FIRST TRANSMOG! Aѕmongold Unlocks Glamours in FFXIV (2023)


IT HAS BEGUN! Asmongold unlocks the Final Fantasy XIV Vanity System, allowing the literal god to Transmog his gear to the best looking pieces in FF14!...

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We're going to unlock transmog, okay, I really really want to unlock transvog.

It's the wrong set.

Watch, look, look I'll, be right! Back! Give me a second now.

You guys want to see why I was doing odin, I'm just going to tell the story: okay, like yeah fuck.

It we're just going to we're going to just tell the story so there's a set of armor in final fantasy and it's the same set of armor that odin wears so a couple nights ago I began cueing repeatedly for odin, like I would queue for odin.

I would kill him and then I would queue again, and I did this for four hours I cued him over and over and over and over synced.

Yes with new players every time and I killed him fucking 60 times and the helmet dropped once and another guy won it fuck, but it was okay because I went in there and after a long enough period of time, I got that fucking helmet I've got the full fucking odin set.

I cleared the whole thing, I put it all together and we have the entire.

We have the entire odin set, it gets better.

Oh you guys ready for it.

You guys ready.

That's right! That's fucking, right, yeah, yeah, you're, goddamn, fucking right now.

The first thing that I have to do first thing I want to do is I want to discover transmog.

I want to do transmog, because I want to look like this all the time.

How do I do transmog vesper bay? Okay, let me head round over there right now, uh swore groom it's this guy right uh.

If I had glamour, I'm assuming that's the one right sorghum wishes to impart her knowledge upon you for glamors.

Yes, all right! Let's see what this is! Oh dear, oh dear, this will never do.

My sense of athletics simply won't allow it.

How could you go out dressed like that? Wait, wow, wait! Look at her! She looks like she just got done shopping at the thrift store, the fuck.

What the fuck! Okay! Let's see here, my dear I've, only had a spare thought style and coordination.

I hope your garb herds up during a scuffle because it's got little outs going for it.

That's it.

I've made up my mind from this day forth.

I'll, take it upon myself to save you from any more fashion disasters so much that needs to be addressed.

Where is there even to begin uh, be a deer and get me a drink, I'm feeling rather parched- and this is a matter best discussed over a glass of something I'm gonna go, buy her a drink.

What the fuck is this she sent you that woman, I've never known someone so lazy.

Would it kill her to come in and get it herself here? You are you shouldn't? Let her push you around.

You know give her a limb and she'll take the mom.

I don't know what either one of those words mean.

So let's go back and we'll turn this in so how's that drink coming along you, dumb, fucking bitch there we go all right.

Let's go come on, let's get it out of the way, oh delicious, nothing better! On a hot day, some say I have expensive taste but life's too short to settle for the second best.

Of course, this extends to my choice of wardrobe too.

Now that I'm feeling refreshed should we get started uh.

Did you know dear that? You look a lot less drab.

If you only knew how to apply glamours? What's a glamour, you ask: well, they use glamour prism as a catalyst to project the image on the one, its transmog.

That means the original image effectively stays the same, but just takes on a new appearance.

If you fancy a change, you don't have to stick with the same glamour.

Just apply another one on top or use the glamour dispeller to return the object normal.

Why sacrifice style through such a hundrum of trifles as durability or protection from bodily harm? Limitless possibilities of self-expression are just a few glamors away? Go ahead, give it a try and do make a quick uh.

My dear say, I'm finding your uninspired, attire more and more offensive with every okay uh glamour dressing rooms in the end.

Okay, I've got it.

Let me see.

Where do I have to go here? Cast glamour? I get the other quest too for dyes.

Okay, let's see here.

What's this here, uh wants to show you a whole new world of colors uh, you think you're a decisively.

Unfashionable adventurer gods be good.

I would never in my life, seen such an unapologetic focus on function at the extreme cost.

Deformed the mere sight of you at uh.

You fair, makes my eyes bleed as a lover of all things, aesthetically pleasing.

I cannot in good conscience, allow you to continue roaming the realm in that sorry state.

I believe your appearance can be salvaged through the use of color.

I will teach you how to go about donning your outfit, but first I have to have a drink.

Fucking, bitch, fucking, bitch a bottle of orange juice.

Are you kidding me dude? Okay, let me see.

I'm gonna buy her some orange juice.

She better be happy.

Okay, pray tell have you brought my orange juice? Yes, I have brought your orange juice.

Okay, let's go hand over the orange juice.

There you go minus seven, that's a relieving and tell you to bring color to your life.

Handy items called colorants which allow folk to dye their outfits and veritable rainbows of colors.

These colorants are so simple to use if ensurers have no excuse to be fashioned unconscious.

Lest you worry, that dying will affect your garments.

Precious properties.

You may rest assured that it will not the practicality uh.

You have introverse love, so much will not suffer from a change of appearance, a change for the better.

It should also gladden you to know that the garments can be dyed repeatedly.

Okay, that's nice, garish peak pink! That seemed to be such a wonderful idea.

After a dozen glasses of red can be.

Undone is all you need to know about dying gear.


What are you waiting for? Get out there and bring some color into your wife, great dying, armor, okay, dye, your piece of gear, proper color, rent, die, icon actions and traits, okay, that makes sense, and I can die also my chairs as well.

Okay, so is this an in here? Where is it in just go back to lisa lamassa? Okay, give me a second okay glamour: dressers uh glamour prisms, causing you headaches glamour dressers added to the end rooms? Okay.

So where do I go for this? Is it like a an image here, retainer summoning bell? Is there like a transmog vendor? I have to go to balderon, okay, uh.

Let me go to baldur run, that's fine! I can do that.

You need to buy prisms.

Do you need prisms in order to do transmog? Is that right? Yes, okay! I have to go talk to balderon.

Is that right? What does he do if he ain't the old made asman goal that barely recognized you with that erotic, erotic aura, what the fuck my place is already open? Okay, always open! That's great! Okay! Oh there's! Nothing! I have to do here talk to the innkeeper um, that's nice! What is that? Oh, it's the guy that everybody's talking to what can I do for you um, retire to an end room? Okay.

Let's do that and glamour dresser here we go.

This is my first transmog that I've ever done.

How does this work? Okay? So I'm gonna try to do my helmet here items without durability, so I have to repair all my gear.

Is that right I have to go.

I have to go repair everything.

Okay, give me a second I've got to do that.

Real, quick! I didn't know that yeah I'll learn things as time goes on all right, so I put the glamour dresser in here and, let's see so, I'm going to put my main hand.

Actually, my helmet here is going to be the dark, divinity uh chest piece using glamour prism on the selected item and placing it into the glamour.

Dresser will reset its spirit bond to zero percent and condition to 100 percent as well always remove customization, including signatures.

The item will also be bound to you upon removal proceed.

I just click.

Yes right: yeah, okay, nice, okay, so main hand hands and feet and we're gonna.

Do that one! Do this one and I think that's all.

I really need to oh there's these two all right.

So helmet should be this one right here.

Edit glamour points, so oh wow, damn dude, damn dude, and let me just try to look at my my weapon here.

Okay, so there's this one right here and let me see drawn sheath weapons, there's that and then okay, that's like really the only cool one like I feel like.

This is just obviously way cooler than the one that I have right like.

This is just obviously way: cooler, yeah, okay, we're gonna, go with that.

Saving, okay and we're gonna apply that okay and now I have the armor on and has the pluses on it, and I can still turn this on and off right.

This is just a difference.

Nice holy shit holy shit dude.

I look like a god.

Man look at this somebody.

Can somebody link me um, just a second.

Can somebody link me the axe that I was looking at yesterday that I want to show people that I'm going to get it was like ragnarok or some bullshit? Oh wait! A second is this: it try it on uh, I'm gonna put on the rest of my armor uh display gear; okay, oh it's! So it's not showing okay! There we go watch this.

Oh it's so good, dude, yeah, it's completely fine yeah, I'm gonna be a fire.

I know I'm being a fire lands, andy.

Okay, I'm fully aware of that, and I'm okay with it, I'm okay with being a fireland, zandy dude.

Look how good I look holy shit man! Oh my fucking god.

I look like a dude.

I look like a.

I look so good.



How to unlock glamor in ff14? ›

Beginning at level 15, you can complete Swyrgeim's two quests in Western Thanalan (X:12.6, Y:14.3, aka Vesper Bay) that unlock both aspects of the Glamour system: “If I Had a Glamour” (for applying Glamour and using Glamour Plates) and “Absolutely Glamourous” (for crafting Glamour Prisms and Glamour Dispellers).

How do you unlock glamor chest? ›

To unlock the ability to glamour, you need to be at least level 15 and be far enough in the main scenario quests to access Western Thanalan. In Vesper Bay, you'll find a female NPC with an eccentrically colored outfit named Swyrgeim, who will give you the quest “If I Had a Glamour.”

How to get a glamour dresser? ›

You can find the glamour dresser in inn rooms in places such as Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and Ul'dah. * You must have unlocked the "Cast Glamour" action to access the glamour dresser.

How do you unlock cast glamour? ›

Cast Glamour is an action unlocked by questing at level 15. It is available for any class or job.

How to unlock character customization in FFXIV? ›

You'll need to unlock the Aesthetician to change your appearance. The Aesthetician doesn't unlock until players reach level 15 and complete a quest that can be obtained from S'dhodjbi, located in Limsa Lominsa (X: 11, Y:11).

How to unlock uwu in ff14? ›

The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate), also called Ultima Weapon (Ultimate), is a high-end duty added in patch 4.31: Under the Moonlight. The fight can be unlocked by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane ( 11.6, 12.6 ) after completing Sigmascape V4. 0 (Savage).

How do you get glamour prism? ›

Glamour prisms are available on the market board, from Grand Company quartermasters, from vendors, as quest rewards, or when made by crafters who have learned the crafting recipe.

How does glamour dresser work? ›

The glamour dresser converts items into glamours that can then be applied to your gear. One glamour prism is required for each item placed in the glamour dresser. These items can then be combined with other items and saved to glamour plates, which allows entire outfits to be applied as glamours simultaneously.

How does glamour work in ff14? ›

To cast a glamour, use Cast Glamour from Actions & Traits or highlight an item, press X (□ button on the PS5™/PS4™) to open its subcommands, then select Cast Glamour. Alternatively, you can access a glamour dresser in an inn room.

When can you unlock glamour? ›

The glamour system allows you to change the appearance of your gear, using the appearance of other gear. You can unlock this feature at level 15.

Where is glamour quest ff14? ›

Players must visit Vesper Bay in order to unlock glamour. The unlock quest can't be accepted until reaching level 15, but completing few story quests will quick boost you to that level or higher.

Where do glamour plates work? ›

Glamour plates allow you to save combinations of gear in your glamour dresser and armoire as ensembles. All of the glamours saved to a plate can be applied simultaneously to your current equipment.

How to change appearance in ff14? ›

How can I edit my character's appearance? By using the Phial of Fantasia in-game and then logging out, you will be able to edit your character the next time you log in by right clicking (or pressing the square button) on your character in the character selection screen.

How to equip costumes in ff14? ›

Changing Your Whole Outfit at Once
  1. Access the glamour dresser. Interact with the glamour dresser and select "Edit Glamour Plates."
  2. Select the items you wish to include. Select a category (head, body, etc.) ...
  3. Select "Save" to keep your changes. ...
  4. Select "Apply" to cast the glamours. ...
  5. Finished!

How to get different outfits in ff14? ›

If you're a fashion aficionado and want to set up multiple outfits, make use of the Glamour Dresser and Glamour plates which can be found in Inn rooms in all of the major cities.

Can you get banned for profanity in FFXIV? ›

・Obscene/Indecent Expressions

In general, all expressions of an obscene/indecent nature are prohibited. If a report has been filed and the prohibited activity is confirmed, a penalty will be issued.

What does pink chat mean in FF14? ›

Tell. Any message input in the tell chat mode can be seen only by a single designated player. Messages displayed in this manner appear in pink. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with either /tell <PC name>, or /t <PC name>.

How do you unlock Bahamut Ultimate? ›

The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate) is a high-end duty added in patch 4.11: The Legend Returns. It can be unlocked by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel in Kugane (x11. 6, y12. 6) after completing Deltascape V4.

How do you get the cheapest glamour prism? ›

After you climb the ranks of your Grand Company to hit Chief Sargeant, you'll be able to purchase glamour prisms for the relatively cheap price of 200 seals per prism.

How do you get relic weapon glamour? ›

What About Using Animated Relic Weapons For Glamour? Here's the thing: you cannot place a Relic Weapon in the Glamour Dresser. Instead, you need to acquire a replica of the weapon from the Restoration Node in Azys Lla (X: 7.1, Y: 11.2). The Node will sell you a replica of every single Anima Relic Weapon phase.

Does cast glamour destroy the item? ›

The glamour dresser destroys your items.

You're at 200/200, and you have no way to get your old items back. To continue using the system, something has to be completely and irrevocably destroyed. 2.

Does putting an item in the glamour dresser remove dye? ›

Converting an item to a glamour will remove materia and most aetherial bonuses, spiritbond will be reset to 0%. Dyes will not be removed.

Does glamour dresser remove dyes? ›

You if you save the dye to the item in the glamour dresser, that item will be that color by default when added to a plate. But if you dye the item on the plate, that item will always be that color until removed from said plate.

How do you use glamor? ›

Glamour Plate Application
  1. Put on the items you want to change the appearance of.
  2. Either. ...
  3. The Glamour Plate Creation window or the Plate Selection window opens (respectively).
  4. Click on the plate you want apply to the items you're wearing, one of the numbered buttons at the top.
  5. Click "Apply"
Nov 29, 2022

Do glamour plates use prisms? ›

Crafting Glamour Prisms requires Clear Prisms: a crafting material you can also buy from these vendors. Once you have the recipes and the components, you can finally start crafting.

What is the flashiest job in FFXIV? ›

Dragoons are the flashy job in FFXIV as they roam the battlefield with their lance in hand and make quick work of enemies with assertive attacks. Dragoon skills slowly introduce you to the rotation and the importance of positioning.

Can you use glamour for different class? ›

Both items must be equippable by the same class or job. For example, you cannot glamour Fending gear over Healing gear. The level restriction of the gear being glamoured must be lower than the gear taking its appearance. For example, you cannot glamour a level 70 weapon over a level 60 weapon.

How do you use glamor prism? ›

How to glamour in FFXIV
  1. Go to Actions & Traits.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Choose the 'Cast Glamour' option.
  4. Select the base item that you want to transform, then the item you want to glamour it with.
  5. Hit 'Cast' for the cost of one Glamour Prism.
Sep 1, 2021

Where is the dressing room ff14? ›

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding | FINAL FANTASY XIV | SQUARE ENIX. The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding will take place at the Ivory Chapel housed within the Sanctum of the Twelve. Inside the chapel, you will find dressing rooms for the ceremony, as well as a waiting room for guests.

Why am i unable to apply glamour plates here? ›

You can only change glamor plates while in city-state zones, some sanctuary zones, or inside Inn rooms or FC/Personal houses. If you attempt to user a Glamour Plate or Glamour Prism outside of those zones/areas, then you will get the "Unable to apply glamour plates here" message.

Where do I unlock Aesthetician? ›

Unlocking The Aesthetician

To do this, simply head to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and speak with S'dhodjbi (X:11.1, Y:11.0) to begin the quest "Beauty is Only Scalp-Deep." During the quest, you are told to assist Jandelaine, an extremely troubled beautician who has somehow lost the tools of his trade and dignity.

Where can I buy orange juice for Swyrgeim? ›

The orange juice can be bought from Katherine <<Potwatch>>(13x,9y) in the market area of 'The steps of Thal'. Once purchased just return to and give Swyrgiem the orange juice.

What quest gives you a mount in FF14? ›

These are mounts you can obtain by playing through the main storyline. When you reach Level 20 and pick a Grand Company to align with, complete the "My Little Chocobo" Side Quest. Complete the Main Scenario Quest, "The Ultimate Weapon." Complete the Main Scenario Quest, "Fetters of Lament."

Are glamor plates permanent? ›

Pro: Because the glamours applied are permanent, the restriction of being able to apply Glamour Plates only in towns and such is often a non-issue.

How do I link my glamour plate to a class? ›

If you right click on a gearset you can link a glamour plate to it. This way, any time you equip that gearset (in a place that allows you to cast glamours) it automatically casts the glamour on the set.

Where to unlock Marauder ff14? ›

Way of the Marauder is a level 1 Marauder quest. It is obtained in Limsa Lominsa by speaking with Blauthota in the Coral Tower.

How do you unlock Glamour prism crafting? ›

Glamour prism crafting recipes can be obtained from Goberin in western Thanalan (X:12.1 Y:15.0) or Tataroga in Mor Dhona (X:22.1 Y:6.7) after completing the sidequest Absolutely Glamourous. A glamour prism projects the image of one item onto another. Make sure you have enough glamour prisms before you begin.

Where can I get Glamour prisms? ›

After you climb the ranks of your Grand Company to hit Chief Sargeant, you'll be able to purchase glamour prisms for the relatively cheap price of 200 seals per prism.

Where is the dressing room FF14? ›

Ceremony of Eternal Bonding | FINAL FANTASY XIV | SQUARE ENIX. The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding will take place at the Ivory Chapel housed within the Sanctum of the Twelve. Inside the chapel, you will find dressing rooms for the ceremony, as well as a waiting room for guests.

Where can you apply glamour? ›

Alternatively, you can access a glamour dresser in an inn room. To cast a glamour, use Cast Glamour from Actions & Traits or highlight an item, press X (□ button on the PS5™/PS4™) to open its subcommands, then select Cast Glamour. Alternatively, you can access a glamour dresser in an inn room.

What can Marauder turn into? ›

A Marauder can become a Warrior once he/she has reached levl 30 and leveled 15 as a Gladiator. A Marauder may also choose to be a Dragoon by way of leveling the Marauder class to level 15 or higher and switching to the Lancer class and leveling it to level 30.

What does Archer turn into? ›

Once an Archer reaches level 30, he or she can become a Bard. In addition, having a level 15 Pugilist is also required to unlock the Bard Job.

What is the best tank in ff14? ›

Gunbreaker is easily the best tank in FFXIV because of its META damage output, great defensive potential, and powerful passive healing. It is proven by many top players playing Gunbreaker during week 1 raiding. Dark Knight is second as it is the uncontested highest damaging tank throughout all fights.

Can you still get the Pegasus mount in FFXIV? ›

"You can purchase this mount from the Spoils Collector in The Pillars (x14,y10). It costs 99 Brass Sky Pirate Spoil. You can earn Brass Sky Pirate Spoil by trading in gear from The Diadem (Exploratory Missions)."

What gender is pixie FF14? ›

The pixies don't think about gender and are androgynous. I think they look more feminine, but there's nothing that really confirms it. In the end, the fae seem to have chosen king to have been the title of the ruler, regardless of gender. I play in JP audio and they all sound pretty female to me.

How to unlock Tempest FF14? ›

The Tempest can be accessed by speaking to Inewyl in Venmont Yards in Kholusia, where the player will be taken to the northern edge of the map.

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