Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (2023)

Like many MMORPGs, Tower of Fantasy possesses a robust cooking system. Players can obtain various cooking ingredients from vendors as well as the open world and place the ingredients in the Cooker to create excellent dishes.

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (1)

In addition to restoring HP and Satiety in Tower of Fantasy, some food recipes are also capable of bestowing beneficial effects. Among these are boons such as increased attack, added elemental damage, increased resistances, and many more.

The higher the quality of a Tower of Fantasy player's food is, the more beneficial it is in restoration and added bonuses. The quality of food is determined via rarity and the star scale. However, with so many recipes, it can be tricky to remember which ingredients pertain to which dishes.

Every Tower of Fantasy recipe as of August 2022, listed

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (3)

Tower of Fantasy has four categories of rarity for recipes, ranging from common (white) to super rare (purple). Each dish possesses a different star rating, ranging from one to three. These ratings and rarities help gauge a dish's effectiveness at restoring HP, Satiety, and providing special bonuses.

Common (White) Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

  • Fried Mushrooms (★) - Mushroom x2
  • Crispy Grilled Fish (★) - Silver Bass x1
  • Wholegrain Bread (★) - Homi Grain x2
  • Sizzling Meat (★) - Game Meat x2
  • Fried Egg (★) - Poultry Egg x2
  • Charcoal Grilled Sand Onion (★) - Sand Onion x2
  • Cactus Special (★) - Ball Cactus x2
  • Lettuce Salad (★) - Lettuce x2, Salad Dressing x1

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (4)

Uncommon (Green) Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

  • Seaweed and Egg Soup (★) - Laver x2, Poultry Egg x1
  • Egg Fried Rice (★) - Rice x2, Poultry Egg x1
  • Golden Egg and Tomato (★) - Thornmato x2, Poultry Egg x2
  • Fried Chicken (★) - Poultry Meat x2, Homi Grain x1
  • Dandelion Mushroom Soup (★) - Dandelion Seed x1, Mushroom x2
  • Beet Soup (★) - Beetroot x2
  • Grilled Lizard Tail (★) - Fleshy Tail x2
  • Breakfast Cereal (★) - Homi Grain x2, Milk x2
  • Fries (★) - Potato x1, Salad Dressing x1
  • Honeyed Fruit Juice (★) - Fallen Fruit x2, Honey x1, Carbonated Water x1
  • Iced Orchid Surprise (★) - Ghost Mushroom x2, Milk x1, Carbonated Water x1
  • Meat and Potato Stew (★) - Potato x1, Game Meat x1
  • Meat Buns (★) - Homi Grain x2, Game Meat x1
  • Sliced Fish with Mushroom (★) - Mushroom x2, Silver Bass x1
  • Steamed Conch (★) - Conch x2, Lettuce x1
  • Stir-Fried Broccoli (★) - Broccoli x2
  • Vegetable Salad (★) - Fallen Fruit x1, Thornmato x1, Lettuce x1, Salad Dressing x1
  • Surf and Turf (★★) - Dabry's Sturgeon x1, Poultry Egg x2
  • Crispy Chicken Burger (★) Homi Grain x1, Poultry Meat x1, Lettuce x1
  • Mushroom Soup (★) - Mushroom x2, Lettuce x2
  • Black Moss Soup (★★) - Black Moss x2, Lettuce x2
  • Red Wheat Bread (★★) - Brown Rice x2
  • Firecap Mushroom Soup (★★) - Firecap x2, Lettuce x2

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (5)

Rare (Blue) Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

  • Spicy Burger (★) - Homi Grain x3, Rear Hock x2, Lettuce x1
  • Steamed Crab (★) - Portunid x2, Lettuce x2
  • Iced Strawberry Soda (★) - Strawberry x2, Honey x2, Carbonated Water x1
  • Tomato and Fried Egg Pasta (★) - Thornmato x4, Homi Grain x3, Poultry Egg x1
  • Fruit Cake (★) - Strawberry x2, Homi Grain x1, Fallen Fruit x1, Poultry Egg x1
  • Boiled Scallops (★) - Scallops x2, Lettuce x3
  • Simple Power Salad (★) - Broccoli x1, Thornmato x1, Lettuce x1, Poultry Egg x1, Salad Dressing x1
  • Sea Crab Soup (★★) - Hermit Crab x2, Mushroom x4
  • Seafood Soup (★) - Conch x3, Scallops x2, Lettuce x1
  • Spicy Eel (★★) - Electric Eel x1
  • Thundercloud Blueberry Soda (★) - Small Blueberry Jar x1, Honey x2, Carbonated Water x1

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (6)

  • Roast Rump (★) - Rear Hock x2
  • Caviar Sushi (★★) - Caviar x1, Rice x2, Laver x2
  • Caviar Potato Balls (★★) - Caviar x1, Potato x2
  • Steamed Egg with Sea Urchin (★) - Sea Urchin x2, Egg x2
  • Firedragon Fruit Tea (★★) - Dragonfruit x2, Honey x2
  • Sweet Pomegranate Juice (★★) - Phosphogranate x2, Honey x2, Carbonated Water x2
  • Jam on Toast (★★) - Small Blueberry Jar x1, Strawberry x1, Homi Grain x3
  • Chocolate Bread (★★) - Cocoa Beans x2, Brown Rice x2
  • Balloon Fruit Salad (★★) - Balloon Fruit x2, Thornmato x2, Salad Dressing x1
  • Cocoa Milk (★★) - Cocoa Beans x2, Honey x2, Milk x1
  • Fiddlehead Pie (★★) - Fiddlehead x2, Brown Rice x2
  • Fiddlehead Soup (★★) Fiddlehead x2, Lettuce x4
  • Pine Cocoa (★★) - Pinecone x1, Cocoa Beans x1, Milk x2
  • Eel and Mushroom Soup (★★) - Electric Eel x1, Firecap x2
  • Barnacle Stew (★★) - Barnacle x2, Lettuce x4
  • Barnacle Seafood Pizza (★★) - Barnacle x1, Brown Rice x2, Onion x1
  • Snow Azalea Tea (★★) - Snow Azalea x1, Milk x1, Honey x2

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (7)

Super Rare (Purple) Recipes in Tower of Fantasy

  • Snail Baked Rice (★★) - Snail x1, Rice x2
  • Salmon Sashimi (★★) - Lake Bass x1
  • Grilled Steak (★★) - Prime Cut x1
  • Braised Meat (★★) - Fatty Cut x1
  • Nut Tea (★★) - Hazelnut x1, Pinecone x2, Honey x2
  • Purple Yam Pie (★★) - Purple Yam x1, Brown Rice x3
  • Snow Lotus Soup (★★) - Snow Lotus x1, Honey x2
  • Truffle Fried Rice (★★) - Black Truffle x1, Onion x1, Rice x2
  • Caterpillar Fungus Noodles (★★) - Caterpillar Fungus x1, Brown Rice x3
  • Steak with Mushroom Sauce (★★) - Prime Cut x1, Firecap x3
  • Juicy Meat Sandwich (★★) - Fatty Cut x1, Brown Rice x2, Poultry Egg x2

Every food recipe in Tower of Fantasy (8)

Since there are so many recipes to choose from in Tower of Fantasy, this list will allow players to pick and choose which one they'd like to create. If players add a grand total of 15 ingredients to the Cooker, they'll have a higher chance of obtaining recipes as well.

The Cooker in Tower of Fantasy also possesses a success rate, which can be increased by adding additional ingredients. For the most part, adding common quality ingredients to the recipe tends to be enough to accomplish a 100% completion rate.

If players are worried about failing the recipe creation, tossing in some extra ingredients on hand may be helpful. Tower of Fantasy players must ensure they add the correct ingredients and the right amounts. Otherwise, they will likely receive an Awful Stew instead of their desired dish.

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