Final Fantasy III: 37 - Maxed Jobs (2023)


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Oh yes, critical, critical.

Every time, please I mean how are you supposed to do this? How are you actually supposed to do this? He attacks four times hello.

This is death threat and welcome back to final fantasy three, so I have been doing the final round of level grinding, hopefully, um, currently max job level.

Three levels left, everyone else is maxed.

I'm going to show you guys the process that I took to get everyone to max um, trying to think if there's any other things to mention not not well, okay, so the way job leveling works in this game is that it's based on actions taken in battle.

So I will demonstrate what that means in this next battle.

So ingus just has three levels until he's level 99.

So basically it's all based on action, so we're all going to defend so right now, everyone defended now so now, that's one action.

So then we do this.

For so many times, each job requires x, amount um, the most of of the jobs in our party right now, I think, is that three uh was devout which required eight.

So then, this would be four and naturally I've been doing it like this five, six, seven and unfortunately the website that I read the sun, they didn't know for ninjas, which is kind of irritating I've kind of just been um going with eight.

Since that's what rafia needed for her devout, so I figured and what the heck I'll just you know do that for everyone.

So now he will gain a level.

Yes, so basically um.

That's all I've been doing like these battles.

Don't take long at all.

I literally just do it this way, but now the reason now the guides online recommend you you do this against goblins the easiest enemies in the game.

The reason I'm here is because mr luneth here has yet to hit level 99.

So if okay, that's not the one, I wanted you to attack, but okay, so yeah I've just been doing it here to get those last uh last bits of xp to get him up to level 99.

So then, what I'm going to do once I get ingus, I lost count.

So I'm just going to do one more okay, um, I'm gonna be going to um the master smith.

I believe he's 98 now also where's lunath he's only got 14 000.

okay, so he is one level away, so the next battle will get him up to level 99 and of course I will show me that I'll get that in this battle, we're just gonna keep defending until he summons enough of these things.

Hopefully I'll get okay, he's not gonna, but yeah.

So I'll leave in me getting our legendary equipment from the master smith.

Each each of the four of us should is, is gonna get something, and it's just gonna be a little bit of hunting to actually get to her.


Here we go uh yeah there we go probably kill like five of these guys.

Maybe that's two.

I don't know how much of this I'm gonna show well.

Angus has already gotten his job level up.

Oh here we are just gonna get this last bit of xp for lunath and then um.

Once we get our legendary equipment, I will see you guys by the iron giant.

I believe he was called uh yeah, I'm pretty sure I showed it, but I I'm not sure how I feel about lunath now being a knight um.

I did it for the equipment benefits, but I don't know if it's gonna suit us better for the giant okay.

I think that should be good.

What did I need? Fourteen thousand and we got it.

Okay, lunath gains his final level and angus hopefully gains his last job level.

I hope this is the party we're gonna.

Have I don't want to level up another party? Any party I'm using against the iron giant or the final boss is going to be a level 99 party 99 across the board, yep 99.99, nine, fantastic? Okay.

I will see you guys when I find that smith hey there.

She is all right, let's do lunath first uh! Let us do this in case.

I screw something up mess a master knight among you here.

You should have this insignia king night card.

Okay, in addition, I'll give you this in praise of your achievements: save the queen yep! Well, alright, cool sweet, save the queen uh, it's usually a sword.

Yeah, okay, um wait! So that's 140.! Oh it's the same damage! Oh! What's so good about that! That's a little irritating great! All right! I'll, see you guys with the next job.

Oh wait hold on.

Apparently the save the queen gives stats.

It apparently gives mind and vitality.

His vitality is kind of maxed out so 72, so she he should have 82 once I equip this 77, so it gave him.

Five gave him five, not ten.

Well, apparently, it also casts reflect when you as an item, but I highly doubt that when you consider it doesn't say that I don't know I'll see you guys with the next job, hey wow.

This was literally the next time.

I came back okay, so I need to actually do this.

In order for this to work properly master devout wait.

I thought it was whoever was talking to her okay, I go.

I guess, that's not how it works.

I am on the psp.

It must have changed since uh uh, ds, weird that it shows devout.

First, though holy wand, right wow.

What do you do? According to this, the holy one cascaraga? I would like to test that theory I'll test both of these theories.

Okay, let's see so supposedly your sword, oh you don't have it equipped.

Uh save the queen.

So supposedly you cast reflect oh mandrake yeah, so that'll cast reflect uh and your staff should cast kilaga, which could actually be very well used on angus.

Ah, okay, oh, that was why what um wow look at the save the queen, geez, all right cool.

So that is what those do all right, I'll see you at the next one: hey! Okay! Here we are uh.

This is number three: will she automatically detect one of our other jobs? Ah, okay, so you don't need to actually set it as your first person yay sages staff.

Yes, I don't know why you have to leave, but it sounds good all right, so sage's staff.

Once again, it doesn't say what that does.

However, according to this, the sage's staff just gives 10 plus 10 to all stats, which might just be five.

Oh wow his mind is yeah that k5 his mind was 92.

Okay, I mean that's still.

Kind of nice gives five to everything: sweet.

Okay, so all that's left is uh the ninja one, which is supposed to be the miramasa hold on so he's currently equipped with the mazda moon right.

Yes, okay, I I'm kind of surprised.

It seems like the mirror.

Mouse is going to be better than the mazel moon.

It's normally not the case.

So I don't know this is a pretty fast strategy.

Even oh, my god wow I got super lucky and this is by the way.

This is the first time she's spawned here.

First time I've had her spawn here I was beginning to question whether she actually spawns here or not a master ninja ninja card.

I don't know what those cards are for.

I might look that up you're a masa yo, that's everything, and this is supposed to give strength, vitality intellect and mind plus five.

Well, let's just look at string, 75 uh.

Where are you yeah? It's better than mazza moon, huh.

I've never seen the mazda moon be better yeah.

It just gives five.

I mean, that's still pretty fantastic.

I don't.

I don't understand why it would give him mind and intellect maybe that has some kind of stats against like like deflecting magic or, like you know, if, if someone casts break on him the odds of him being stoned, I don't know some.

I feel like sometimes that's the case.

Well, we all currently have our best stuff, save the queen miramasa sage's staff and holy wand.

We're all fully decked out I'll, see you guys by that iron giant or whatever it's called you.


What is the max job levels in FF3? ›

Q: What is Job Level? proficient that specific character is at that Job. Maximum Job LV is 99.

Do job levels matter in FF3? ›

Actually, Job Levels are pretty important mechanically to FFIII, but they work in a different way to FFV's. For starters, Job Levels in III work more as a modifier to the ability that a job has, usually factoring in as an increase to success rates and so forth.

Can you do more than 9999 damage in FF3? ›

Final Fantasy III

Even if the player were to exceed 9,999 damage, the game will still display 9,999 damage. However, the exact amount of damage will be dealt to the target nonetheless. All attacks in the 3D remakes allow more than 9,999 damage, but it will display 9,999 damage even if more damage is done.

How do you increase your job level in FF3? ›

Job Level Grinding
  1. Go to the beggining of the game, the Ur area.
  2. Enter a battle (preferably with a Goblin, but anything that can't damage you beyond one damage is fine)
  3. Guard for however many turns are required by the job class, and then attack.

How many hours to beat ff3? ›

How long is Final Fantasy III (3D)? When focusing on the main objectives, Final Fantasy III (3D) is about 30 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 82½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What level should I be for Bahamut ff3? ›

Strategy. Before saying "Yes" to Bahamut, the player should have at least one Dragoon and one Scholar, two Dragon Lances (purchasable in the Invincible), and at least one Chocobo's Wrath (one is found in Bahamut's Lair). It is recommended to be at least level 42 with all characters.

What does job level affect in FF3? ›

A: The more you train as that Job, the higher the level will become, and the better your character will perform! Here is EVERYTHING that Job LV affects: Number of hits when attacking. Chance of executing a Critical Hit.

What does job level effect in FF3? ›

In FF3 jobs levels work differently than they do in other games like Tactics and FF5 where you gain new abilities by leveling up. Instead, each job has a certain ability right from the start, but job levels affect how proficient you are in that ability.

What level should I be for salamander FF3? ›

Strategy. The recommended party level is 19+. The best plan is to finish it as fast as possible by deploying at least two Black Mages to continually cast Ice spells.

What is the strongest limit break in Final Fantasy? ›

With attacks of such magnitude, Limits are liable to break any Final Fantasy game in half.
  • 7 Tornado.
  • 6 Blitz Ace.
  • 5 Catastrophe.
  • 4 Omnislash.
  • 3 Lion Heart.
  • 2 Army Of One.
  • 1 Great Gospel.
Jan 15, 2023

How do you get the ultimate weapon in ff3? ›

Final Fantasy III

The Ultima Weapon can be obtained in the 3D remake as a reward from the Mognet sidequests "Fix Sara's Pendant" and "Find Orichalcum". The party obtains the Orichalcum after defeating Aeon in Cid's basement and give it to the Legendary Smith in Falgabard.

How many enemy skill materia can you master? ›

Enemy Skill Materia will not work with any support material. There are a total of 4 Enemy Skill materias that you can acquire throughout the game.

Where is the best place to grind in ff3? ›

On the Floating Continent, there are few good places to grind, such as Bahamut's Lair. However, the Surface World has a few such places. After obtaining the Nautilus, players often use the Sunken Cave and the Saronia Catacombs to level up. Later, the Forbidden Land Eureka is another good grinding spot.

How can I increase my job level? ›

How to job level
  1. Build the right team. Job leveling for an entire company requires input from many stakeholders. ...
  2. Consider the organization as a whole. Begin the actual job leveling by looking at the organization as a single unit. ...
  3. Approach one role at a time. Look at one job at a time. ...
  4. Establish connections. ...
  5. Seek feedback.
Jun 24, 2022

Where can I get a ninja job in ff3? ›

The Ninja is a job class in Final Fantasy III gained in the hidden land of Eureka in the Famicom and Pixel Remaster versions, and from the Earth Crystal in the 3D versions.

What does job level affect ff3? ›

A: The more you train as that Job, the higher the level will become, and the better your character will perform! Here is EVERYTHING that Job LV affects: Number of hits when attacking. Chance of executing a Critical Hit.

What is the max job level in Final Fantasy Dimensions? ›

Each party member is given a total of 69 Job Points through the game and each job has a maximum level of 20, therefore needing 17 Job Points to fully develop a job.

What is Max level in Final Fantasy? ›

While the maximum level in the base game is set at 50, players can unlock the Final Fantasy mode and reach level 100 — introducing new challenges and augmenting character abilities.

What is the max career level in ff14? ›

Your main Job will reach the current level cap of 90 simply by finishing the main story scenario of the expansion. You'll need to do this regardless because a number of end-game systems like the latest Extreme Trials and Expert Duty Roulettes are locked until after you complete the story.

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