your outgoing attitude, there’s a men’s middle-part mullet haircut for you! Explore these trendy middle-part mullet hairstyles for short to long hair to get the best look for you!

90s Middle-Part Mullet

Hairstyles from the 1990s are making a big comeback this year. And the middle-part millet is quickly becoming a popular hairstyle. The ’90s middle part was popularised by Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. Many current influencers, such as YouTuber George Adam and K-pop 4th-gen IT guy Yeonjun from TXT, wear the look.

You can opt to wear your bangs straight like Yeonjun. Alternatively, like George, you can go for a more windswept look by curling your hair upwards with a hairbrush and hairdryer.

Curtains by E-Boy/Levi Ackerman with Undercut

The traditional e-boy curtains hair looks a lot like the ’90s middle-part haircut. The sole distinction is that e-boy hair has a somewhat longer fringe that ends below the cheekbones. Ask for an undercut with this curtains hairstyle for guys so that your fringe can be the center point.

Most e-boy bangs are cut the same length, as seen on TikToker Noen Eubanks. However, if you want a layered style, consider the Levi Ackerman haircut. His curtain fringe is more V-shaped and has increasing layers, with the maximum length at the front.

Blow-dry and comb your fringe to the front after having the appropriate haircut to maintain it flat and smooth. Then use pomade to hold the style in place.

Mullet Wavy Middle-Part Curtains

Jungkook’s wavy middle-part hairstyle is by far his most popular. His disheveled hair frame the sides of his face wonderfully, giving him a hotter appeal that had people drooling. If your hair is naturally wavy, this curtains hairstyle for guys won’t be too difficult for you to create. But don’t worry, straight-haired men can get this appearance in just a few simple steps.

Dry your moist hair with a towel after washing it, using gentle scrunching motions to produce soft waves. Then, to give texture to your hair, apply a styling cream followed by a sea salt spray. Tie it in a bun and set it aside for 10 to 15 minutes before applying another application of sea salt spray.

Middle-Part Mullet with Curly Curtains

Assume again if you think the curtains hairstyle is just for guys with short to medium-length straight hair. Conan Gray’s hair demonstrates that this middle-part millet can look just as well on naturally long and curly hair. His soft mullet has progressive layers that quickly provide dimension and keep his hairdo from becoming flat. They also soften the rough angles of his jawline and disguise the width of his brow.

Taehyung (V) of BTS is no stranger to stylish mullet hairstyles for guys. Taehyung, the group’s fashion symbol, has been proudly sporting this ’80s throwback hairdo in a variety of ways. We all definitely know with his huge, curly hairstyle from his ON return. His blonde textured mullet at the Lotte Duty-Free Family Concert in 2018 was equally stunning. You’ll need a middle part to make this style work for you. Part it, use gel to control the curls and frizz, then brush the shorter sides back to emphasize the length difference. To finish the style, fluff the back and pull it over to your shoulders. All you actually need to duplicate his haircut is water and conditioner, and that’s all there is to it. If you want to add more definition to your curly tresses, you may use a curling iron. But the fewer heat styling treatments you need for your hair, the better.

Modify Your Look With a Middle-Part Mullet

Have any of these middle-parting mallets persuaded you to change your hairstyle? Let us know which type you prefer in the comments section! But it’s perfectly OK if you’re still team side-parting all the way. Nothing else matters if you’re comfortable with your own style, regardless of trends!

Mullet hairstyles for men can be cool and are no longer as tacky as you remember, as seen by the mullets worn by Korean celebrities. There are several versions of this retro haircut, ranging from soft and wavy to jagged and edgy. You could even be able to persuade your girlfriend to try one of these mullet haircuts for women and rock-matching hairstyles with you. A mullet is a bold and distinctive appearance, but it’s also a fast-growing fashion trend that even the most fashion-conscious can enjoy.

We adore how a mullet enables you to express yourself via your mane. So take some inspiration from the middle-part mullets shown here, but don’t be afraid to put your own twist on it.

The Ending Note

Make an appointment with your hairdresser if the middle part does not seem to be complimenting your face or lying properly. While a fresh haircut is an easy solution, it’s also likely that a little off-center part will suit your face shape better.

Though middle parts are popular right now, some face types may look better with a sweeping side part or a little off-center part. Middle parts frequently lessen the slight volume that exists around the face, making tiny faces look even smaller and wide faces appear a little bigger.

This is How You Can Make a Middle Part Mullet Stand Out » Men's Guide (2024)


How do you make a mullet stand out? ›

The best mullet has lots of texture, so style yours with a beach hair spray on damp hair and as it's air drying, mess it up a little with your fingers. Mullets also look better on second or third day hair, so skip the daily hair washing. Use dry shampoo between washes to soak up excess oil.

How to train hair to the middle part? ›

For a middle part, brush your hair away from your face and let it fall naturally to the front. A little to the left or right of center is just fine. Now, here's how to make the switch stick. Every night before bed, dampen your hair at the roots, then part it where you want it and brush into place.

How to grow out a mullet male? ›

Grow it out slowly over a few months, and tell your barber to leave it a 1/2 inch longer on the back than everywhere else. This way the back slowly gets longer than the rest every time you get it cut. Then it won't be such a shock.

What to ask the barber for a mullet? ›

What's imperative is the length at the back, ask your barber to maintain the length through the back but ask for texture to be created by layering. This works particularly well if you're curly back there.

How to get perfect middle part? ›

Thankfully, Stenson has an easy hack. “My favorite tip for finding a middle part is to lay a tail comb vertically on the nose and rock it back into the hairline,” he says. “From there, slide the comb back through the hair to create the perfectly centered middle part.”

Who looks best with a middle part? ›

If you have an oval, round, diamond, or heart-shaped face, a middle part will help compliment your facial features. “It creates the illusion of length and gives the look of perfect symmetry for the face,” Spellman says.

Why are mullets attractive? ›

For many years, mullet hair was a style that was associated with rockers. Today, stylists have given it a more avant-garde twist so that it can be worn by both young people and stylish older people who may want a more elegant look. A mullet adds a rebelliousness that is so attractive when you want to change your look!

What is the mullet haircut for men? ›

The back of the mullet is very long, often falling onto or past the shoulders. The top and sides of the mullet are shorter than the back but are still long enough to be slicked or brushed backward.

How long does it take to grow a mullet male? ›

The mullet is a hairstyle that is characterized by short hair on the top and sides, and longer hair in the back. To achieve this look, you will need to let your hair grow out while maintaining the shorter length on the top and sides. On average, hair grows about half an inch to an inch per month.

Is a middle part attractive for guys? ›

Middle Part With Fringe

The strands help frame your face, creating a flattering look regardless of your head shape. This style also works for any hair texture, whether curly, wavy, or straight.

Why is my middle part hair so flat? ›

Genetics, your daily habits, and your lifestyle can all contribute to flat, limp hair. Some of the most common causes of limp-looking strands include: Your hair type: Fine, straight hair tends to be flatter than thicker or more textured strands. Not shampooing often enough: Between shampoos, oil builds up on the scalp.

How do you grow a good looking mullet? ›

It's important to be patient when growing out your hair for a mullet. Avoid cutting or trimming the hair on the top and sides, and let the hair in the back continue to grow. You may need to use hair ties, headbands, or other styling tools to keep the hair in place and maintain the desired length and shape.

How do you know if a mullet will suit you? ›

Mullet works best on straight or wavy hair. However, men with curly hair can tap into the fun with a 'curly mullet' version. If your hair is thick, the modern mullet can make it look even cooler and more exciting, and cutting it in layers can help lighten it and make it easier to handle.

What should a mullet look like? ›

The back of the mullet is very long, often falling onto or past the shoulders. The top and sides of the mullet are shorter than the back but are still long enough to be slicked or brushed backward.

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