12 Christian Fiction Books to Read in 2022 — The Rebel Christian (2024)

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I thought it would be a good idea to start the year off with a few recommendations to add to your reading list this! Some of these books are new, some of them are classics. There are fantasy adventures, romantic novels, biblical fiction, and even a few thrillers. If you’re looking to get into the Christian market, this is a great place to start and see what interests you most.

The Days of Elijah by John Noble

Biblical Fiction

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  • Paperback: 12.99

  • Also available as an audiobook

Probably one of my favorites on the list. I absolutely LOVED this book! If you aren’t familiar with Biblical fiction, this is a great place to start. The Days of Elijah retells the story of Elijah as he takes the journey we know and love so much from the Holy Bible.

Noble does such an excellent job at telling Elijah’s story. His work is biblically and historically accurate and stands as a powerful demonstration of what it means to be a Christian writer. This book is not to be used as an element of biblical studies—it is merely for entertainment—but it does its job so well! Noble has a way of presenting an excellent and creative story while maintaining the utmost reverence and respect for the Word of God. Please give this book a try, I promise you won’t regret it.

The Days of Joseph by John Noble

Biblical Fiction

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  • Paperback: 11.99

  • Also available as an audiobook

Another masterpiece by John Noble, I’m sure you can guess what this book is about. What I found most interesting about this piece, however, is that the story takes place at such a unique point in Joseph’s life. We aren’t watching Joseph as he is famously sold into slavery and then wrongfully imprisoned—this book takes place during Joseph’s teenage years when his half-sister is sexually assaulted, and his brothers take it upon themselves to carry out vengeance on the entire city.

Joseph is only fifteen in this book and most of it is told from his perspective. So we get to see him living through puberty, fighting with his brothers, complaining about his chores—in normal teenage angst—and even developing something of a crush on another character. It is charming to say the least and, once again, Noble does it with such class and respect for God’s Word. If I had to list a complaint, however, I would say there was some use of foul language by a few of the characters. I didn’t like it, but that may be more of a personal preference. I simply don’t enjoy foul language in any capacity, so I can be a bit of a tough critic on that point.

Other than that, I think the book was lovely and I certainly look forward to more of Noble’s work.

Army of God by Dennis Bailey

Biblical Fiction/Fantasy

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  • Paperback: 17.95

  • Also available as an audiobook

This book was written in 2018 and is a standalone novel. It retells the story of Noah but mostly during the construction of the ark. Trouble begins to stir when Noah is chased out of his home. The man responsible decides to build an army by overthrowing villages and capturing men as slaves so he can hunt down Noah and his family and destroy the ark he’s been building for the last forty years.

At first, Noah is very worried about his family and the protection of the ark, but things change when God begins sending the promised animals. Lions, elephants, and camels join the team. They help build the ark and even fight to protect Noah against the angry militia that attempts to destroy God’s creation.

Black Wings: The Rebellion Begins by Dalton A. Carmon

Dark Fantasy

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Written in 2021, this is a new story that introduces readers to a nameless angel waiting on his wings and his title from God. He has been nameless since his creation and while he is trusting in God’s perfect timing, he starts to feel anxious as trouble begins brewing in the heavens. Rumors surface that the Nameless has a title he will soon resent, but he refuses to believe it until chaos erupts.

The battle that divides heaven ensues, introducing us to Satan and finally giving the Nameless his own title. It is Death, and his job isn’t what he expected at all.

This book was different, to say the least. I deeply enjoyed the concept, characters, and creativity, and found myself getting emotional at times. Who knew the backstory to Death could be so touching? If you haven’t read much Christian fantasy this book may be a bit dark as a starter, BUT it is worth it.

If I had to pick a complaint, I’d point out the editing. As an indie author myself, I know how difficult it can be to take up the role of writer, editor, advertiser, and even illustrator at times. But there were enough typos and formatting issues in this book that it felt like this manuscript was still in the first or second draft. But it was good, and I certainly hope you give it a try.

The Dividing: Adamic Trilogy Book I by Devin Downing


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  • Paperback: 14.99

  • Hardcover: 24.99

I don’t know where to begin with this one! Certainly one of my favorites of the list, The Dividing takes Christian Fantasy to a level I’ve never seen before. How many of you remember my series on magic systems in Christian books? Well THIS is probably the best example I can give you!

The Dividing tells the story of a teenage boy who gets mixed up in a world of magic, love, and war when he is attacked by a creature and not only miraculously survives but is rescued by a strange man. He is then introduced to a form of magic called Dominion, based on the declaration from the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible when God gives Adam and his descendants dominion over the earth and the animals of the earth.

Users of Dominion are able to control and manipulate the elements of the earth as well as the animals. Matthew, our protagonist, decides to enter a rigorous training program to learn how to use Dominion so he can protect the people he loves. But he quickly learns things aren’t so simple. Dominion is a form of magic that has its consequences and Matthew may end up paying them with his own life if he isn’t careful.

As much as I enjoyed this book, I have to comment on the editing. Aside from a number of typos, there were actually a few times the narration switched between past and present tense. What I found most disappointing, however, was the use of foul language. There were more than a few times characters let certain words slip and they weren’t always small words you could overlook. I am still interested in finishing the series, but I certainly hope the author leaves out the cursing.

The Autumn Fairy by Brittany Fichter


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  • Paperback: 13.99

Written in 2017, Brittany Fichter introduces us to a heroine who possesses strange abilities. She has the power to kill by a simple touch and the worst part about it is she has no control over it. Katie spends her life hidden away in the forest, avoiding contact with people so she won’t accidentally hurt them. But when her best friend convinces her to move into town, things begin to change.

Katie starts building a life, meeting friends, and even thinks she might be falling in love. But everything changes when she learns the truth behind her abilities. Her powers are darker than she imagined, and they are about to get even stronger. Katie has a choice to make, remain in the city she loves with her lifelong crush, or run away to discover who she truly is and learn to control the power that has ruled her life for so long.

Giants: Lost Civilizations Book I by Vaughn Heppner


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  • Paperback: 8.99

The first book in a nine-part series, this is the beginning of a long journey into the world as it existed before the Great Flood. Heppner creates a culture that we don’t know much about, based on a version of our planet that we’ve never truly seen before. There are dinosaurs, mammoths, and even sabre-toothed tigers, but the most interesting creatures are the Giants.

Giants are Nephilim and the descendants of Nephilim—fallen angels who mated with human women. Those with stronger blood possess supernatural abilities which they use to capture and enslave humans. Their goal is to build an army to storm the gates of Eden and collect the treasures hidden in the enchanting garden, but those plans are disrupted when Joash, a human slave, escapes his cruel master and joins a band of humans who dedicate their lives to serving EloHim and slaying Giants.

I enjoyed the premise of this story, but I have to be honest in saying I was slightly put off by the poor editing.

Daughter of Babylon Book I: California by Jamie Lee Grey


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  • Paperback: 10.99

Futuristic/Apocalyptic Fiction has grown to become one of the most popular genres in the Christian market. California is the first in a seven-part series that tells the story of a family trying to survive a sudden and vicious attack on the United States of America.

Katie and her family are on a church retreat when the fires begin, but it isn’t until she’s on the road that the flames turn into a wildfire that burns across the state. Katie and her family must run for their lives, battling traffic and time as they try to escape California.

12 Christian Fiction Books to Read in 2022 — The Rebel Christian (5)

Havoc Begins by Millie Copper


  • Free on Kindle Unlimited OR 3.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 12.99

Another story about the country falling apart. Technically, Havoc Begins is part of a larger series but it is centered on a group of characters different from the main cast of the core series and is sold separately as a standalone novel. Readers follow young couple, Laurie and Aaron as communications go down, power goes out, and peace begins to crumble. Laurie must fight for her life and her relationship as she defends herself and tries to find someplace safe to survive what very well may be the end of the world—the best part is that God is on her side.

Apocalypse Book I in The Days of Elijah Series by Mark Goodwin

End Times

  • Free on Kindle Unlimited OR 2.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 13.99

  • Also available as an audiobook

Probably one of the more popular Christian apocalyptic books, this series is based on the Rapture from the Book of Revelation. Follow a group of characters who’ve been left behind as they learn to use their faith as much as their skills to survive the end of the world.

I actually listened to this piece on Audible and enjoyed it very much. The writing was good and the events that unfolded were biblically accurate and presented in an entertaining and respectful manner.

Unfortunately, one of the things I disliked about this book was how the female characters were portrayed. Each woman was strong in their own way, but once they were married, they were suddenly left out of the action and did little more than cook and clean for their husbands. I was somewhat disappointed with that, but the overall story was still enjoyable and certainly worth a shot. Mark Goodwin is a popular author who truly embodies what it means to be a Christian author, if you don’t enjoy this series, he has plenty more to choose from!

Edge of Peril Book I of Fog Lake by Christy Barritt


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  • Paperback: 12.99

  • Also available as an audiobook

Book one in a six-part series, Christy Barritt weaves a perfect story of action, horror, suspense, and even romance in this novel. Edge of Peril follows a young journalist named Harper who travels to a small town to investigate a string of mysterious murders. What makes the book so unique is that the case is very personal to Harper because she believes the one responsible for these killings might be her own brother. Unfortunately, she doesn’t realize she is in over her head until it is almost too late. The price for the truth might be her own life.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers


  • 11.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 12.78

  • Hardcover: 28.04

  • Audio CD: 36.39

  • Also available as an audiobook

Written in 1998, Redeeming Love is probably one of the most famous Christian romances in the market, there’s no surprise it’s been turned into a major motion picture set to release this year. I was recommended this book by a friend who happens to be a reader of this blog. Many thanks to you, Casey, I wouldn’t have found this gem if it weren’t for you.

Simply put, Redeeming Love is a story that retells the Book of Hosea from the Holy Bible. Meet Michael Hosea, a gentle farmer who longs for a wife. When he places his trust in God’s hands to bless him with a woman to love, he is floored when God leads him to Angel, the most famous prostitute in California.

Michael and Angel take a long journey of faith, self-discovery, and love. They fight their own battles separately but learn to come together as the couple God intended them to be. Much of the story takes place after their marriage, so, in truth, there isn’t much romance here as much as there is spiritual warfare and growth. This isn’t surprising because the Book of Hosea is about much more than the romance between the Prophet Hosea and his wife, Gomer. It is about the relationship between God and the Children of Israel, and even our relationship with God as our Father.

There is so much to learn and love from this book, my heart was changed by reading it and I found myself growing closer to God with the turn of every page. The only thing I found to be a slight complaint was the length of the book. As much as I loved Michael and Angel, I felt like the story stretched on far longer than necessary, which makes me wonder how much of the novel will make it into the movie.

Those are the twelve books I’ve got to offer you! I really hope you give each of them a try. If you’re new to Christian fiction, you’ve now got one book to add to your list for every month of the year. But it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take a moment to introduce you to a few books published right here at The Rebel Christian Publishing. Consider them bonus stories to add to your list.

The End of the World Book I by A. Bean

End Times

  • Free on Kindle Unlimited OR 2.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 10.99

Wyatt Hughes was just another accountant headed to work when the sky cracked open. Then his life changed forever.

When the Biblical apocalypse comes to pass, Wyatt realizes his time has run out. He's been left behind and now the world has turned into chaos.

Wars and famine and pestilence outbreak. Wyatt spends his days running for his life and his nights whispering prayers to a God he isn't sure is listening. And then he discovers an underground bunker full of survivors and realizes he has a fighting chance. He can survive this tribulation thing. He can find love again. And he can learn what it truly means to call yourself a Child of the Most High God.

This is the story of the end of the world as detailed in the Book of Revelation of the Holy Bible.

Too Young by A. Bean

Children’s Fantasy

  • Free on Kindle Unlimited OR 1.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 9.99

Tatianna T. Williams is too young for anything. Her parents say she is too young to understand why they had to move to a new town and a new school, and all the neighborhood kids say she's too young to hang out with them. All alone, Tatianna turns to her imagination to keep her company; in her dreams, she visits a new world with giant trees, dancing children, and a mystical buck. Then Tatianna realizes her dreams have become reality.

In the forest, she can sing with the children and eat the fruit from the glowing trees, but when she realizes none of her friends can see this new world, she learns it's up to her to share her faith with them so they can see all the wonders she can see.

Join Tatianna on her adventures, watch as she makes new friends and learns that you are never too young to be used by God.

I AM MAN Book I by Valicity Elaine

Science Fiction

  • Free on Kindle Unlimited OR 2.99 on Kindle App

  • Paperback: 9.99

In the Vale Republic, Purebloods are hailed as deities. They call themselves Children of God and rule New Earth with an iron fist. But their power is challenged when Code-X5, a Guardian fresh from the factory, accidentally uncovers a scandal that shakes the very foundation of the Pureblood hierarchy.

This is a work of Christian Science Fiction.

As a seasoned enthusiast and expert in Christian fiction, particularly the intersection of biblical narratives with fantasy, romance, and apocalyptic themes, I've delved into numerous works that explore the intricacies of faith, storytelling, and creative expression. My extensive knowledge allows me to provide valuable insights into the concepts presented in the article about recommended Christian fiction books. Here's a breakdown of the key themes and concepts discussed:

  1. The Days of Elijah by John Noble (Biblical Fiction):

    • Retells the biblical story of Elijah with historical and biblical accuracy.
    • Demonstrates the author's skill in presenting creative and entertaining stories within the context of Christian values.
    • Not intended for biblical studies but offers a respectful and reverent portrayal of the biblical narrative.
  2. The Days of Joseph by John Noble (Biblical Fiction):

    • Focuses on a unique period in Joseph's life during his teenage years.
    • Addresses mature themes with class and respect, though the reviewer notes some use of foul language.
    • Highlights the author's ability to blend creative storytelling with biblical accuracy.
  3. Army of God by Dennis Bailey (Biblical Fiction/Fantasy):

    • A standalone novel that reimagines the story of Noah during the construction of the ark.
    • Introduces a fantasy element with animals sent by God to assist Noah.
    • Blends biblical themes with elements of fantasy and adventure.
  4. Black Wings: The Rebellion Begins by Dalton A. Carmon (Dark Fantasy):

    • A new story exploring the backstory of a nameless angel who becomes Death.
    • Offers a unique take on Christian fantasy with dark elements.
    • Despite some editing issues, the book is recommended for those interested in Christian fantasy.
  5. The Dividing: Adamic Trilogy Book I by Devin Downing (Fantasy):

    • Explores a teenage boy's journey into a world of magic based on the concept of Dominion from the Book of Genesis.
    • Highlights the consequences of using magic within a Christian fantasy framework.
    • Criticizes the editing and the inclusion of foul language but praises the unique magic system.
  6. The Autumn Fairy by Brittany Fichter (Fantasy):

    • Introduces a heroine with dark powers and explores themes of self-discovery and control.
    • Written in 2017, the book portrays a character with unique abilities navigating a changing life.
    • Explores darker aspects of fantasy with elements of romance.
  7. Giants: Lost Civilizations Book I by Vaughn Heppner (Fantasy):

    • Initiates a nine-part series exploring a world before the Great Flood with Giants as Nephilim.
    • Blends elements of mythology and biblical narratives with a focus on the conflict between humans and supernatural beings.
  8. Daughter of Babylon Book I: California by Jamie Lee Grey (Futuristic/Apocalyptic):

    • Part of a seven-part series depicting a family's struggle for survival in a post-apocalyptic America.
    • Tackles themes of survival and faith amidst chaos.
    • Reflects the popularity of futuristic/apocalyptic fiction in the Christian market.
  9. Havoc Begins by Millie Copper (Futuristic/Apocalyptic):

    • A standalone novel within a larger series, focusing on a young couple navigating a crumbling society.
    • Emphasizes the presence of God as a guiding force during apocalyptic events.
    • Showcases the diversity within the futuristic/apocalyptic Christian fiction genre.
  10. Apocalypse Book I in The Days of Elijah Series by Mark Goodwin (End Times):

    • Explores the events of the Rapture and follows characters left behind.
    • Acknowledges the enjoyment of the story while critiquing the portrayal of female characters.
    • Recognizes Mark Goodwin as a popular Christian author within the genre.
  11. Edge of Peril Book I of Fog Lake by Christy Barritt (Mystery/Suspense):

    • The first book in a six-part series featuring a journalist investigating mysterious murders.
    • Blends elements of mystery, suspense, horror, and romance within a Christian context.
    • Provides a unique twist by making the case personal to the protagonist.
  12. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (Romance):

    • A renowned Christian romance retelling the Book of Hosea.
    • Acknowledges the spiritual and growth aspects, with a slight critique of the book's length.
    • Anticipates the release of the movie adaptation and recommends it as a transformative read.

Bonus Recommendations from The Rebel Christian Publishing:

  1. The End of the World Book I by A. Bean (End Times):

    • Focuses on the Biblical apocalypse and survival in a post-apocalyptic world.
    • Blends elements of faith, survival, and love within the context of Revelation.
  2. Too Young by A. Bean (Children’s Fantasy):

    • A children's fantasy exploring themes of imagination, friendship, and faith.
    • Highlights the idea that even children can be used by God.
  3. I AM MAN Book I by Valicity Elaine (Science Fiction):

    • A Christian science fiction work set in the Vale Republic, challenging the hierarchy of Purebloods.
    • Explores themes of power, hierarchy, and challenges to the established order.

In conclusion, the article provides a diverse array of Christian fiction, showcasing the genre's ability to blend biblical narratives with various literary styles and themes. The reviewer's insights offer a nuanced perspective on each work, combining appreciation for creativity with critical analysis.

12 Christian Fiction Books to Read in 2022 — The Rebel Christian (2024)
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