We’ve got the red carpet out ! Paradise Tattoo is the biggest & cleanest tattoo shop in the Florida Keys. Fantasy Fest is a great event to show off your creative side. Let one of our many talented artist make your fantasy come true. We are located at 627 DUVAL ST , you can call and book your appointments today. 305-292-9110


Thank you.

Well, we opened on Duval Street about I, don't know maybe 12 years ago and started painting, and we sort of did that for a number of years and really didn't develop it into anything until Jenny decided to stress all of us out by exploding it.

They don't do this at home regularly.

So here's like your fantasies come true.

You don't you're, not gonna run into your boss or your neighbor, so, except on our Facebook page yeah right I was sick for eight days, Key West, especially because it's safe and everybody's having a good time.

People like the fantasy and being able to walk around with their clothes off and it's more or less accepted, and the lifestyle of Key West like really just goes really well with fantasy Quest, seeing women confident and it's great to see.

People in here of all shapes and forms.

Naked and they're.

Happy they're standing around here nobody's hiding nobody's like shy, everybody's, like happy with their bodies, and it's awesome.

It's awesome, no matter what they look like.

It's awesome, it is so a lot of the guys that come in here are just like the girls.

They love to show off we're used to seeing crazy stuff if you've seen it all foreign people love like going out there and getting photographs and stopped every two seconds if they can not walk a block.

They're a lot happier, they're walking all around town people I, feel more comfortable in body paint and wearing you know, hardly anything and then being on a beach in just a bathing suit.


With my regular skin exposed I.

Think for me, it's pretty easy, I kind of like just being naked, so it's kind of a natural, easy feeling, I love the fact and I think that it's that everybody here is unapologetically themselves right, so you're in this environment, where everybody there are no judgments, everybody is just free, they're themselves, we're in today's world.

We live by just such a structure that here you're able to let that creativity.

In my thing you know people really enjoy the fact they can just be themselves without any judgments at all, I, don't care, and you piss me.

It's already can't make I've got to move.

I usually try to get the most beautiful ones for him.

True, because I do they come in and I'm like damn you're, so hot you gotta get body painted by my husband, true story: I did I got a good wife, foreign foreign chemical Horizon.

There is nothing, I can do this I swear.

This is so boobs come in every shape and size that it's kind of funny.

You know Fantasy Fest is perfect for this, because women of all shapes all sizes take their clothes off when they come in here you can get some with almost no boobs there's some with gigantic boobs that you've ever seen, they're alive and I like seeing like the really perky beautiful ones.

Those are my faces.

We took our surfboards down.

We sort of try to pair somebody up with an artist that can more or less express what they want, because, even though you could come in with exactly the same picture, we may not fall pay enough to say so.

We all do it a little bit differently.

Try to say.

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Oh, this is what you want.

This artist would be great and let them run with it, or this is what you want go with this artist.

That's like perfect for their style, like they're gonna, pull that off, it's gonna be badass; sometimes they have very little idea.

You know they a hard time imagining things, so we we kind of go around the circle of like okay.

So what what are you do? You want to feel like a badass? Do you want to feel gorgeous? Do you want to have a combination of both? You want to be scary, like uh, trying to pull that information out of them and get their vibe to make sure that they get the looks they really want.

Foreign tattoo brings into the game is that we we've been doing it for such a long time and we're really doing it because we love to do this.

We love the whole the whole costumes, the the people naked, the people happy.

You know we try to make it fun.

We try to lose some muscle, make him uh.

You know a glass of wine or champagne, or something like that, because cherries and a couple of cherry bombs in them the next thing you know they're, relaxed and they're having a blast we enjoy it.

Yeah I get excited to see the same clients over and over the new ones.

I I love it.

You make new friends this year, I had a VIP that the first day she was shaking I was putting glitter on her.

She was shaking, and by the fourth day she was like running into the shop like ready to do it, and she was already thinking of what to do next year and next year is going to be seven days because I want to come half and do it do the whole time.

Some of these customers come up with their own ideas.

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I mean they have this sketched style.

They come with a plan yeah.

They know that you know they're bringing they're stepping up their game and I'm pretty sure they're in here watching other people saying and getting notes, because they're only preparing for next year Brian every year he is planning.

He always comes up with really good costumes year after year.

Every year he is like always comes up with something good.

Every single day of the week, you're, like kind of looking forward to Brian coming in, because he'll come up with something you're like man, that's good Mandy did the kissing, Mickey and Minnie on the boobs, which was pretty good.

The creepy clown, who was also like really ripped April, likes to come in here, and she does her titty things and she loves that she wears her little hat.

She looks really cute and people love it and she has a great body for it.

Foreign foreign becomes a blur around noon, which is when people start waking up from the party from Friday.

It just becomes a blur.

Saturday Madness be prepared, I, love people coming in here and being like give me wine.

Give me a beer where's, my cherry sauce.

Thank you.

Every day, I'm left yeah I'll be ready.

Sweating keep yourself because Paradise tattoo has been involved in Fantasy Fest for so many years now we're official sponsors of Fantasy Fest.

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We have people that come back year after year and they're excited to see us.

You know you become they're almost like a part of our family.

At this point we always try to treat them really well and get them to the next level, so that they're having fun- and you know just enjoying themselves, which is really the only reason to be here and I- can't wait to see all my people again.

I feel I miss them already.

It was a good week.

Um I I tried to make everybody feel happy and everybody walks into the door and as soon as they see her boobs they're, happy they're, happy and I'm happy and her boobs make people happy.

They do that's a good thing.

That's a good thing.

The girls that got painted back there by Simon those girls look like super models.

You know they look.

I didn't see gorgeous.

Yes, you did because I saw you take a picture with both of them and you were like, ah so yeah those girls you're such a [, __, ], [, __, ] I, wasn't gonna mention.

Oh, you didn't see them huh.

Oh right.

Try not to mention those I didn't know you were watching me.

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Oh you did you even had to get an IV I had to get an IV I threw up this year.

It was we had a lot of added stress, but we survived it and I can't wait till next year.


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