The All-Time Oakland Athletics Team Build! (2023)


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That is not a good start.

That pitch was sick, vita.

Yes, yes, yes, oh mario, we gotta try to score him.

Oh, come on, ricky use those wheels man for the final time.

Welcome back to another all-time team, build in mlb the show 21.

This is it we've done 29 teams we have one more to go and that final team is going to be the all-time oakland athletics.

This franchise goes back to the beginning of the 1900s they've moved around to a couple places.

They started off in philadelphia had a little stint in kansas city before they went to oakland in 1968, where they've been ever since.

But there is a lot of talk about them, possibly moving again, maybe to las vegas, who knows during their days in philadelphia.

They won five world series championships in oakland.

They won four, including a three-peat in 1972, 1973 and 1974, with their most recent world series win coming in 1989 when they beat the giants in four games, and nowadays the a's are mainly known for their moneyball tactics, trying to find value in players that other teams overlook and it worked out great for them in the 2010s they had six postseason appearances right now.

The a's are in kind of a weird spot where it doesn't really feel like they're competing, but they're also not really like selling.

There's a lot of talk about matt olsen being on the move, but he hasn't gone anywhere.

Yet obviously the lockout's been going, but even before that, so honestly we'll see.

I don't really know what to expect from the a's going forward, and this is my all-time oakland a's in mlb.

The show 21.

no surprise here.

We've got jimmy fox at catcher jason giambi over at first middle infield, I'm putting matt chapman out of position at second base.

I feel like he should be a starter on this team and he's got 59 fielding even out of position.

So that's fine, shortstop is going to be marcus.

Semi in third base is josh donaldson.

The outfield is reggie jackson, matt olsen in the corners with, of course, ricky henderson patrol in center field on the bench I've got: jed, lowry, jason, kendall, frank, thomas mark canna and harold baines.

The starting rotation is lefty grove, vita blue catfish hunter frankie, montos and sean manaya.

With this being also one of the most loaded bullpens we've had.

We've got gossage eckersley fingers trying in hendricks houston street sean doolittle and jake diekmann our uniforms.

If we're on the road we're wearing the 1970s uniforms, I mean these are just iconic.

I can't do the a's without wearing these uniforms and if we're at home, we're wearing these 2 000 alternate home uniforms.

Here we go face and verlander on the road, meaning we get to wear those crazy unis.

Oh my god, I missed it bro my pci was in and I didn't adjust.

Oh baby, marcus, simeon, perfect, perfect! Let's go, I knew simeon, would do something in this game man.

I love that finest card that cutter is so tough to lay off.

Oh jimmy hit that pretty well, that's tough man, that's tough! That's a good start with marcus semi and I'm gonna need to add more man.

I'm trying to get verlander out of this game as quickly as I can that pitch was sick, vita, slider, low and inside oh tie him up he's very late.

I'm going to go to a fastball, try to spot it high in a way! Oh, my god, vita blue, I'm off on it man, oh something about verlander's cutter.

I can never track it come on.

Come on! Yes, I'm staying at first, I'm not pushing that.

Oh mario! No way! Oh we gotta score.

We gotta score.

We gotta score dude.

That is so huge.

I know it's a complete fluke hit.

I get it, but that's so huge, because right now, vida blue comes up to the plate, and now, if I, if I can get this down, I can bunt them over to second and third perfect, perfect bun.

That should easily be second and third, yes, come on ricky cash, these in dude.

I don't even mind that that's just a perfect pitch! I'm happy, though I started to get after verlander a little bit, I'm trying to knock him out as soon as I can.

That's good at that dude come on.

I've got him right where I want him come on.

Yes, yes, let's go baby fight is making some big pitches right now.

Oh, come on, ricky use those wheels man.

No, I oh my dude ricky almost had that wait.

How close was ricky.

Ah man, he was, he was right.

There bro he was so close, should be an easy play for donaldson yep, all right, we're still in the lead off.

I missed it.

Come on bro I gotta lay off that.

I had the right idea.

I just didn't have the best timing.

I really really need some more off verlander dude.

I can tell by this guy's approach that he's not really phased by vita.

He may not have hit vita that well yet, but he's not faced he's, not scared of vida god vita.

How do you keep doing this yeah? That's that's! Definitely not a swing checks out actually in this situation as an offensive player, nice swing and he's gonna get to go first and third because he was running throats first, we might actually get him right here.

Let's go baby, that's huge! Oh my god.

Who's up next austin reilly, uh dude, I would rather face.

I would rather face austin reilly than catelyn marte with a lefty.

If he makes me pay for this move, then so be it.

I I just don't want to face marty right there.

It was the right move, I'm actually going to get the pen warmed up.

Vitus spot may not come up this inning, but just in case I want to have the bullpen ready to go.

The only thing is that the only lefty I really have to use is jake diekmann like sean doolittle is there, but we all know jake geekman's better than doolittle.

I could use lefty grove out of the pen or mania.

I don't know yet come on bloop bloop bloop.

I knew he was gonna go there.

You saw me adjust at the end right.

I still missed it.

I knew he was gonna, go hiding in huge walk there.

Huge two out walk come on chapman make him pay the pitch.

I want verlander out of this game now all right, vida's last inning regardless this is it for him.

Maybe the curveball might get him.

Yes, it will.

I haven't really been throwing that pitch all too much.

Oh, no! Oh! No! That worked how oh, I just really want to walk adley right here.

I really want him to take verlander out dude.

That's fine! Now he's got a guy in scoring position which puts even more pressure on him thinking about taking out verlander.

Please do it! This is actually huge for me.

Is he gonna? Do it he's not gonna? Do it all right? Okay, we're all good! He throws away another opportunity to score.

I get to take vita blue out now um right here in this spot with a righty.

Let's go: let's go harold, bain, that's down! That's a hit for harold baines off the bench.

Ricky! That's down! That's down, get going boys get going boys, I'm sending him.

I don't care.

What happens? I am sending him home and ricky's going for three: let's go rvi triple for ricky.

That is such a good pitch huge that scores some ground ball to the middle infield.

It does the job at a boy giambi, ah dang it dude.

He always seems to throw the fastball in the spot, where I'm not looking other than that.

One time I was sitting high and in every time I guess it's somewhere else, all right.

We got raleigh in the game.

Now we got a couple extra runs of support, I'm feeling good.

I love the bullpen on this team.

As long as I'm not stupid, we should be able to hold this lead very good pitch.

Oh, this is actually tough yeah, I'm not getting him.

I cannot complain about any fluke hits with how I got that run with chapman.

I can't complain nice pitch, sent, there's just nothing.

I can do about that bro.

I beat him on back to back at bats.

He got hits on both of them.

There's you just got gotta smile and nod at that point.

Didn't I just say that I was feeling good about where we are and that we should be able to hold on to this lead dude.

Okay, we get it come on raleigh.

Well, we got a ball game here.

Fellas I got a layoff.

Yes, yes, yes, take that.

Take that give me my double roll.

Why was I so late man? I'm I'm really horrendous, sometimes at this game, all right, blake trying to comes in, I gotta warm up, gossage, also eckersley too.

Damn there's so many good righties on this team.

Yes, finally, justin verlander is out of the game.

Thank god! That's fine! Let's get a double play.

Huge pitch come on training come on brother.

That should be the easy third out all right.


We got a three-inning ball game here.

Uh I mean I think we just got to go to frank.

I think we got to go to our best.

Hitter bouncer come on bro dude.

What is up with? Oh, my god, what is up with all the fluke hits in this game literally, it feels like both sides have one like really strong swing like my mark is semi in a home run in the first, but then the rest of it is just it felt.

It feels like it's been all flukes two out walk jimmy fox, please brother speed.

I I just got to try it with two outs: that's ricky henderson! We got it not done yet come on reggie.

Oh, my god.

They gave me a check donaldson! Please donaldson! We gotta try to score jimmy on that.

We gotta try to score him.

Let's go okay, I'm going eckersley right here.

I did have gossage warmed up, but the pitcher spot will be coming up in the bottom of the seventh.

So I didn't want to bring in gossage only for me to have to take him out when the spot comes up.

We got it.

We got it.

Try something weird here! Oh ho, ho ho scared, I'm going to a four-seam high and in he's late inside right now, yeah good luck with that.

Chapman yeah good pitch man good pitch man.

These sinkers on two strikes are giving me trouble.

Oh man, I had the right idea.

I just missed it all good time for gossage man, two winning save, I need it.

That is not a good start.

Come on bro come on huge, come on one pitch away: whoa gas, yes gossage, aaron loop is coming in.

I got two lefties up this inning.

I could really use some insurance right here.

Bro um bro.

Here we go jimmy there we go now.

We need reggie jackson to deliver something big right here.

No bro I've read that so.

Well, I just freaking screwed up my swing, all right! Oh my god come on.

I need this insurance terrible swing there to end that inning all right gossage.

I need you bro.

It's kind of fitting that gossage is pitching the last inning of all-time teams.

He's been on.

Like half the teams filthy pitch.

We can't let that drop simeon.

Thank you! Oh! No! No! No! No! No! No! Come on double play! Please! I'm gonna! Try to overpower him huge pitch one! More gossage come on baby.

Yes, no no shot, no shot.

Thank you.

That was not gonna, be happening in the ninth inning, no chance that could have been disastrous, hey what a game to end it on all-time teams, man, we got the dub, we finished it out in style.

We had some sweaty moments in this game.

There was a lot that happened.

A lot of weird fluke hits some really strong swings, some great pitching from both sides.

This was a wild game.

I'm happy that we came out on top gg to my opponent.

That was a fun one.

That's gonna! Do it for all time teams in mlb the show 21.

I hope you guys enjoyed the series this year if you did hit that thumbs up button for one last time subscribe to the channel if you're new, let me know in the comments what your favorite all-time team was this year and let me know if you think all time teams in 21 was better than 20 in terms of the actual team building.

I appreciate you guys have a good rest.

Your day, I'll catch you in the next one, peace.


The All-Time Oakland Athletics Team Build!? ›

The new-look Athletics, despite a comparative lack of star power, surprised the baseball world by besting the 2001 team's regular season record. The team is most famous, however, for winning 20 consecutive games between August 13 and September 4, 2002.

Did Oakland really win 20 games in a row? ›

The new-look Athletics, despite a comparative lack of star power, surprised the baseball world by besting the 2001 team's regular season record. The team is most famous, however, for winning 20 consecutive games between August 13 and September 4, 2002.

Who is the greatest Oakland Athletics of all time? ›

Top 10 Best Oakland Athletics Players of All Time
  • Rickey Henderson.
  • Jimmie Foxx.
  • Dennis Eckersley.
  • Eddie Plank.
  • Reggie Jackson.
  • Lefty Grove.
  • Mark McGwire.
  • Sal Bando.

Who are the Oakland A's AAA team? ›

List of Oakland Athletics minor league affiliates
  • Oakland Athletics.
  • Las Vegas Aviators.
  • Midland RockHounds.
  • Stockton Ports.
  • Lansing Lugnuts.
  • ACL Athletics.

What was the best year for the Oakland Athletics? ›

The 2002 Oakland Athletics were one of the most exciting teams in baseball history, winning 103 games and breaking the American League record for 20 wins in-a-row.

Who broke the Oakland as winning streak? ›

In 2002 the Oakland A's won 20 consecutive games, setting an American League record. The A's went on to win the AL West with a record of 103-59, though they lost in the division series to the Twins in 5 games. The manager at the time was Art Howe. On September 6th the Minnesota Twins shutout the A's to end the streak.

Does the Moneyball theory work? ›

By use of a correlogram and ordered bar chart, I tested the actual Moneyball theory, that teams that succeed in getting players on base are more successful. The theory, statistically, is proven true, as it On Base Percentage has a greater correlation with Wins than Batting Average, Slugging Percentage, and Home Runs.

Did Oakland lose in Moneyball? ›

The Athletics win the American League West but lose to the Minnesota Twins in the American League Division Series, with an unseen baseball analyst explaining that some other tangibles of a player, such as drive and clutch performance, cannot be measured.

Who is the king of walks Moneyball? ›

Known for his ability to get on base, while he was still a minor leaguer, Youkilis was nicknamed Euclis: The Greek God of Walks in the best-selling book, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.

What was the Oakland as record under Billy Beane? ›

In their 11 playoff appearances under his watch, stretching back to 2000, the A's went 18-29 and won only two series in 13 tries — including their recent ALDS loss to the Houston Astros.

Who is the youngest AAA team? ›

Youth is being served with Cleveland Guardians

The Guardians not only have the youngest roster in terms of average age in the majors, but their team would be the youngest in Triple-A as well.

Will the Oakland A's move to Las Vegas? ›

(AP) — The Oakland Athletics cleared a major hurdle for their planned relocation to Las Vegas after the Nevada Legislature gave final approval on Wednesday to public funding for a portion of a proposed $1.5 billion stadium with a retractable roof.

Will the as move to Vegas? ›

The plan, at present, is for the A's to be in Vegas with a shiny, new ballpark in time for the 2027 season. Their lease for Oakland Coliseum runs through 2024, which means it's possible they'll end up playing in Las Vegas' Triple-A ballpark for the 2025 and 2026 seasons.

What is the longest win streak in MLB Oakland? ›

The longest winning streak in Oakland Athletics history is 20 games, set during the 2002 season.

Did Oakland win the World Series in Moneyball? ›

In the movie, the A's go onto to win the World Series in dramatic fashion even though they were actually eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Twins.

How much money does Billy Beane make? ›

Billy Beane salary By Year is 2 million dollars in 2021 and 3 million in 2023 with Oakland Athletics. Beane net worth in 2023 is 20 million dollars. Billy is a former professional baseball player and front-office executive.

What was the Oakland A's biggest loss? ›

All Time Biggest Oakland Athletics Losses

Based on run differential, the largest loss in Oakland Athletics history is by 23 runs, which has happened twice: a 6-29 loss to the Chicago White Sox on Apr 23, 1955 and a 2-25 loss to the New York Yankees on May 24, 1936.

Was Moneyball accurate? ›

Moneyball accurately represents a true story in many ways but also has some glaring inconsistencies. It portrays many of the challenges the 2002 Oakland Athletics faced as they sought to compete with larger market teams with much higher budgets.

What did Boston offer Billy Beane? ›

They can choose a fund manager who manages their retirement by gut instinct, or one who chooses by research and analysis. I know which way I'd choose. After the 2002 season, the Boston Red Sox made Beane an offer of $12.5 million to become their GM, but he declined.

Is Moneyball still used today? ›

After more than a decade, Moneyball is still affecting the game. Its influence on the future, however, is uncertain. For example, one of the statistics used in the book, OPS, has been downplayed in recent years because it is a combination of two other stats: on-base percentage plus slugging percentage.

Does anyone still use Moneyball? ›

Sixteen years after author Michael Lewis wrote the book Moneyball, every Major League Baseball (MLB) team uses the technique. But a new study shows that while the tool can help a club create a stronger team -- at a lower cost -- it loses its edge once everyone's on to it.

Is the Moneyball method still used today? ›

The Moneyball strategy can and does work in real life MLB. Fans of the most popular professional baseball league have amazing real money wagering opportunities at AZ sports betting and other US sports betting sites. Some of them rely on the Moneyball strategy even without knowing it.

Did Billy Beane really pay for Ricardo Rincon? ›

The A's owner would not pay the additional money, so Billy offered to pay what it would take to acquire him in return for getting the profit difference when he flipped him a year later. Of course, fittingly enough, Rincon ended up staying with the A's for four seasons and proved to be a solid lefty out of the bullpen.

What 3 players did the A's lose in Moneyball? ›

The plot centered around the fact that the low-budget Oakland As lost three of their most recognized players, first baseman Jason Giambi, outfielder Johnny Damon, and relief pitcher Jason Isringhausen all at the end of 2001 in free agency to richer clubs.It seemed unlikely that Oakland could repeat its 2001 trip to the ...

What strategy was used in Moneyball? ›

The idea behind Moneyball was that Paul DePodesta devised a method to find and make use of undervalued players, based on statistical variables that had largely been ignored earlier. His goal was to create a framework which would increase the likelihood of the Oakland A's making it to the playoffs.

Why is Moneyball called Moneyball? ›

known by the term “Moneyball” (so named after the title of a best-selling book about A's general manager Billy Beane). Many other franchises began implementing variations of that strategy after Beane built teams that qualified for five postseason berths in a seven-year span (2000–06) while having one of the…

Who is the guy at the end of Moneyball? ›

Moneyball 's ending is, predictably, more ambiguous. The film closes with Beane in the car, listening to a song his daughter wrote for him.

What team is the focus of Moneyball? ›

It was based on the book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, written by Michael Lewis. In the movie, Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) came up with a strategic approach to reinvent his baseball team, the Oakland A's.

Is Pete in Moneyball real? ›

Jonah Hill's character in Moneyball, Peter Brand, has an intriguing real-life story, beginning with the fact that his real name is in fact Paul DePodesta.

Who invented the Moneyball theory? ›

Bill James
James in 2010
BornGeorge William James 1949 (age 73–74) Holton, Kansas, U.S.
Alma materUniversity of Kansas
Occupation(s)Historian, statistician
1 more row

Did Billy Beane ever watch a game? ›

Does Beane Watch the Games? Billy does not watch the games. The movie looks as though it portrays this aspect as Beane getting the play-by-play via text from the Peter Brand character. The truth is that Beane carried, ( maybe he still does), a little white box that gave him satellite feeds of MLB scores.

What is the oldest team in the MLB? ›

They remained legally separate entities until 2000, when they merged into a single organization led by the Commissioner of Baseball. MLB is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan. Baseball's first all-professional team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, was founded in 1869.

What MLB team has the longest World Series drought? ›

1. Seattle Mariners, 45 Seasons (1977-Present) The Mariners are the only team in MLB history to have never appeared in the World Series.

Is Triple-A better than MLB? ›

What are the Minor League levels? The levels of MiLB are as follows, starting with the highest level and working down to the lowest: AAA or triple A is the highest MiLB level, and where players are most likely to be called up to the parent Major League team. AA or double A.

Who owns the Oakland A's? ›

Reps. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., and Mark DeSaulnier, D-Calif., announced the introduction of the "Moneyball Act" on Wednesday, and it's a direct shot at Oakland Athletics owner John Fisher.

Is Las Vegas getting a MLB team? ›

Kaval said the A's have negotiated a deal with the Las Vegas Aviators, their Triple-A affiliate, to potentially use Las Vegas Ballpark for home games starting in 2025. (The Aviators, he added, will remain in Las Vegas, similar to the Minnesota Twins' Triple-A affiliate in St. Paul.)

How many fans are at the Oakland A's? ›

The league average attendance this season is 26,460 per game.

Why is Las Vegas cheap to live? ›

Local and state taxes and fees

On the positive side, though, there's no income tax in Nevada overall. Las Vegas also has low, homeowner-friendly property tax rates (typically around 0.6 percent of your home's value), which can't increase by more than 3 percent each year on primary residences.

Why retire in Las Vegas? ›

Retiring in Las Vegas? One of the top cities in Nevada for retirees, Las Vegas Valley offers easy access to world-class entertainment and dining, year-round sunshine, no income tax—which includes Social Security and pensions—and more. Check out the best neighborhoods for retirees in Las Vegas!

Is Vegas worth living in? ›

Las Vegas offers a high quality of life with its many amenities, including ample outdoor recreation, an active nightlife, and a wide variety of cultural events. The city also boasts some of the best restaurants in the U.S., making it an ideal destination for foodies.

Did Billy Beane ever win a World Series? ›

Did Billy Beane win a world series? Billy has never won a World Series as a GM. However, he was on the bench for two World Series wins during his playing career. One with the Twins in 1987 and the other with the Athletics in 1989.

What is the longest streak in MLB without a loss? ›

Longest Winning Streak: 26 New York Giants (1916)

The longest win streak since 1901 was established early in MLB history. The 1916 Giants won 26 games in a row despite only going 60-66 the rest of the season.

What is the longest MLB streak without scoring a run? ›

The 1968 Chicago Cubs and 1906 Philadelphia Athletics share the record at 48 innings.

How did the A's lose their win streak? ›

Defense 'wasn't our best' as win streak ends

The result: A 6-3 loss to the Rays at the Coliseum, ending Oakland's streak at seven games, which had been tied for its longest such streak since winning seven in a row from Aug 4-12, 2021. “It wasn't our best tonight in terms of defense,” manager Mark Kotsay said.

How much are the Oakland A's worth? ›

Tampa Bay Rays$1.25 billion$0.404 billion
Kansas City Royals$1.2 billion$0.385 billion
Cincinnati Reds$1.19 billion$0.405 billion
Oakland Athletics$1.18 billion$0.421 billion
26 more rows

Who is the highest paid Oakland Athletic? ›

Trevor May

What ended Billy Beane career? ›

Billy Beane's playing career ended with a move to scouting, and he later found success as the Oakland A's GM.

Does Billy Beane own the A's? ›

Beane is the executive vice president of baseball operations and a minority owner of the MLB team Oakland Athletics. He's also a minority owner of European football teams AZ Alkmaar of the Dutch Eredivisie and Barnsley of the English League One.

Has any MLB team won 20 games in a row? ›

The Chicago Cubs are the only team in MLB history to win 20 consecutive games and reach the World Series. The '35 Cubs, led by Billy Herman and Gabby Hartnett, were the only team in MLB to win 100 games.

How many MLB teams have won 20 games in a row? ›

Longest MLB Winning Streaks
TeamYear(s)Winning Streak
Chicago Cubs193521
Oakland Athletics200220
Chicago White Sox190619
New York Yankees194719
62 more rows

Was there a 20-game winner in MLB? ›

Over the past two seasons, the only 20-game winners in MLB have been Julio Urias and Kyle Wright. Urias won 20 games in 2021 with the Dodgers while Wright won 21 games with the Atlanta Braves last season.

Who has a 20-game winning streak in baseball? ›

Longest Winning Streak: 26 New York Giants (1916)

Rounding out the top five are the 1935 Chicago Cubs (21 straight wins), the 2002 Oakland Athletics of Moneyball fame (20) and the 1906 World Series champion Chicago White Sox (19).

Has any team won 5 World Series in a row? ›

World Series championship streaks

The Yankees have achieved one streak each of three, four, and five championships in a row, and the Athletics have achieved a streak of three in a row. Back-to-back championships have been achieved an additional fourteen times.

What's the longest winning streak in MLB history? ›

The National League's 1916 New York Giants hold the current record of winning 26 games in a row.

What is the longest losing streak in MLB history? ›

The Cleveland Spiders have the longest losing streak of regular season games in MLB history at 24 straight games. During this streak they lost to their opponents by an average of 5.9 runs. The streak occurred entirely during the 1899 season.

Has any team won 2 World Series in a row? ›

1977-78 Yankees

Not only did the Yankees repeat in 1977-78 -- their first two championships under George Steinbrenner -- they won a World Series rematch, beating the Dodgers both years. Both seasons had a signature moment.

What MLB teams have won 100 games 3 years in a row? ›

Prior to the current run of three 106-win seasons, the 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers held the franchise wins record with 105. Overall, 10 Dodgers teams have reached 100 wins in a single season, including the 2017, 1974 and 1962 L.A. Dodgers, 1942 and 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers, and 1899 Brooklyn Superbas.

What was the longest baseball game in MLB history? ›

Longest MLB game ever

The longest game in Major League history went on for a whopping 26 innings. The Brooklyn Robins vs. the Boston Braves game on May 1, 1920, took almost four hours. Today, we know the Robins by a different name – the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Has any baseball team won 120 games? ›

Best MLB Records Through 120 Games

The 1944 St. Louis Cardinals and 1998 New York Yankees tie for the best all-time record through 120 games. They each went 90-30 in the first 120 games. The 1944 St.

Who was the last pitcher to win 30 games? ›

Sept. 14, 1968

Louis Cardinals pitcher who was the last to win 30 games, back in 1934. He throws his arms around McLain amid the wild scene after the victory. McLain, who has just five losses, gains the milestone in dramatic fashion.

Has a pitcher ever won every game? ›

The next closest player is Grover Cleveland Alexander, who has 90. As is the case for career wins and complete games, Warren Spahn, who retired in 1965, holds the record among pitchers whose entire careers were in the live-ball era, with 63.

Who has a hitting streak of 56 consecutive games? ›

Coming off back-to-back hitless games, Joe DiMaggio was due for a hit. It would be more than two months later when the hitting stopped. On May 15, 1941, Joe DiMaggio singled off White Sox southpaw Eddie Smith, starting a hit streak that would last 56 games.

Who has the most 10 game losing streaks in MLB history? ›

The longest losing streak consisting entirely of postseason games is 18; belonging to the Minnesota Twins (2004–present). The longest losing streak by a defending World Series Champion is 11, by the 1998 Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) and the 1986 Kansas City Royals.

Has anyone won MLB Beat the streak? ›

Like Everyone Else, They Failed. In M.L.B.'s Beat the Streak game, fans build virtual lineups in hopes of topping Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. After 20 years, no one has won. Sign up for the On Baseball newsletter.

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