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The second half of the nineteenth century witnessed immense trends in the fashion world. Individuals went from wearing leather pants and bell bottom jeans to wearing old pairs of Converse sneakers. This period of time was a series of experimentations with clothing that eventually resulted in the development of fashion.

Hairstyle played a significant role in expressing one’s personal style during this era, so people frequently tried various hairdos. Although a number of these hairstyles faced severe criticism and eventually got abandoned, two looks gained great popularity – the middle-part and the mullet.

They may have first become popular a long time ago, but their influence is still noticeable today. Many trendy styles have been introduced over the years, including the middle-part hairstyle and the mullet, which have been combined to create a new, buzz-worthy look known as the middle-part mullet.

This fresh hairstyle is a great way to change up your look if you’re looking to make a style transformation. So keep reading if you want to learn how to create the middle-part mullet, as well as its various variations!

Dapper Middle-Part Mullets That Will Improve Your Styling Game

Earlier, we discussed the modern popularity of the middle-part mullet. As a hairstyle, it is known for being highly customizable, visually striking, and requiring minimal effort to maintain. Furthermore, the versatility of this particular mullet makes it popular among trendsetters.

Thus, if you’re looking to find a style to call your own, a middle-part mullet might be just the thing for you! Here, we’ve put together a list of our favorite middle-part mullet looks. We invite you to explore and see which style resonates with you the most.

Choppy Middle-part Mullet with Temple Fade

If you are letting your hair grow out, you might consider trying this trendy choppy middle-part mullet with a temple fade. This style provides plenty of freedom with the front portion kept to a manageable length. When your hair is damp, it can easily be combed down the middle to form curtains.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (1)

Adding a dab of hair wax will help set the middle-part and provide a smooth, sleek look. The extent of the temple fade depends on the structure of your face. If you want to maximize the fullness of the style and create a sharp contrast between your hair and facial hair, this skin fade is the perfect option.

Toned Down Middle-part Mullet

If you are looking for a manageable and subtle style, the middle-part mullet may be a great option to explore. It comes with a low taper fade on the sides that allows for more volume at the center.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (2)

The convenience of this look lies in its simplicity: no styling products are needed to keep the middle-part in place, and the mullet will generally stay put without any effort.

Side Swept Middle-part Mullet With 4 On The Sides

For those with fine-textured hair looking to achieve this style, a side-swept middle part featuring a 4 on the sides cut at the temples can be a great choice. Not only will it create a voluminous and eye-catching look, it will also bring definition to the face.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (3)

While this is a matter of personal preference, adding a 4 on the sides cut can be a great way to give your strands a subtle lift around the hairline and make them appear more lively.

Laid Back Curtain Mullet with Layers

If the second entry on this list appeals to you, this slightly modified style with casual curtains and a subtle mullet may be of interest. Utilizing a volumizing spray and texturizing powder will give your strands the necessary layer and texture to easily achieve the middle part.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (4)

Furthermore, the taper around the ends helps create a natural and laidback look. In addition, this style can be replicated with minimal effort, making it a great option for those who don’t want to spend much time on their hair.

Playful Curly Middle-part Mullet

Embracing and sustaining your naturally curly hair can be an incredibly rewarding experience, however, it can become tedious and tiring. Trimming your hair may be a potential solution to consider; an attractive, medium-length mullet, along with cute locks is also an excellent alternative.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (5)

This type of mullet sports a classic fringe, accompanied by curly locks, which can either be left alone to gain a matte finish or dressed up with water-based hair pomade for extra gloss.

If you wish to accentuate the shape of the curls, try combining this look with a low or mid fade. Usually, the curls around the sides should be left a bit longer to really stand out. If you’d like to discover ways to style your curly mullet with a middle part, check out our article on the subject!

Middle-part Mullet with Comb Over

The merger of a center part and mullet could appear disastrous and unfit for office attire. Nevertheless, this could be deemed wrong when a center-part mullet with a comb-over is introduced. When styling this haircut, ask your hairdresser to reduce the length of the hair at the front noticeably.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (6)

Doing this will make your locks more adjustable to create the comb-over look. Furthermore, the mullet should harmonize with the tidy comb-over at the front, and be trimmed with thinning shears to give the length a spruce up while preserving its structure.

Asian Middle-part Mullet with Messy Fringes

Unfamiliar to many, the mullet and middle-part hairdo have been rising in popularity in Asia. With Asian hair types, they often lend a slimming look to the face; this effect is especially evident with a middle-part mullet. The unique design, higher volume, and colorful composition of this particular style provide it with a distinctive visual impact compared to more common middle-part mullets.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (7)

This style involves a slight trim at the temples, a straight cut mullet at the back, and a middle-part with a fringe-like look. With a blowdryer, it can easily be achieved; however, adding hair wax or mousse will give more control and flexibility. Our issue offers 23 different ideas to try out this look; get your copy today and find out more about the Asian mullet!

How To Create The Middle-Part Mullet: A Basic Guide To Try Out At Home

The ability of the middle-part mullet to adapt to any outfit is remarkable and contributes to its popularity among fashion enthusiasts. Yet another appealing aspect of this style is the straightforwardness of its construction. From various variations to multiple methods, the choices to craft a middle-part mullet are virtually boundless.

If you are keen on trying it out right away, consider watching this video. Alternatively, you can go through the following steps to find out more.

Use A Hair Clipper To Create The Fade

To make the most of your middle-part mullet, selecting a fade haircut that compliments your facial structure and hair texture is essential. If your locks are fine, you may opt for a temple skin fade to provide your hair with increased vitality, body, and bounce. On the other hand, if you’re seeking a more understated look with a special focus on the middle-part, our article on the 4 on the sides cut could be ideal.

If you have coarse hair, your middle-part mullet can be styled with any kind of fade. To add texture and body to the style, a skin fade should be included. Alternatively, if you’re just looking for an easy-to-maintain look, opt for a blended fade.

Give The Existing Mullet A Clean Up

Having a mullet may be effortless if you have the patience. Nonetheless, after some time, the tips of your hair may become limp and frizzy. Chopping off these deteriorated strands is a fantastic method of adding body to the mullet and make it appear presentable.

Cutting them with scissors is commonly practiced, but it can also be achieved by using a comb and trimmer. For extra volume at the ends, you can request your hairdresser to slightly lessen the bulk of your hair using hair cutting shears.

Create The Middle-part When Hair Is Damp

The middle-part of this signature hairstyle is one of the primary factors that make it so desirable. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly attempt to create the middle-part while their hair is dry, resulting in damaged locks. For the best outcome, make sure your hair is damp before you create the middle-part. To achieve a neat look, you can use a comb to separate the hair, but you can also style it with your fingertips to achieve a more relaxed effect.

If you have thin hair, give it an added lift and body with a pre-styling product, like sea salt spray, then set the style in place with hair wax. For a polished look, complete the process with a post-styling product, then blow dry to add even more definition.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try out something new with your hairstyle, consider the bold and stylish middle-part mullet! However, if you’re feeling hesitant and not sure what to do, we’ve provided a list of helpful questions to help ease your mind.

How do I maintain a middle-part mullet?

At first glance, a middle-part mullet may seem simple and effortless to maintain. However, to retain its style, regular trims may be necessary every 2 to 3 weeks.

A temple fade is usually incorporated into the maintenance cut, preserving the structure, volume, and angle of the center-part. Additionally, shears are used around the edges of the mullet to eliminate any awkward sections and help manage the overall weight.

What face shape pairs well with a middle-part mullet?

Anyone can sport a middle-part mullet; the key is to tailor the style to suit your individual face shape. For example, people with a diamond-shaped face can greatly benefit from this hairdo, while those with round faces should keep the framing locks choppy to make it more attractive.

Conversely, individuals with oval faces can further enhance the definition of their facial structure with layered versions of the middle-part mullet.


Transforming your existing look with one of the various incarnations of the middle-part mullet should definitely be at the top of your list, whether you are allowing your hair to grow out or striving for a remarkable makeover. Not only does this offer flexibility, it is suitable for any event or occasion. With the middle-part mullet, you can style it in a variety of ways to make a bold statement or go with something subtle for high-profile events.

Middle-Part Mullet: 5+ Essential Designs From This Iconic Look - Techs Slash (2024)
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