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What's up fantasy football fans, my name is JT Magnum here, along with siggy guns and welcome to the last edition of our rankings is the defense's, our top 20 defenses and let's get right into it and number 20 I have Indianapolis the New York Giants Pittsburgh Steelers Baltimore Ravens Jacksonville Jaguars Buffalo, Bills, Washington, Redskins, Minnesota, Vikings, New, England, Patriots and Oakland Raiders and I'll talk about the Vikings.

This defense was phenomenal last year, they're only gonna get better.

They got.

They got a good secondary, a ridiculously good defensive line in latin inside of linebackers.

They gave seattle absolute fits last year in that game should have won that game.

It wasn't for a missed field goal.

They would have moved on to the arm into the playoffs and face that Carolina Panthers team, but they didn't get a chance because of that missed field goal, but but still I, think they're.


Think they're gonna be even better more improved this year and now, with news with Teddy Bridgewater out, they're gonna have to even more improve because I don't know who Minnesota's gonna start.

Obviously they have Shawn.

Hill is their backup at the moment, but who knows that Minnesota's gonna sign another quarterback.

What they're gonna do, but that defense is gonna, need a set up step up even more and they have a they have a really good young linebacker core.

That's what I like and and I see them doing great things this year.

They also still have quarter L or quarter cordarrelle Patterson, who can run kickoff returns and do pretty much anything with punt returns like that.

So they're always a threat to do that as well.

So they can get you up.

They can get you some scores this year.

I think they might do that and they definitely get you some sacks.

So he got through your 20 through 11 20 through 11 I got Miami Jacksonville Indianapolis Oakland Washington Baltimore Philadelphia Green Bay, New England and Pittsburgh Pittsburgh at number 11 I'm gonna talk about the Patriots.

Obviously, you saw the preseason game yet receptions to me, like the first few possessions, I mean right away that no in the defense has grown up pretty quick and doing that was always the question with the Patriots as how was their defense here, they're, so young, the last few years, and now it seems like they might have it all together and that might be pretty scared for the rest of league, because obviously the offense, even though Brady's out four games, he's not going to go anywhere as long as Brady and Belichick.

Is there so I think the New Zealand Defence is gonna, surprise a lot of people they used to be a pick.

That was always a sexy pic to pick.

You know in years past, with fantasy and I think they might be back to that definitely yeah they just they lose players, but still plug them in they get rid of players, maybe some big-name players sometimes and trade them, and they still plug in guys that just do amazing, that's just it's just crazy I know.

It's me my ten through one, our Green Bay Houston, New, York, Jets, Los, Angeles, Rams, Kansas, City, Chiefs, Cincinnati, Bengals, Arizona, Cardinals, Carolina, Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, and the Denver Broncos still at number.

One and I'll talk about Seattle at number.

Two, that's the team that just they still have the LOB.

They still have that defensive line because they just have a sick defense.

They can get to the quarterback on almost anytime.

They want to.

They have linebackers that can cover tight ends that can cover they have linebackers that can cover wide receivers um.

They had, of course, the LOB that get that gets turnovers and then, of course, defense and special teams.

It is, they have Tyler Lockett Tyler Lockett can run back, punt returns the kick returns almost at any time and now, with the NFL doing a lot, less kicking they're, not gonna.

If you have, if you kick the ball on to a touchback, you get it at the 25 yard line.

So you're gonna see a lot more kicks and a lot more opportunities for Tyler Lockett to run it back and he is dangerous, so I like them.

A lot they're, probably one of the first divas that should go off the board.

Just for that factor alone.

They can score off special teams.

Three, my ten through one, the New York Jets, are in pretty low huh Minnesota Los Angeles Cincinnati Houston, Kansas, City, Denver, Arizona, Seattle and I've Carolina's number one more so because of the schedule and I want to talk about Denver having those four with no quarterback.

However, I just do not see the offense being on the field.

That long and I think the defense is gonna, get pretty tired, real quick.

So that is the main concern.

I have about Denver's defense.

A lot of people been picking them solely on what they did in the playoff run last year, but before the playoff run, they were a frustrating defense.

If you hadn't, because some weeks they were excellent.

Some weeks it seemed like they were non-existent so that Jekyll and Hyde defense I'm kind of scared, because now they have no offense and I'm worried that it's gonna be like what people felt.

Carolina was last year which, if he had Carolina two years ago, they were awesome and then last year you expected the same thing and then we gained word.

They were like well, this isn't Carolina's defense I wanted to draft, so just be careful with Denver's defense.

I guess is the better way to say because it seems like Kansas, City, Denver and Carolina they're always up there in the end.

But when you have them, it doesn't feel like they're, a top defense I've been frustrated.

Defense I may cut in the city too, that's another one.

Also last year, touchdowns I know what Marcus Peters and then there days where they were sawed Denver was the probably the most consistent Seattle couple games like against Pittsburgh.

They kind of messed up, and there was a couple games here and there and Seattle even had a couple games on the lapses against Arizona.

They had a couple games like that.

They were just giving up points and stuff like that, but but for the most part, with Tyler Lockett that changes everything, because the dude just runs back kicks and stuff.

It's just it's those teams that you gotta, you know you just never know, but there's always a breakout team that will just all of a sudden just do well so we'll see what happens who's that team this year, my I think it's the Rams.

That's why I think it's gonna be the breakout team this year for defense, but we'll see, but thanks for watching guys stay tuned, the next fantasy football fiends video will actually be the stardom situm show that would be Tuesday September 6, that's before the season starts on the believe on September 8th on a Thursday on started, Mesilla should be out every Tuesday you'll you'll be able to see it I'm still debating whether or not to do the live show.

If I can do the live show.

Hopefully, I should be able to do that if so it'll be on Saturdays at some point at a time that I will tell you guys, because I'm not sure of what's going with my job scheduling everything.

But if you need to add questions answered, you can always find us on twitter @ JT.

Magnum underscore 8 1 6 & at siggy v on twitter, we're always around.

We will try to get to them as best we can or leave them in the comment section we'll get to those as best we can.

If we don't get to them check out the website, wwm spot Magnum, Sports, Network comm, you could check updated rankings there or starts and sits there.


We are now a draftkings partner of Philly I forgot to mention that this is the last video, but I will mention that now we will be doing draftkings not starts and sits, but we'll start since it's for Jack Kings, but that will be on the website.

You'll see the changes as they come along during the season, but we're trying to keep these videos short, quick and nice, for you guys, so you guys are have to sit there for 30 minutes watching us blab away about our our.

You know our rankings and starts and sits, and you can actually get what you need get your info.

You need quickly and then you go to where you got to go or ask who you got to ask to get more information, alright, so for fantasy football, fiends, JT, Magnum, siggy guns, we out y'all, see you soon and best of luck in the upcoming span.

Tecee football season, alright, peace, you, peace.


Who has the best defense for fantasy football? ›

2023 defense/special teams rankings
Rank, PlayerClayCockcroft
1. 49ers D/ST, SF11
2. Bills D/ST, Buf22
3. Cowboys D/ST, Dal53
4. Eagles D/ST, Phi184
16 more rows
May 1, 2023

Who is the number 1 fantasy defense? ›

Fantasy Football Defense Rankings (2023)
1.San Francisco DefenseSF
2.Buffalo DefenseBUF
3.Dallas DefenseDAL
4.Denver DefenseDEN
26 more rows

Who are the top fantasy defenses this year? ›

The San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets and Miami Dolphins have the best defenses in the NFL based on our 2023 NFL defense rankings.

What defensive player has the most fantasy points? ›

Top Individual Defensive Players - Weeks 1 to 18 (2021)
1T.J. Watt269
2Foyesade Oluokun266.5
3Jordyn Brooks258.8
4Roquan Smith250.3
10 more rows

What round should you pick a defense in fantasy football? ›

What Round Should I Draft a Defense in Fantasy Football. First and foremost: Don't worry about defense until the back half of the draft. Filling out your QB/RBs/WRs/TE spots, and depth for those positions is much more important than having the best fantasy defense.

Who has the #1 defense in the NFL? ›

#1: San Francisco 49ers

There's no question about which team has the best defense in the NFL.

What is the best defense to pick up Week 14? ›

Tier 1 Defenses - Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 14

The Cowboys and Eagles have been two of the best fantasy defenses all year long, and you have no issues running them out there for these games.

What defense should I pick for Week 1? ›

Top 10 Fantasy Defenses for Week 1
1San Francisco Defense9
2Buffalo Defense13
3Dallas Defense7
4Philadelphia Defense10
6 more rows
May 13, 2023

Should I have 2 defenses in fantasy football? ›

Never Draft More Than One Defense

Therefore, there's no reason to have two defenses clog up your bench. In the past, I've even gone without drafting a defense so that I could draft a player with upside instead. Then I just fill the void before Week 1. Also, no one is going to trade you for your extra "stud" defense.

Who is the top defense in NFL fantasy week 16? ›

Week 16 Fantasy Defense Rankings
1Dallas Cowboys@ WAS
2San Francisco 49ersvs ARI
3Kansas City Chiefs@ LV
4Baltimore Ravens@ CIN
28 more rows
Dec 19, 2022

Who is number 1 in fantasy football right now? ›

Top Overall - Weeks 1 to 18 (2022)
1Patrick Mahomes IIQB
2Josh AllenQB
3Jalen HurtsQB
4Joe BurrowQB
13 more rows

Who has the top defense week 17 fantasy? ›

Week 17 Fantasy Football Defense (D/ST) Rankings
D/ST TierD/ST TierD/ST Tier
11Dallas Cowboys
12San Francisco 49ers
13Kansas City Chiefs
24New York Giants
13 more rows
Dec 31, 2022

What stats matter most in fantasy football? ›

Statistics like passing touchdowns, rushing yards, and receptions are a part of the scoring setting for most leagues, therefore it makes sense that when you are looking at players, you should be looking at players that are performing well in those areas.

What QB has the most fantasy points in a game? ›

Michael Vick has the most fantasy points by a quarterback in a game, with 49.3 points against the Washington Redskins on November 15, 2010.

Who has the most fantasy points without a TD? ›

Drew Brees has racked up the most PPR fantasy points in a game with exactly 0 touchdowns, with 46.3 points versus the Giants on November 1, 2015.

Should I pick a kicker or defense first? ›

Pick you kicker last. Making them your next to last pick or the one before that won't kill you, but it still may not be a smart move. Drafting a kicker in the third or fourth round will bring on the laughter from the rest of the league, and likely ruin your chances of becoming a champion.

How do you pick a good fantasy defense? ›

There are basically two ways to go about filling the defensive roster slot on your fantasy football team. The first is to draft one of the team's with the best defense and play this team every week. The second is to play the matchups and find a slightly above average defense with a good matchup.

What defense to pick in fantasy football Week 7? ›

Week 7 Fantasy Football Defense (D/ST) Rankings
D/ST TierD/ST TierD/ST Tier
11Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12Dallas Cowboys
13New England Patriots
24Green Bay Packers
25 more rows
Oct 22, 2022

What defense allows most rushing yards? ›

The Lions defense allowed the most rushing yards to opposing QBs in 2022.

What defense allows the most passing yards? ›

The Tennessee Titans allowed the most passing yards by a team in 2022, with 4,935 yards.
Tennessee Titans2022671
Minnesota Vikings2022617
Detroit Lions2022560
Las Vegas Raiders2022590
28 more rows

What are the top three defenses in the NFL? ›

As an example, the top defenses in EPA per play from 2021 were Buffalo, New Orleans, Dallas, New England, and Tampa Bay. Those defenses ranked seventh, 10th, second, third, and 11th in 2022. Last year's top defense, San Francisco, ranked 14th in 2021. The Eagles ranked fourth in 2022 and 17th in 2021.

What defense should I start week 16? ›

Tier 1 Defenses - Fantasy Football Rankings for Week 16

The 49ers are the 1st-ranked defense over the last month, averaging 13 points per game, and they've been one of the best defenses in my BOD rankings all year long.

Which defense should I draft Week 2? ›

Week 2 fantasy defense rankings
1Dallas Cowboys@ WAS
2San Francisco 49ersvs ARI
3Kansas City Chiefs@ LV
4Baltimore Ravens@ CIN
28 more rows
Sep 12, 2022

Who is the best fantasy pickup week 15? ›

Who To Pickup for Fantasy Football Week 15?
RankPlayer NamePos
1Rashaad PennyRB
2D'Onta ForemanRB
3DeVante ParkerWR
4Russell GageWR
48 more rows

What is the 1 technique in football defense? ›

Another word for a 1-tech is a “shade”. It means the same thing, it just indicates that there is a player shading over the center. A 1-tech is a larger player who can withstand a double team from the center and the guard.

What is a 3 3 5 best defense? ›

In American football, the 3–3–5 defense is a defensive alignment consisting of three down linemen, three linebackers, and five defensive backs. The 3–3–5 defense can also be referred to as the 3–3 stack or the spread defense.

Is it bad to have 2 WR on the same team in fantasy? ›

Though it's a risky proposition, doubling down with a pair of wide receivers from the same NFL team on a fantasy roster isn't the worst thing in the world if you know what you're doing. It's nowhere near as taboo as playing your starting quarterback vs. your fantasy defense.

When should I pick a kicker in fantasy football? ›

This is the most important rule of all, simple but crucial: Do not draft a kicker until the end of your draft. The final round is ideal but never before the last one or two rounds. Do not try to get cute and draft the best kicker in the seventh round.

Is kicker or defense more important in fantasy? ›

The truth about the kicker and defense positions in fantasy is that they're the least important on your fantasy team. So unimportant in fact, that there is absolutely no reason, or excuse, for taking either position until the last two rounds of the draft.

Which fantasy defense to start Week 2? ›

Week 2 fantasy defense rankings
1San Francisco 49ers vs. Seahawks
2Denver Broncos vs. Texans
3New England Patriots @ Steelers
4Indianapolis Colts @ Jaguars
28 more rows
Sep 14, 2022

Who is the top WR Week 4 fantasy? ›

Top Wide Receivers - Week 4
1Mike EvansWR
2Justin JeffersonWR
3Tee HigginsWR
4Deebo SamuelWR
45 more rows

Who is the best FPL captain Week 37? ›


Man City's Norwegian superstar Haaland tops the charts by a landslide ahead of Double Gameweek 37, backed by almost 55% of the total votes cast at the time of writing.

Who is #1 rookie fantasy football? ›

1. Bijan Robinson, RB, Atlanta Falcons. If this was a tiers article, this tier would be called the island, because Robinson is all alone as a prospect. He landed in an offense that had one of the best run-blocking units in the league with a coach who regularly produces 500-rush-attempt seasons.

Who is the most picked player in fantasy football? ›

The most popular players
  • Man City striker Erling Haaland has the highest ownership in the game (83%). ...
  • Newcastle defender Kieran Trippier has the second highest ownership (65%). ...
  • Man City defender Joao Cancelo has the third highest ownership (53%). ...
  • Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli has nearly 48% ownership.
Dec 26, 2022

Who scored the most fantasy points ever? ›

Jamaal Charles has earned the most PPR fantasy points in a game, with 59.5 points versus the Oakland Raiders on December 15, 2013.

Who is the best fantasy kicker Week 17? ›

Final Fantasy Kicker Rankings Week 17: Michael Badgley, Greg Joseph, Nick Folk, and More
  • Harrison Butker | KC vs. DEN. ...
  • Tyler Bass | BUF @ CIN. ...
  • Robbie Gould | SF @ LV. ...
  • Graham Gano | NYG vs. IND. ...
  • Cameron Dicker | LAC vs. LAR. ...
  • Justin Tucker | BAL vs. PIT. ...
  • Riley Patterson | JAX @ HOU. ...
  • Michael Badgley | DET vs. CHI.
Jan 1, 2023

Who is Week 17 wide receiver fantasy football? ›

Week 17 Fantasy Football Rankings: WR
1Justin Jefferson@GB
2Tyreek Hill@NE
3Stefon Diggs@CIN
4Ja'Marr ChaseBUF
8 more rows
Jan 1, 2023

Who should I take #1 overall in fantasy? ›

Jonathan Taylor looks set to be the No. 1 pick in the majority of 2022 drafts, but that's up for some debate as one of our analysts has Christian McCaffrey ranked as the top overall player heading into the season.

What position is most valuable in fantasy football? ›

Running back: This is arguably the most important position in fantasy football. A great running back will far outscore a mid-tier running back. Running backs are often taken early in drafts and are hard to come by after the first few rounds.

What is the most predictive NFL stat? ›

In fact, passing efficiency is the most predictive metric of score differential other than turnovers, which we know are almost impossible to predict in a vacuum, but l are much likely to occur on passes — where either an interception or fumble can occur — than on runs, where only a fumble is possible.

Who is #1 fantasy QB? ›

Despite not being one of the more prolific rushing quarterbacks in the game (seven signal-callers rushed for more touchdowns in 2022), reigning Super-Bowl-winning champion Patrick Mahomes finished the season as the No. 1 overall fantasy QB with a whopping 428.4 points.

What quarterback has the most touchdowns ever? ›

As of March 2023, Tom Brady had the most touchdown passes in National Football League history with 624. Drew Brees and Peyton Manning were the runner-ups in the ranking, with 571 and 539 touchdown passes, respectively, registered throughout their careers.

What is the most fantasy points scored by a QB in a season? ›

  • 8) Tom Brady | 390 fantasy points. New England Patriots, 2007. ...
  • 4) Josh Allen | 402.6 fantasy points. Buffalo Bills, 2021. ...
  • 3) Peyton Manning | 410 fantasy points. Denver Broncos, 2013. ...
  • 2) Lamar Jackson | 415.7 fantasy points. Baltimore Ravens, 2019. ...
  • 1) Patrick Mahomes | 417.1 fantasy points. Kansas City Chiefs, 2018.
Jun 30, 2022

Has anyone scored 60 points in fantasy football? ›

For anyone playing fantasy football back then with full-PPR scoring, Rice would have added a record-setting 65.5 points. Rice is one of three players in history to put together a 60-plus-point fantasy performance in full-PPR, and he did it twice.

What team gives up most fantasy points to defenses? ›

Fantasy Football Points Allowed to Team Defenses 2023
  • Chiefs +650.
  • Eagles +800.
  • Bills +900.
  • 49ers +1000.
  • Bengals +1100.
  • Cowboys +1600.
  • Jets +1800.
  • Ravens +2200.

What is the least amount of fantasy points ever? ›

In Week 3 of the 1998 season, Leaf put up minus-9.74 fantasy points in a 23-7 road loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. His stat line: 1-of-15 passing for just 4 yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions, three lost fumbles and only a single yard rushing on four attempts.

Who has the #1 defense in the NFL 2023? ›

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers have the best defense in the NFL with only 300.6 total yards allowed per game. On defense, San Francisco has been a top-five unit, ranking best by giving up only 16.3 points per game. On defense, the 49ers rank 20th in the NFL, giving up 222.9 passing yards per game.

Who is number 1 in fantasy football? ›

Top Overall - Weeks 1 to 18 (2022)
1Patrick Mahomes IIQB
2Josh AllenQB
3Jalen HurtsQB
4Joe BurrowQB
13 more rows

What is the best draft position in NFL fantasy football? ›

What is the most important position to draft first in fantasy football? Running backs are easily the most important position to prioritize in fantasy football. There are not enough running backs to go around, so somebody is going to get hosed at this position.

Who has the 3rd best defense in the NFL? ›

3) San Francisco 49ers

The issue keeping them out of the top two is that linebacker — their position of strength — and defensive interior — which they focused on in free agency — matter less than cornerback does.

Has a defensive player ever been drafted number 1? ›

Of the nine defensive players selected No. 1 since sacks became an official statistic, Clowney is the only one who failed to record a sack as a rookie. Most notable player(s) from draft: Franco Harris was the No. 13 overall selection, going to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who has the best defense in the NFL history? ›

The '85 Bears are widely recognized as having the most feared defense in the history of the NFL. They had three Hall of Famers on their front — linebacker Mike Singletary, and defensive ends Dan Hampton and Richard Dent — leading their famous "46" defense, an aggressive scheme that overwhelmed opposing offensive lines.

Who should I pick 2nd overall fantasy football? ›

The second pick in Fantasy drafts should be a running back. In a 12-team league, your wide receiver options in rounds two and three will be much more appealing than those at running back, so go ahead and grab your anchor RB with the second overall pick.

What is the best pick in a fantasy snake draft? ›

The best fantasy draft position in a snake draft is the one in the middle of the draft order. Thus if there are 10 teams in your snake draft fantasy league, the best draft position is fifth.

Who should be the #1 fantasy draft pick? ›

Search by player name ×
1.C. McCaffreyRB - SF
2.B. RobinsonRB - ATL
3.J. TaylorRB - IND
4.A. EkelerRB - LAC
5.N. ChubbRB - CLE
25 more rows

Who should be first pick in fantasy football? ›

Instead, you should prioritize running backs, wide receivers, and even a tight end before grabbing a quarterback. Also, you don't need to draft a backup quarterback, and probably shouldn't. There will come a time when your quarterback has a bye week, and you will have to find another quarterback to play.

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