Final Fantasy Tactics : War of the Lions - Get the best weapons EASY (2023)


Now it might not be needed but this video shows how to get a lot of top tier weapons fast. Watch the video and find out how!


Hello, I'm battlescar1313 here and today I'm going to show you the little trick that I stumbled across on the web and explain how I got my characters so powerful.

So in ugly words, woods in chapter four: it used to be called angry woods.

I believe, there's a battle formation that you can get.

If you come from daughter to ivory woods and it will have a bunch of ninjas now the game can add three ninjas or it can add six or seven, but you mainly want to go through find out what they're throwing at you and then kill anything.

That's not throwing anything good.

So I know at level 95 most of the stuff actually starts to get thrown earlier levels.

You really don't want to keep a ninja um, that's under level 90., so you being leveled up is a really good idea.

This guy started when he was, I think, 93 or something and I've been leveling up since then, but it's always nice to see a save the queen thrown at you.

How does this trick work once you kill all the ninjas that aren't throwing anything you want and you got a ninja that is mine is um, throwing nine uh night swords, so the throw is their initial ability, they're always going to have it and it's based upon their level the higher the level the better the item, how this works with my team, because all my characters have sticky fingers.

So I came in angry woods with that equipped and then I had two people.

Oh my computer.

Just get bad um.

Two people have this: it's a female only accessory, but it makes them invisible.

You don't want to move.

You just want to stay here and have them throw stuff at your main character.

So now that I have sticky fingers and throw I'm going to be able to catch them all now, here's the tip information that I want to share with you after you've gotten this specific battle and you're prepared.

So if they're, throwing as well qual straight blades as well straight blades, they'll start throwing them at level 95 and they're the best daggers in the game.

They got the attack power, 12.

um, they don't drop swords.

I I know aft before level 90 they will throw rune crossblades, there's really nothing good.

When they're throwing regular swords, the flails all the way from 90 to 99 is the scorpion towel the katanas.

On the other hand, they can all be bought in the store.

So you probably don't want to get a ninja, that's starting a katana and they start throwing katanas at 96, but um ninja swords at level 95.

It's really important that they're level 95, because they'll start throwing the suzuki knife, which is a really rare item.

You only get one in the game.

I believe another thing axes you don't have to look out for, but spears they can drop the javelin 2 that you'll see on the internet best javelin in the game hands down, but they also draw two other lances and that's the dragon whisker and the holy lands.

Those are exclusive to poaching at level.

95 they'll throw holy lands at 96, they'll, throw dragon whiskers.

All the way up to 99 is javelin 2.

So the sticks, the rare one again starts at 95 and it's the ivory pole.

Everything from 96 to 99 is well whiskers, knight swords, they'll start off with defender at level 91 and then that 95, which is what my ninja is on right now: they'll throw save the queen 96 excalibur, 97 ragnarok and then 98.99 as we shoot reserved for chaos blade if the ninjas don't throw what you're looking for get rid of them, they're bad news and if they are throwing what you want to look for, keep them around, because this guy's been collecting or throwing save the queens at me long enough I'll go ahead and level him up.

So when you have two or three of them or one to three just come out here every once in a while and get hit, it'll help level him up and then turn it's just good yeah.

I could take another hit so from him.

Throwing save the queen he's now going to start throwing excalibur.

He gained a level see how easy that is now, no matter how hard it is to get the ninja formation.

You don't usually want to take anybody that doesn't have immobilized immobilizes one of the best, so barthear and mostaudio make good suggestions for immobilize because you can have a gun, you can just shoot them and they won't ever get to you.

But if you come in with two people with invisibility on, if you stand on these two spots, they can't reach you because they can't attack an invisible character.

So this path is blocked off.

So is this path and they can't attack from that high up.

It's really interesting, a nice trick, I'm not the first one to come up with this at all, but I wanted to explain how it's getting bigger and better.

I have all of my abilities learned now for almost every character.

I don't have summoner because I'm not in um deep dungeon.

Yet so I haven't gotten zodiac, but just to prove he's gonna throw an excalibur or he should have I'll wait around.

As you see, the evolve part process, the evolution, but I grabbed this guy when he was like 90 level 92 and he's been throwing defenders at me and I'm like okay I'll, collect those and then now.

I know that this is how you get multiple excalibur's in the game.

You can do this in chapter 2 of cascarian.

You teach him, throw the command, throw for a knight or an and uh.

No he's got to be a ninja and he's gonna have to throw command, and then you could be level 99 and he'll just throw the crap out of them at you, which is really cool.

You can do this in a dungeon with midnight's deep, but this is probably the most preferred method in order to get multiple night swords like chaos played another exclusive items in the original.

You could go to the outfitter and the fitting room.

I hope you know what I'm talking about, because it really doesn't make too much sense when you went to best and then you equipped your own weapons and armor, and then you went to like leave and buy or whatever it would give.

You doubles of your weapons instead of anything unusual.

There was a way to maximize what items he dropped and hopefully that was painless as pr possible.

Hopefully you get in this again the battles in chapter four um.

You don't really have much to worry about once you have the uh ninjas that you want.

The battle only gets easier, but you're gonna have to survive, and if you come in and they're all level 99, if you're not going for the best items in the game, just go ahead and kill them, but if you're looking for some level of top tier items and they're level 99, that's a guarantee that they will throw something good at you.

Anyways y'all have fun and I'll see you next time.

This is baskar 1313 like comment subscribe and I'll see in the comments have a good day.


Final Fantasy Tactics : War of the Lions - Get the best weapons EASY? ›

The best generic Jobs are: Ninja, Monk, Black Mage, Dark Knight (if you can go through the trouble to get it), and Arithmetician. The best special Jobs are Cid's Sword Saint, and Balthier's Sky Pirate.

What are the best War of the Lions jobs? ›

The best generic Jobs are: Ninja, Monk, Black Mage, Dark Knight (if you can go through the trouble to get it), and Arithmetician. The best special Jobs are Cid's Sword Saint, and Balthier's Sky Pirate.

What is the strongest class in Final Fantasy Tactics? ›

2 Sword Saint

The Sword Saint is arguably the strongest special job in FFT. It is the default job of Cidolfus Orlandu and was originally known as the Holy Swordsman. The strength of this job is boosted by the fact that Orlandu is equipped with the sword Excalibur when he joins Ramza.

What is the best katana in FFT? ›

Muramasa and Masamune are the two most powerful, though the Masamune is usually idolized as the strongest. The Murakumo and the Mutsunokami are two other katanas that are typically even stronger than the Masamune.

How do you get Excalibur in FF tactics? ›

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Excalibur is Orlandeau's initial weapon. It boosts Holy-elemental attacks and has Auto-Haste. It can also be found in the fifth floor of the Midlight's Deep with the Treasure Hunter ability. It can also be obtained via Rendezvous.

Is the Lions Defence good? ›

The Detroit Lions' defense was abysmal for most of the 2022 season, and finished 28th in defensive DVOA to end the year—an ever-so-slight improvement from 29th the year before.

What is the best Lions wins? ›

Best seasons in Detroit Lions history
  • #8. 1983. ...
  • #7. 1970. - Regular season record: 10-4. ...
  • #6. 1991. - Regular season record: 12-4. ...
  • #5. 1954. - Regular season record: 9-2-1. ...
  • #4. 1957. - Regular season record: 8-4. ...
  • #3. 1935. - Regular season record: 7-3-2. ...
  • #2. 1952. - Regular season record: 9-3. ...
  • #1. 1953. - Regular season record: 10-2.
Feb 3, 2023

Can you become a holy knight in Final Fantasy Tactics? ›

Holy Knight is a special job in Final Fantasy Tactics. It is Agrias Oaks's default job, and focuses on swords and techniques that cause heavy damage from afar. It requires 3,350 JP to master. Delita has the Holy Knight job from Chapter 2 onwards, with the addition of Chant ability from Squire.

What is the hardest weapon Final Fantasy? ›

Final Fantasy: 8 Hardest Weapons To Obtain In The Series
  • 2 The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate) - Final Fantasy 14.
  • 3 Zodiac Spear - Final Fantasy 12. ...
  • 4 Tinkerbell - Final Fantasy 5. ...
  • 5 Zodiac Zeta Weapons - Final Fantasy 14. ...
  • 6 Excalibur 2 - Final Fantasy 9. ...
  • 7 Zwill Crossblade - Final Fantasy 15. ...
  • 8 World Champion - Final Fantasy 10. ...
Apr 13, 2023

What is the hardest ultimate weapon in Final Fantasy? ›

Final Fantasy: 15 Strongest Ultimate Weapons (And 10 Most Useless), Ranked
  • Strongest: Caladbolg (FFX) ...
  • Most Useless: Marvelous Cheer (FFVII) ...
  • Most Useless: Loki's Lute (FFIV) ...
  • Strongest: Ultima Blade (FFXV) ...
  • Strongest: Tournesol (FFXII) ...
  • Most Useless: Strange Vision (FFVIII) ...
  • Strongest: Masamune (FFI)
Nov 23, 2018

Who wins katana or longsword? ›

So, which is the better weapon: the katana or the longsword? The answer really depends on the situation. If you need a fast and agile weapon for cutting and slicing, the katana may be the better choice. However, if you need a weapon that is better suited for thrusting and parrying, the longsword may be the way to go.

Is katana the best weapon? ›

Conclusion. In conclusion, the katana is a good weapon in terms of its ability to deliver precise, clean cuts. However, its lack of versatility and short reach can be limiting, and it is prone to damage if not properly maintained.

Can you dual wield guns in FFT? ›

Yeah, you can make Guns dual-wieldable, but there's a glitch. If you dual-wield a ranged weapon in the first slot, and a melee weapon in the second slot, the melee weapon will attack the enemy at the ranged weapon's range.

How do you get Aeris ultimate weapon? ›

While wandering around the Temple of the Ancients, you'll find Aeris' ultimate weapon, the Princess Guard, just off the clock room. It's at the end of the IV hallway. After taking Bugenhagen to the Ancient City, return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in your party.

What is the 9999 JP cheat in FF tactics? ›

The JP scroll glitch is a bug in the original Final Fantasy Tactics that allows the user to gain 9,999 Job Points in any class where the abilities span more than one page. This glitch was fixed in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions port.

How do you get the hermits weapon? ›

Hermit's Swords are a pair of boss weapons in Shadow Fight 2. They are the weapons of Hermit, the second demon boss. They are obtained by defeating Hermit in eclipse mode, after completing Act II.

Is the Jaguars Defence good? ›

The Jaguars held teams to 20.6 points per game but ranked 24th in yards per game and 28th in pass defense with just 35 sacks. In a conference with Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson, those numbers are likely not good enough.

What defense does the Lions run? ›

During the 2021 season, the Lions operated out primarily a 3-4 defensive front with three down linemen and four stand-up linebackers. For 2022, they've shifted more towards a 4-3 front with four down linemen and three stand-up linebackers.

What defense allows most rushing yards? ›

The Lions defense allowed the most rushing yards to opposing QBs in 2022.

Who is the Lions best player? ›

Detroit Lions awards | 2022 season
  • MVP. Tim Twentyman: Quarterback Jared Goff. ...
  • Defensive Player of the Year. Tim Twentyman: Defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson. ...
  • Rookie of the Year. Tim Twentyman: Defensive lineman Aidan Hutchinson.
Jan 13, 2023

What is the best Lions team? ›

The 1991 Detroit Lions season was the franchise's 62nd season in the National Football League, their 58th as the Detroit Lions. It stands as the team's best season since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970.

Have the Lions ever won? ›

The Lions won four NFL Championship Games between 1935 and 1957, all prior to the Super Bowl era. Since the 1957 championship, the franchise has won only a single playoff game during the 1991 season and holds the league's longest postseason-win drought.

Who is strongest holy knight? ›

Great Holy Knight

Template:Kr are the most powerful of the Holy Knights, and possess the authorities of commanding over them, thus making them the leaders of the Holy Knights. This gave previous Great Holy Knights, Dreyfus and Hendrickson, command over the whole country after the coup d'état.

What is the max level in Final Fantasy Tactics? ›

Levels are tied to each job class, rather than the character. Each class receives their own experience tally, and can be individually leveled up to the maximum level of 99.

What is the highest brave in Final Fantasy Tactics? ›

This means that the maximum Bravery a unit can have is 97, with the minimum being 3 (though a Bravery score this low would make the unit abandon you, unless it's Ramza).

What is the strongest weapon in existence? ›

The Tsar Bomba is the single most physically powerful device ever deployed on Earth, the most powerful nuclear bomb tested and the largest human-made explosion in history. For comparison, the largest weapon ever produced by the US, the now-decommissioned B41, had a predicted maximum yield of 25 Mt (100 PJ).

What is the most powerful sword in fantasy? ›

1. Excalibur: The Most Famous Legendary Sword. Arthur Pendragon, ruler of the Britons, was said to have drawn this legendary sword from a stone and anvil when no one else could — at least in most tellings of the legend.

What is the most powerful fantasy weapon? ›

The Odinsword is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the Norse gods of Asgard. It is much more powerful than even Mjolnir, the hammer wielded by Thor, and has the ability to channel the Odinforce itself.

What is the hardest enemy in Final Fantasy? ›

It will take a truly Herculean effort for players to get over these overwhelming but fun bosses.
  1. 1 Absolute Virtue (Final Fantasy 11)
  2. 2 Yiazmat (Final Fantasy 12) ...
  3. 3 Ultimate Ultima Weapon (Final Fantasy 14) ...
  4. 4 Penance (Final Fantasy 10) ...
  5. 5 Ozma (Final Fantasy 9) ...
  6. 6 The Five Archadian Judges (Final Fantasy 12) ...
Jun 6, 2023

What is the longest sword in Final Fantasy? ›

The biggest swords in Final Fantasy leave players awestruck at how characters somehow manage to wield them with such dexterity despite their ridiculous size.
  1. 1 Buster Sword. The Buster Sword is symbolic of the entire Final Fantasy franchise. ...
  2. 2 Durandal. ...
  3. 3 Tournesol. ...
  4. 4 Masamune. ...
  5. 5 Apocalypse. ...
  6. 6 Excalibur. ...
  7. 7 Ultima Weapon.
Feb 24, 2023

Who kills with a sword dies with a sword? ›

Original Biblical quotation

Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword". "Put your sword back in its place", Jesus said to him, "for all who draw the sword will die by the sword".

Which is stronger longsword or katana? ›

The longsword is a longer, heavier sword with more stopping power, while the katana is a shorter, lighter sword with a stronger cutting edge.

What is the most evil katana? ›

Today, Muramasa swords are found everywhere and are highly popular. They are probably the most well-known Japanese Katana known as cursed, evil, and with powers of the devil.

Is dual wielding realistic? ›

It is not a common combat practice. Although historical records of dual wielding in war are limited, there are numerous weapon-based martial arts that involve the use of a pair of weapons. The use of a companion weapon is sometimes employed in European martial arts and fencing, such as a parrying dagger.

Is dual wielding hard? ›

It is not difficult to wield a sword in one hand; the Way to learn this is to train with two long swords, one in each hand. It will seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first. It is better to use two swords rather than on when you are fighting a crowd, and especially if you want to take a prisoner.

What is Aeris's strongest weapon? ›

The Princess Guard is Aerith's Ultimate Weapon. The staff has an attack power of 52, an attack percentage of 111, and offers increased Vitality and Spirit. The Princess Guard also increases in power whenever a party member is knocked out and is the only Ultimate Weapon that offers materia growth.

Who is Aeris boyfriend? ›

In the course of the game, Zack befriends Cloud and begins dating Aerith. During a mission to find Angeal and Genesis, Angeal forces Zack to kill him, as he wants to stop hurting people because of his mutations.

Can Aeris be saved? ›

No. Your question is one that's been asked, investigated, and rumored about since the game's release. As much as we all wish there were, there is no canonical way to save Aerith, and there is certainly no way to make it such that Tifa dies in her place.

What is the most iconic cheat code? ›

In its most famous form, the Konami Code was Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A — a series of buttons that many kids had burned into their memory. Without the code to give you 30 extra lives in Contra, beating the game was all but impossible – and it still wasn't a cakewalk with the code.

Does FF tactics have perma death? ›

The game also features permadeath — if a character is incapacitated from excessive damage and is not healed within several turns, they are permanently dead and cannot be used again in battle. Outside of battles, players can move around on an overworld map.

How do you farm JP in Final Fantasy Tactics? ›

Get into a battle with some group with a chocobo. Taking out other enemies EXCEPT for the Chocobo. Keep attacking the Chocobo until it's low on health (it'll look like it's crouching or knelling) and then try to corner, surround it your characters, and wait for it to use it's Cure to heal itself.

How do you get Duncan's sword? ›

Acquisition. Duncan's Sword can be looted from the corpse of the Risen ogre.

Which weapon is best to defeat Hermit? ›

The recommended weapon for Hermit fight is Steel Nunchaku. To increase your winning chances, you can enchant this weapon with a simple or a medium recipe. Also, you may need to enchant your armor or helm too. If you don't have enough resources to enchant, play ascension or eclipse survival.

How do you get forgeable weapons? ›

To unlock Sumeru forgeable weapons in Genshin Impact, players must speak to Aravinay in Vanarana and exchange one Stories of You and the Aranara for one Blueprint. This means Travelers need a total of five stories to get all the weapon's Blueprints. Aravinay can be found in front of the Tree of Dreams.

What are the best jobs for Lion personality? ›

The Lion's Career

Lions are aggressive, predictable and dependable. Others always know where they stand with a lion, and their confidence and leadership abilities make them successful CEOs, company presidents, judges or lion tamers.

What is the safest job in war? ›

The safest military jobs are the non-combat roles and traditionally cover administrative and support, legal and medical. No job in the military is totally safe as you can always be deployed to a combat role if this is your career choice. Many of the administration roles are non-combat and are carried out at base.

What were Lions used for in war? ›

Did you know that Ethiopians trained Lions to capture the soldiers of the enemy and fought side by side with Cheetahs,bees,elephants and lions? Ethiopian soldiers with their fighting lions.

Is War of the Lions better than the original? ›

Play The Original Final Fantasy Tactics if you want a strictly “easier” game. Play War of the Lions if you want a slightly nicer experience. But do it on a console if you dislike touch controls.

What is lion's weakness? ›

To ESPN, the Lions' biggest weakness is also on offense. "There's reason to be excited about the direction that this Detroit roster is trending, but the hole at quarterback makes it difficult to set expectations too high," Linsey wrote.

Which work is better for Leo? ›

Actor. Given this star sign's love of the spotlight, it's no surprise that acting sits at the top of the list in our Leo career horoscope. With the confidence and charisma to engage an audience, taking center stage and being publicly recognized for their work will appease a Leo's need to be adored.

What are the weaknesses of lion personality? ›

Lions must learn not to be too bossy or to take charge in others' affairs. Strengths: Natural leader, goal-oriented, strong, direct Weakness: Can be too argumentative, too dictatorial Limitation: Some times doesn't understand that directness can hurt others and has a hard time expressing grace.

What is the hardest military position to get? ›

The hardest military branch to get into in terms of education requirements is the Air Force. The military branch with the toughest basic training is the Marine Corps. The hardest military branch for non-males because of exclusivity and male dominance is the Marine Corps.

What is the easiest military branch? ›

The Air Force is reported to be the “easiest” branch when it comes to physical challenges and difficulties. Next to the Coast Guard, Air Force members are among the least likely to see combat.

What is the highest position in war? ›

The highest military rank is O-10, or "five-star general." It is symbolized by five stars for each of the military services. Although it is currently a part of the military service rank system, only nine Americans ever have held this rank. The last living five-star general was Omar Bradley, who died in 1981.

What is the weapon of lion? ›

Lion has the option of an assault rifle, marksman rifle or a shotgun as a primary weapon. Both the marksman rifle and the shotgun are quite situational, and have some major drawbacks such as fire rate and range.

Were lions ever tamed? ›

Lions can't be tamed

Lions can never be tamed or domesticated – nor should they. Their needs are just not compatible with our needs. They have evolved for thousands of years to live in their natural environment?

Why do lions fight to the death? ›

'Males will fight to the death to prevent other males taking over their prides. When there is a successful takeover, the newly victorious males will often kill the offspring of the former male or males. Lionesses will, on occasion fight to the death to protect their cubs.

Is FF Tactics the same as War of the Lions? ›

The game is an updated version of Final Fantasy Tactics made for the PlayStation, which was released in 1997. The War of the Lions is the second announced game in Square Enix's "Ivalice Alliance" series of video games set in the Ivalice fictional world.

How long is the Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is about 42 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 83 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What is the Lions best season? ›

The 1991 Detroit Lions season was the franchise's 62nd season in the National Football League, their 58th as the Detroit Lions. It stands as the team's best season since the NFL-AFL merger in 1970.

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