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What is going on YouTube and welcome back to another Madden 23 Ultimate Team video boys.

We got the weekly content schedule, man we're gonna, go over it uh.

If I'm being completely honest with you, it is the same exact content schedule as last week.

Same dates same promos, pretty much everything from last week is exactly the same from this week, so you know uh not much to go over.

We're really just gonna talk about exactly what to expect from these promos this week and uh what you should be doing with these promos this week so before we do get into this video man, if you guys do any coins every time, I take a shower man.

My hair just doesn't want to look good on camera, but if you guys need some coins head up, my sponsor aoeh Link in the description below use code Monty at checkout.

Now, let's get into this video man, let's dive right into it.

Let's look at this content schedule.

Is it anything crazy, like I, said absolutely not same exact thing? As last week we got GTS, we got rookie premieres.

We got Red Zone Royale on July 6th, this Thursday, and we have ultimate Legends July 8th this Saturday.

What are we expecting for these promos, so golden tickets? What am I expecting I'm expecting to not pull a golden ticket at a trading variety packs or in any pack in general, I'm expecting to um, spend all my training on trading, variety, packs and I'm expecting to not pull anything.

So with what I just said right there, you guys get the gist, do not rip trading variety packs.

They are not valid, they are not useful.

They have anything, are useless, do not rip them.

Do yourself a favor moving on, so we got rookie Premiere release two and Red Zone Royale release two.

As you guys know, these were very, very profitable on last Thursday.

So let's go ahead and let's take a look quick at what we got done during this promo man.

If you guys go over to the sets, you can find all of the rookie Premiere token sets man.

My hair is pissing me off in this vid boys.

Really bothering me anyways moving moving past.

It go to the Mind 24 rookie Premiere sets right, Madden, 24, rookie Premiere says we're here, we're here at the set, so you can see we're Dean I have every single rookie Premiere set done, except this 99 Dewan Jones, it's the only one I need left.

I mean this set.

These sets were profitable man.

You were pulling heat out of those rookie Premier token, or not ready for your tokens.

The rookie Premiere packs in general, pulling heat, so man telling y'all right now go ahead and uh not I mean I wouldn't say: do it anymore, but maybe this Thursday when the pack is like refresh and all these players in the pack.

Maybe that's what it's gonna be a better time to rip it I, don't really know for sure, but we're gonna just have to wait and see and see how prices are looking and see, obviously, mainly how the pack odds feel man.

The pack odds have to be good here, so moving on boys, um yeah, so rookie Premiere Redstone real uh, like we were just saying it's coming this Thursday man and if you know you want to make some coins, if, depending on how the pack is on Thursday rip, the rookie Premiere, Red, Zone, Royale pack, boys rip it this Thursday and uh.

That's all that's really it so.

Last but not least, ultimate Legends man I mean you know it's pretty self-explanatory.

What you guys should be doing so rookie Premiere red sorry, I'll rip in the pack definitely grinding.

The feel are the objectives for the rookie Premiere.

That's definitely something you would want to do.

I mean you get a good amount of rewards.

Definitely something you want to do so.

Grind the rookie Premiere RedZone Royale season, five XP challenges in the season, 5 field pass and then ultimate Legends on July, 8th man, just I guess grind the solo challenges.

I would say for ultimate Legends.

Get that free ultimate Legend, and not only do you get a free ultimate Legend, you get extra free tokens or a free, 90 plus overall, or something like that.

I, don't know exactly what it is, but I mean.

That's it.

That's your content! For the first week of July, this is some fire content.

I'm gonna be real with you.

This is for the first week of July.

This is some fire content.

Y'all haven't put this much effort into content, respect thousand percent.

You know.

What's crazy man I got a comment on Tick Tock yesterday and it kind of bothered me a little bit.

You know it's not that the person it's not, that the person bothered me.

It's the it's the comment.

He said that bothered me because he said playing mount in July is crazy and it's funny because you know that's probably the same exact kid that last July was saying like yo.

How are you? Why are you guys not dropping summer content? Where is the summer content? So you know you know it's just kind of a bunch of Hypocrites on this game.

If you think about it, because the last few years, man, it's where's, the content, you guys stop content so early.

This is BS blah blah blah blah EA's double content and then once they actually start releasing content in the summer.

How are you still playing mutt in July? I? Just don't get it.

You know, I, just don't really seem to get it personally.

Ea definitely do not stop making contests some.

You can definitely cannot stop doing like in the summer, specifically I'm saying because, honestly man, it's good content like we are getting some gas content.

I'm not gonna lie.

Last Thursday was probably one of the most fun days.

I've had on Madden this year, I was literally on Madden all day and night, just having so much fun like that is fun like when I'm on the game, man and I'm playing it for hours.

That's when you know you're having fun and they can't stop releasing content.

Now they gotta go for the rest of this month.

End it at the end of July and um yeah man, that's pretty much it.

If you guys did enjoy this video man smash the like button.

Let me know in the comment section if you're still grinding my 23.

um grinding, my 23 right now is also going to help you for your grind on mutt 24 man, so I mean if you are gonna, go ahead and clown and say: oh yeah well have fun in Madden 24.

When you know we have all the Stacked teams with the rookie premieres and you ain't got nothing.

Thank you both for watching this video peace out.


Does your mut team transfer to madden 23? ›

Madden Ultimate Team: Everything in Madden Ultimate Team carries over EXCEPT progress in competitive modes.

Why is Madden 23 saying I don't have access to Ultimate team? ›

Fixing the “Ultimate Team not working” error in Madden NFL 23. According to players from the community, the “Ultimate Team not working” error usually occurs when the game's servers are not running optimally, or if there is a problem with the player's internet connection.

Can you play Ultimate team on Madden 23? ›

WHAT IS ULTIMATE TEAM. Build your dream team by playing games and earning new players. Every NFL player gets a player item with a skill rating (OVR) but upgraded items are released all season. Play solo or online games and complete Challenges, Sets, and Missions to earn Coins and Packs.

Will my Madden 22 Ultimate team carry over to Madden 23? ›

15. Despite Madden 22 content not transferring over to Madden 23, it may fully be possible to transfer Madden 23 progress when upgrading consoles. This means if you own Madden 23 on a PlayStation 4 and purchase a PlayStation 5, all the progress on the old console should carry over to the new one.

Does Madden Ultimate team carry over? ›

Madden Ultimate Team: Everything in Madden Ultimate Team carries over EXCEPT progress in competitive modes, like Weekend League. The Yard: All progression in The Yard carries over. Face of the Franchise: All progression in Face of the Franchise carries over.

Can you get banned from Madden Ultimate Team? ›

Selling Coins can get your account banned. Having multiple accounts and funneling MUT Coins and Items to your main account breaks our rules, too.

How do you unlock Mut squads in Madden 23? ›

While other game types in Madden Ultimate Team such as Solo Battles and Squads can be freely accessed by all players, Mut Champions is restricted to players who've earned entry to this exclusive championship mode by progressing through Mut's Competitive Field Pass.

How long is a Madden ban? ›

How long do Madden bans last? There is something called a “7 day ban”, which lasts 168 hours. Then there is a “14 day ban”, which lasts 336 hours. Then, there is a “1 month ban”, which lasts 672 hours.

Can you play head to head in Madden 23 Ultimate team? ›

Start Madden NFL 23. Create an online Lobby (Ultimate Team > Play > H2H Season > Play a Friend > Select Head to Head Play a Friend).

How do you get UT in Madden 23? ›

The best way to earn training points is to sell players you are not currently using on your roster. You can quick sell them by just clicking on them on your roster page. If you are not using a certain player anymore in your lineup, you might as well quick sell them for a return of training points.

What is the highest overall card in Madden 23 Ultimate team? ›

Introducing the 99 Club

A 99 Overall (OVR) rating is not only the sign of an amazing player in the game, but the elite members with this title are among the best players in the NFL. So whether it's on the NFL field or a head-to-head matchup in Madden NFL 23, 99 Club players can take over a game at any moment.

What team has the highest OVR in Madden 23? ›


What is the most fun position in Madden 23 face of the franchise? ›

Running Back

So far, we've had the most fun playing RB in Face of the Franchise mode. If you choose a team with a solid QB, you should be well on your way to the 99 Club. The gameplay is also more fun as an RB. You can run routes in the passing game and pound the rock in the running game.

What teams relocate in Madden 23? ›

What are the relocation cities in Madden 23?
  • London, England (Teams: London Black Knights, Bulldogs and Monarchs)
  • Mexico City, Mexico (Teams: Diablos and Golden Eagles)
  • Toronto, Canada (Teams: Toronto Huskies, Mounties and Thunderbirds)
  • San Antonio, Texas (Teams: San Antonio Dreadnoughts and Express)
Sep 8, 2022

What changes from Madden 22 to 23? ›

Madden NFL 23's updated Free Agency model with Player Motivations. In terms of game mode, the biggest difference between Madden NFL 22 Vs Madden NFL 23 is with their franchise modes. When it comes to free agent signings, Madden NFL 23 will include Player Motivations.

Does Mut 23 have cross progression? ›

Right now, the game does have any cross-progression across the different gaming platforms. Your account and progress are both handled separately, so there is no way that you can track your progress on other consoles.

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