She Plays Game for 1 Hour, Doesn't Realise That 20 Years Have Past In Real World (2023)


A brash, up-and-coming pro FPS gamer finds the edge she needs in an energy drink that gives her real world "bullet time". It's a shortcut to fame and fortune-but it might just be a "shortcut" through the rest of her life.
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At the start of the movie, a bunch of teens have gathered up to participate in a gaming tournament where the winner takes 10 grand the only objective of the game is to kill the other players and get as many points as you can.

After the game begins.

Two players start slaughtering all the other players one by one.

Hence racking up a lot of points.

One of them is an aspiring newbie girl, while the other one is a pro who has won several accolades in the world of gaming as the crowd cheers on the veteran uses, his experience and takes the lead, but the Newbie girl still has an ace up her sleeve she whips out a bottle of energy drink called the impulse, nine and drinks it in one go which not only gives her energy but also slows down the time.

By 100 times, Dwayne The Rock Johnson tried to get them to drink zoa instead, but they refused with this power.

She kills all the players on site, including the veteran.

The girl eventually wins the tournament and begins celebrating with her boyfriend.

But little did she know that her excitement is about to be cut off in the most brutal way possible.

The energy drinks bottle falls to the ground and shatters, causing the girl to snap back to reality, and when she does, she finds herself as an adult with three children.

Zoa wouldn't do that to you to make matters worse.

She is living in a dilapidated house with no electricity and modern equipment outside the world is turned into a Barren Wasteland and even the oxygen has become poisonous to breathe.

Following this, we rewind a few days before the tournament took place with the introduction of the girl, Val Hernandez.

She is a Brash up and coming FPS gamer, whose only dream in life is to go professional and make a living out of it.

The year is 2017 and Val lives with her divorced father Carlos one day, he sets up Val for a job interview at a diner, and she reluctantly leaves the house in formal attire outside her boyfriend.

Evan comes to pick her up in his car after they leave Val quickly changes her dress in the back.

It turns out that she's ditching her interview and is going to a tournament of a game called Field of Fire, just like most of the FPS Battle Royale games out there, Field of Fire is a multiplayer game where the main objective is to be the last person Stan ending thou figures that if she wins first place, she could make a ton of money and build herself a gaming computer.

However Evan pops her bubble by revealing that a seasoned professional gamer named Roy is going to make a surprise appearance in the tournament.

Soon the two arrive at the arena for the competition and see Roy taking pictures with his fans before the first match commences.

Heaven reminds his girlfriend that she should not get carried away and just focus on qualifying for the finals.

However, Val has her sights set on beating the Arrogant Roy after a while all the players get Seated on their computers and the game starts.

Val takes an early lead, but Roy catches up to her without breaking a sweat.

He even interacts with the crowd in the middle of the game.

Such is his confidence.

Taking advantage of this Val rack some points and is on the verge of winning, but instead of finishing the game, she decides to go for the glory, kill the plan quickly.

Backfires and Roy eliminates her in the blink of an eye, despite this Val qualifies for the finals happening the next day, as the couple leaves the arena Roy comes out in mocks Val before proceeding to take more more selfies with his fans and while Evan is away to get the car a man named Kojima comes up to Val and reveals that he knows the secret to winning just leave Konami and start your own Studio.

He says: Val is perplexed by the strange comment, but before she can say anything Kojima hands her his business card and leaves when Val reaches home.

She tries her best to not make any noise but is caught red-handed by her father left with no choice.

She tells him the truth about where she was during the day which infuriates Carlos even more.

He then orders her to go to the diner the next day and beg for a job interview.

However, Val asserts that the tournament final also takes place the next day, which is more important for her future and just like any other parent Carlos, tries to make her understand that online gaming has no future, but the stubborn vow ignores him and storms off to a room shortly after she watches a podcast about the game earlier in the day and gets angry.

That Roy took the first position just then she notices kojima's business card and remembers him talking about the secret to winning, hence fueled with vengeance and the desire to win.

She decides to visit the given address soon.

She reaches the golden saucer, which turns out to be a gaming Cafe inside a couple of people are playing video games on their computers and consoles soon.

Kojima approaches her and instructs her to sit down and play a game.

Val is still confused as to why Kojima had given her the business card, but nonetheless she gives the game a shot.

She cranks up the game to the highest difficulty and has trouble completing the level seeing this Kojima hands her an energy drink called impulse.


However, he tells her that it is no ordinary energy drink.

Curious Val takes a small sip of the drink and all of a sudden everything that she perceives starts to move in slow motion.

As a result, the game which was impossible to play a while ago has now become extremely easy for her suddenly in the blink of an eye Val wakes up and finds herself sitting across the table from Kojima when she inquires as to what happened.

He explains that impulse 9 stretches time for whoever drinks it and that it has been an hour since Val had sipped the drink.

He also reveals that the amount of time stretched depends on the quantity of intake of the energy drink.

Following this Kojima demands 500 for one bottle which shocks Val she starts thinking that using the drink to compete in tournaments might be cheating, but just then Kojima gets a call from Roy, and it's revealed that he also uses impulse 9 to win games.

This is why he has been labeled unbeatable by other fellow Gamers and pundits.

After learning of this, Val eventually decides to buy the bottle of impulse nine.

The next day at the arena, Val takes out the bottle of impulse 9 and puts it by her keyboard.

Just before the game starts, she takes a small sip of the energy drink.

Then using the ultra slow motion, she dominates the leaderboard for a while, seeing this Roy also drinks, some impulse 9 and starts climbing the ranks ultimately reaching the top.

This makes a Val desperate, so she chugs the entire bottle of the energy drink, regardless of the outcome.

As a result, time for Val moves at an extremely slower pace and she uses that to her full advantage.

Eventually, she kills Roy's Avatar and wins the whole tournament.

The crowd goes wild and everyone cheers for her as well as Evan as the couple kisses.

The energy bottle falls to the ground and shatters all of a sudden, Val snaps back to reality and finds herself sitting on a chair in a dilapidated house.

She is holding a baby, and shortly after Evan comes into the room wearing torn and filthy clothes, he puts the baby to sleep and tells Val to get ready.

Val is super confused and starts to hyperventilate.

After seeing her fully grown adult body and a wedding ring on her hand, she runs downstairs for some respite, but to her horror, two other children call her mommy.

Suddenly Val throws up in shock and runs outside the house.

She finds the neighborhood in total disarray as people live in tents, with public bathrooms out in the open here, it's finally revealed that Val has traveled to the year 2029 having skipped over 10 years of her life in an instant.

Furthermore, the town where they live, is enclosed by large walls which separates it from the Wasteland that surrounds it in the Wasteland, dangerous creatures, the death lizards reside that are not glorious for attacking humans.

Because of this, the residents of the Town guard the gate regularly and shifts.

Moreover, it turns out that the people who had drunk a large quantity of impulse 9 in the past are only waking up now and are called pulsers.

This resulted in people snapping back to reality, many years into the future, with no memories whatsoever, causing havoc and Chaos all over the world.

However, there is no accurate way of knowing if one is a pulser unless they snap back to the current time.

Furthermore, since the apocalypse was caused by the pulsars, most people despise them and rarely allow them to stay inside the safety of the walls.

It turns out.

The town's sheriff and Deputy are Val and a man named Dan to avoid ending up like the Pulsar Val hides the fact that she too had consumed impulse.

9 later at home, Val tries to work out what is happening.

She then recalls her father Carlos and attempts to recall her last meeting with him.

However, when she turns her head, Val notices an urn with her father's ashes on the mantle.

This devastates her and she starts crying profusely sure shortly after Deputy, Dan calls Val down for a latrine Duty.

She initially declines, but Dan reminds her that she is a sanitation commissioner and has to do the work as a result, she's forced to clean the dirty latrines for several hours, kids see what happens when you don't go for job interviews.

Many days pass and Val starts getting accustomed to the ways of the apocalyptic neighborhood one day.

She does every single task, including guard Duty Scavenging, the latrine Duty.

She picks up the kids from school, where her daughter Sophia, gives her a drawing of her saying that she is her hero.

However, Val is extremely exhausted and she doesn't appreciate the little girl's efforts.

Kid I, don't even know who you are once she reaches the house.

She finds Evan peddling, a bicycle to power up a game console as electricity is not available to Val's surprise.

The game is actually her favorite game.

Field of Fire Val is overly excited by this and agrees to play one round before putting the kids to sleep after Evan heads out to a social Gathering Val and the kids start to game Into the Night hours pass by and suddenly Heaven rushes inside it's clear that he is terrified and informs Val that she has missed her guard Duty shift as a result, Dan who is thumping on the gate to be let in was killed by the deaf lizards wasting no time the two rushed to the scene where Dan's traumatized wife is furious, with Val filled with guilt, Val tries to go home, but Evan says that she still has to finish her guard shift reluctantly.

She obliges after her shift ends.

Val returns home with agonizing pain.

She expresses her feelings towards Evan who comforts and reassures her before going to bed thinking.

She has no place in the new world.

Val decides to leave everything behind and travel the wastelands.

As a result, she writes Evan a letter admitting that she is actually a pulser.

The next morning, Val exits her neighborhood with the intention of never coming back while Evan reads the letter and is in complete disbelief in the next scene.

Val continues to walk the barren land and soon comes across an abandoned building.

It turns out that the dilapidated building is actually kojima's Cafe, the golden saucer Val hesitantly enters the gaming Cafe and flicks around for a bit to her surprise, Kojima pops.

Out of the counter.

However, she feels as if something is off.

She realizes that Kojima hasn't aged a day, but he doesn't explain how, as the two chat Kojima finds out that Val had just snapped back a week ago, and he admits that a lot of lives were ruined because of the impulse nine drank.

However, he has a plan to rid her of all the sufferings she has been facing.

As of late.

Kojima brings out a large bottle of impulse 9 and tells her to drink it, and if she does, she will never snap back into this world.

This is because she will travel hundreds of years in the future, and by that time she will already be dead.

Why not? Just feed herself to the death, lizards Kojima also suggests she play her favorite game, while going through with it Val likes the idea and decides to sit down to play Field of Fire, but when she leans forward to grab the impulse 9 bottle, she finds the drawing that her daughter made for her and becomes emotional.

Val then takes a trip down memory lane and remembers all the good moments she had with her children and Evan.

As a result, she abolishes her plan to consume the energy drink and instead heads back to the community to reunite with her family at the gate.

An Angry Evan is on guard Duty and he refuses to let his wife in as she betrayed everyone's trust, Val apologizes for everything and Promises to start over and to make things right.

All of a sudden.

The two of them hear gunshots from afar and realize that it is the death lizards approaching their Community.

It's then revealed that the death lizards are a group of normal people who are cannibals and hunt on others in the Wasteland, so Evan lets Val in and the alarms go off, sending everyone into a state of panic.

One woman tells Val that everyone is going to the Ravine as no one is prepared to fend off the attackers hearing this an idea strikes your mind since everyone in the community feels betrayed by her.

She plans to gain their trust.

Hence she tells her husband that she will be staying back and holding off The Intruders for as long as she can Evan is sad to leave without her, but when Val tells him to go for their children, he obliges shortly after Val whips out the large impulse 9 bottle from earlier and gets ready for Battle.

The Death lizards also make their way through the gate ready to wreak havoc.

It's then revealed that the lead of the death lizards is none other than Roy himself.

The two immediately recognize each other and Roy reveals that he snapped back into reality a few years back and now he has become a barbaric leader.

Who can kill anyone he wants, but despite his threats, Val is unfazed.

It turns out that she is already down to the energy drink before they arrived, which becomes evident when she tosses The Empty Bottle towards Roy.

Suddenly Val goes into slow motion and opens fire on one of the gas canisters.

Sending the attackers flying a brutal shootout ensues and Val manages to take out almost all of them.

Unfortunately, she gets shot in the stomach and shoulder before falling to the ground, all of a sudden Roy comes out and he fires a shot at Val but misses taking advantage of the opportunity she shoots back and successfully kills Roy.

Following this, she fires off a flare with her last breath, signaling to Evan that the community has been saved.

The movie ends as Evan notices, the bright red flare, while Val slowly dies subscribe for more videos like this turn on notif vacations and leave a like to help the channel out.

Thank you for watching.


How many hours of video games is healthy for adults? ›

The screen time recommendation for adults is two hours for entertainment and leisure activities, such as watching videos, social media use, and other passive screen time activities. This recommendation excludes the time you spend on your screen for work or school.

What is the time limit for video games by age? ›

For kids over the age of 6, the American Academy of Pediatrics says no more than 60 minutes on school days and 2 hours on non-school days. Kids under 6 should spend closer to 30 minutes. It's also appropriate for parents to know and approve the games their kids are playing. Avoid any games with graphic violence or sex.

How long should a 10 year old play video games per day? ›

Your kid is ten years old, and you're wondering how much time a day is okay for him to play video games. According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, that time should be under 30 to 60 minutes per day on school days and 2 hours or less on non-school days.

Are video games good for children? ›

Can Playing Video Games Be Good for Kids? Some games might improve kids' hand–eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Video games that require kids to move or manipulate the game through their own physical movement can get sedentary kids moving — but not as much as if they actually played outside or did sports.

What happens to your body when you play video games for hours? ›

“Consequences of video game addiction can showcase in a number of ways, including wrist, neck and elbow pain, skin blisters, calluses and sleep disorders. Long-term addiction could lead to obesity, weakness or numbness in the hands (peripheral neuropathy) and even blood clots,” Dr. Moberg says.

Is 50 too old to play video games? ›

No age is too old for playing video games, or for doing any other activity for that matter. It's your life, spend your time how you want to spend it.

Do 40 year olds still play video games? ›

During a 2022 survey, 36 percent of video game players still come from the 18 to 34 age demographic, and six percent are 65 years and older.

Do 80 year olds play video games? ›

It's never too late to start playing video games. And when younger people have to work hard to have a little time a day for their favorite video game, seniors can spend as much as they want. There's nothing like being old!

How can you tell if your child is addicted to video games? ›

The Mayo Clinic suggests several key signs that your child is becoming a video game addict: Displacement: if video games are displacing your kid's social life, or if the homework isn't getting done because your kid is spending too much time playing video games, that can be a sign of video game addiction.

How to stop gaming addiction? ›

How to Quit a Gaming Addiction
  1. Set a Strict Time Limit for Daily Play. ...
  2. Remove Gaming Devices from Bedroom. ...
  3. Ask Friends and Family for Help. ...
  4. Try Other Stress-Relieving Activities. ...
  5. Seek Gaming Addiction Treatment.
Jan 4, 2023

Are video games good for mental health? ›

Playing video games can help people better cope with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How do video games affect mental health? ›

Gaming Causes Poor Emotional Regulation

One of the biggest negative effects of video games can lead you to struggle with regulating your emotions properly. Studies show that people diagnosed with Internet gaming disorder are more likely to be aggressive, depressed, and anxious.

How do video games affect the brain? ›

Just 10–20 minutes of violent gaming can increase activity in the brain regions associated with arousal, anxiety, and emotional reaction, while simultaneously reducing activity in the frontal lobes associated with emotion regulation and executive control.

Is video game addiction a mental illness? ›

If it seems your child's love of video games has taken over their life and you're genuinely worried about his/her well-being, it could be headed towards what the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially classified as a mental health disorder: gaming disorder.

Is 1 hour of video games too much? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours per day of screen-based entertainment.

How many hours of video games is an addiction? ›

For video game play to be classified as addictive, one must engage in them for at least 15 to 20 hours each week or more. This amounts to an average of three hours each day. This sort of play can cause lasting damage to the health and well-being of people, including their relationships and productivity.

What are the characteristics of a game addict? ›

Signs to Watch For
  • Thinking about gaming all or a lot of the time.
  • Feeling bad when you can't play.
  • Needing to spend more and more time playing to feel good.
  • Not being able to quit or even play less.
  • Not wanting to do other things that you used to like.
  • Having problems at work, school, or home because of your gaming.
May 15, 2023

How do you deal with a game addict? ›

The best thing you can do to help someone overcome a gaming addiction is to be present with them, without judgment, and spend time together having authentic interactions. Think of gaming like sugar.

What happens to gaming addicts? ›

Signs and symptoms of video game addiction (internet gaming disorder) include: Poor performance at school, work or household responsibilities as a result of excessive video game playing. Withdrawal symptoms, such as sadness, anxiety or irritability, when games are taken away or gaming isn't possible.

Does gaming get harder as you get older? ›

Though most people think that your fine motor skills or cognitive function don't take a downhill turn until much later in life, the SFU team found that “age-related slowing of within-game, self-initiated response times begins at 24 years of age.” Ouch.

Does gaming make you age slower? ›

"There's a growing body of evidence that suggests playing video games actually can improve older adults' reflexes, processing speed, memory, attention skills and spatial abilities," said Jason Allaire, an associate professor of psychology at North Carolina State University and co-director of its Gains Through Gaming ...

What happens when you stop playing video games? ›

When you quit playing video games you'll notice a shift in how you feel. For the first few days (or even weeks depending on your situation) you tend to have no energy and your mood sucks. You may get irritated easily, experience headaches, or even have dreams about games.

Can old people still play games? ›

When you think of a "gamer," you probably don't think of a 65-year-old woman spending her afternoon on Nintendo. But think again—an estimated 15% of people who play video games are over the age of 55. What's more, it turns out that some of those older "gamers" are reaping very significant health benefits as a result.

What age do people stop playing with toys? ›

A new study from the folks at Let's Play reveals that once kids hit age 9, they stop playing as often.

Do many seniors play video games? ›

More than 10 million Americans age 50 and older became active video gamers over the past three years, according to an AARP survey. In 2016, there were 40 million senior gamers, a number that's mushroomed to about 51 million in 2019, the survey found.

Can a 100 year old play video games? ›

There is no age limit. I've been playing video games almost as far back as I can remember.

How many adults 50 and older play video games? ›

A survey of nearly 7,800 people conducted last June and July found that 45% of those aged 50 and over played video games at least once a month.

Do grown ups play video games? ›

Video games are one of the few forms of adult play therapy that carry less social stigma, says Pallavicini. While some adults might feel the need to hide their playfulness, the market for video games and mobile gaming among adults has boomed in recent years.

Do kids with ADHD play a lot of video games? ›

There are strong ties between ADHD and video games. People with ADHD tend to spend more time playing games. Those with more intense symptoms tend to play more often.

How does gaming affect a child's brain? ›

They also had more brain activity in the frontal brain regions, which are associated with more cognitively demanding tasks and less brain activity in regions related to vision. That means that in kids who play video games a lot, this area of the brain may become more efficient at visual processing, experts said.

Is your ADHD child addicted to videogames? ›

The bottom line. While video games do not cause ADHD, they can exacerbate symptoms. Those with ADHD may be more susceptible to developing a gaming addiction as a coping mechanism to better deal with their disorder. However, parents working together with their children to address the issue can lead to positive results.

What is the main cause of gaming addiction? ›

What Causes Gaming Addiction? Video games are designed to be addictive using state-of-the-art behavioral psychology to keep you hooked. Games are immersive experiences that provide you with a high amount of dopamine, and overexposure to this level of stimulation can cause structural changes to your brain 1.

How does gaming addiction start? ›

Moreover, video games affect the brain in the same way as addictive drugs: they trigger the release of dopamine, a chemical which reinforces behavior. For this reason, playing video games can be an addictive stimulus. These facts indicate that addiction to video games may be possible.

What are the causes of game addiction? ›

Potential causes
  • Dopamine desensitization. It's not so much the games that are addictive but the act of playing (and its effect on our brains). ...
  • Escapism. Gamers often play to escape stress or distract themselves from other tough emotions or real-life problems. ...
  • Sense of belonging. ...
  • Identity factors. ...
  • Instant gratification.
Jan 5, 2022

What effect does gaming have on children's personalities? ›

Too much video game can lead to poor social skills, time away from family, school work and other hobbies, lower grades, reading less, exercising less, becoming overweight, and having aggressive thoughts and behaviors.

Is 5 hours a day of gaming bad? ›

Potential game addiction can't be defined by a specific number of hours spent gaming. Instead, it is dictated by how your gaming affects other aspects of your life. If you play video games for five hours a day but can put the controller down without issue whenever you feel like it, you're probably fine.

Is it healthy to play video games 12 hours a day? ›

Hours of gaming daily often result in less sleep, especially if you play later at night or with gamer friends from different time zones. It's easy to play “just one more game,” which results in “just one less hour of sleep.” Excessive gaming can lead to poor sleep hygiene and other adverse physical health effects.

Is 10 hours gaming too much? ›

Gaming addiction is a compulsive mental health disorder that can cause severe damage to one's life. It's common for a video game addict to spend over 10 hours a day gaming, usually well into the night, and many suffer from sleep deprivation 2.

How many hours of gaming is considered an addiction? ›

For video game play to be classified as addictive, one must engage in them for at least 15 to 20 hours each week or more. This amounts to an average of three hours each day. This sort of play can cause lasting damage to the health and well-being of people, including their relationships and productivity.

How does gaming affect your mental health? ›

Gaming Causes Poor Emotional Regulation

One of the biggest negative effects of video games can lead you to struggle with regulating your emotions properly. Studies show that people diagnosed with Internet gaming disorder are more likely to be aggressive, depressed, and anxious.

How does gaming affect the brain? ›

Just 10–20 minutes of violent gaming can increase activity in the brain regions associated with arousal, anxiety, and emotional reaction, while simultaneously reducing activity in the frontal lobes associated with emotion regulation and executive control.

Why do gamers stay up all night? ›

The mental stimulation of video games and the blue light of screens can interfere with sleep patterns and melatonin (the sleep hormone) production, so gamers don't feel sleepy at bedtime.

What to do if your boyfriend plays video games too much? ›

How to make it a non-issue:
  1. Set gaming time limits together and stick to them. ...
  2. Listen to your partner's complaints. ...
  3. Share with your partner what you love about gaming. ...
  4. Spend more face-to-face time together. ...
  5. Find games that you can play together. ...
  6. Remember, you're an adult now.
Jul 12, 2010

What is gaming addiction? ›

Video game addiction (internet gaming disorder) is characterized by severely reduced control over gaming habits, resulting in negative impacts on daily functioning, including personal, social, educational and occupational responsibilities.

How much gaming is unhealthy? ›

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours of screen time per day. If your son is playing these games and in addition watches television, he may have an increased risk of obesity, poorer health and behavior problems.

Do video games cause anxiety? ›

One study showed that people with Internet gaming disorder (IGD) demonstrated abnormal emotional regulation, expressed as anxiety and other psychological symptoms. Some studies detected an association between anxiety and online gaming and IGD.

Can gaming be healthy? ›

Gaming is really a workout for your mind disguised as fun. Studies have shown that playing video games regularly may increase gray matter in the brain and boost brain connectivity. (Gray matter is associated with muscle control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation.)

Is gaming a hobby or an addiction? ›

Most people play video games for fun and it's a harmless hobby. However, for others, gaming can become an unhealthy habit with negative repercussions.

Is gaming addiction a real disorder? ›

For gaming disorder to be diagnosed, the behaviour pattern must be severe enough that it results in significant impairment to a person's functioning in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas, and would normally have been evident for at least 12 months.

Is gaming a passion or addiction? ›

Make sure you keep gaming as a passion or a small hobby and don't let it turn into an addiction. It's important to keep a balanced life routine and structure, including school, work, exercise, healthy eating, other hobbies, and meaningful relationships. It's important to identify what drives you to play games.

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