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GHS Implementation

GHS in Japan

Updated in Sept 2013

Japan has implemented the Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) through its Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL) regulatory framework. The JIS standards (Japan Industrial Standard) are the major standards available for Japanese companies to apply classification, labeling, and SDS with the GHS JIS Z7252. They are voluntary industrial standards; however, some of them are more than voluntary with a notion of "obligatory to make effort to comply" (JIS Z 7253). The new standard Z 7253 was published that combined Z 7250 (SDS) and Z 7251 (Labeling) in March 2012, in accordance with UN GHS (4th revised edition).

ISHL requires GHS classification data on labeling in MSDS
for the following substances from 1 Dec 2006:

  1. 99 designated chemicals for which labels are required according to Article 57 of ISHL;
  2. 640 designated chemicals for which SDSs are required according to Article 57-2 of ISHL;

Besides ISHL, the law concerning reporting, etc. of the release to the environment of specific chemical substances and promoting improvement in their management (PRTR law) has also required SDSs for over 400 designated chemicals.

For other chemicals, GHS SDS and labels are recommended.

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) and Ministry of the Environment (MOE) have conducted GHS classifications on hundreds of chemicals and their classifications can be downloaded from the link below:

It shall be noted that the classification above is not compulsory.

Transition period

Key date


31 December 2015

The last day that labels and SDS may be produced in accordance with JIS Z 7251:2006 and JIS Z 7250:2005 respectively

31 December 2016

The last day that labels and SDS may be produced in accordance with JIS Z 7251:2010 and JIS Z 7250:2010 respectively

31 December 2016

Labels and SDS must be produced in accordance with JIS Z 7253


When a chemical has been assigned a hazard class and hazard category as a result of classification in accordance with JIS Z 7252, a label is to be produced using pictograms, signal words, hazard statements and precautionary statements allocated for each. These allocations are to be made in accordance with Annex A in JIS Z 7253.

  • The label elements required on Japanese GHS labels (JIS Z 7253 section 6.1) are consistent with UN GHS (4th revised);
  • Japanese GHS label is usually more complex than other countries. Other items required for display in accordance with domestic regulations (e.g., fire service laws, Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law) should also be added.

Language on labels: In Japanese.


16 sections are required to be displayed on Japanese SDS (JIS Z 7253 section 5.4) and are in accordance with UN GHS section 1.2 (Rev. 4).

  • Relevant information is to be entered for each of the 16 headings. If this information is unavailable, the reason should be stated.
  • A change of the term "MSDS" to the shortened "safety data sheet" ("SDS") is stated in JIS Z 7253.
  • No heading should be left blank. However, heading 16 "Other information" may be blank.

Language on SDS: In Japanese. Confidential language is not allowed.

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GHS Implementation in Japan (2024)
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